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There’s a Method in the Madness of a Genius, or at least we hope there is. That saying about Madness is a comforting thought that originated in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, in which the main character (Hamlet) fakes a state of Madness so that he can spy on those in the castle to uncover who murdered his Father. So although he may appear Crazy, he actually has a plan.

Now I’ve been paying attention to Kanye for a few weeks now. I like his music and I follow him on twitter. My Facebook profile at the moment is just me making fun of either Kanye West or Gerry Addams every other day.

Due to his recent twitter rants and TV interviews he’s appeared more and more unhinged- however some are speculating that all of this crazy shenanigans is just hype for his new album which he’s releasing later on in that year. A Method in the Madness.

But what if there wasn’t a Method in the Madness? What if he was just…Mad? I mean he’s not the first artist to go a little crazy. Kanye cites his heroes to be men such as Walt Disney, Gerald Ford, Michelangelo and Picasso. But I don’t think Kanye is very much like Picasso at all, in fact I reckon he has much more in common with Salvador Dali.


Dali was a Spaniard, like Picasso. But while Picasso specialised in Cubism, Dali is famous for his works in Surrealism. Like that painting of the melting clocks- that’s him. He was a very eccentric and passionate character. Dressed flamboyantly, was prone to temper tantrums, bit of a narcissist- remind you of anyone?

In 1936, at the premiere screening of Joseph Cornell’s film Rose Hobart at Julien Levy’s gallery in New York City, Dalí became famous for another incident. Levy’s program of short surrealist films was timed to take place at the same time as the first surrealism exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, featuring Dalí’s work. Dalí was in the audience at the screening, but halfway through the film, he knocked over the projector in a rage. “My idea for a film is exactly that, and I was going to propose it to someone who would pay to have it made“, he said. “I never wrote it down or told anyone, but it is as if he had stolen it…He stole it from my subconscious! He stole my dreams!

So personality wise, I believe Kanye is more like Dali than Picasso. But the most integral difference between the two is that although they were both Spaniards, Picasso went into exile after the rise of Franco. Dali on the other hand was either supportive or indifferent to Fascism. Because he was fucking insane.


For those of you new to the blog I’ll forwarn you; I am musically illiterate. I don’t know anything about the music industry or the composition of music, I don’t know who’s who or who’s in the band Who. Hell, I’m confused why the Z in Jay Z is pronounced differently than the Z in Lead Zeppelin.

It’s the difference between a Zee and a Zed. Heh, Jay Zed, Lead Zeeppelin.

I’m not a Music Critic so if you want an analysis on the composition of a song, check out someone like Anthony Fantano. I am however a Film maker (an amateur one at that) and surprisingly enough Kanye West did make a short film for his then new album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” which is what I am going to review today.

The short film is called “Runaway” named after the song by the same title. It’s available to watch on YouTube, it lasts about thirty five minutes. It’s a culmination between a Music video and an art film with very little dialogue. Which in the end is a good thing because Kanye West cannot act, he’s admitted that on several occasions. But in his few acting roles I believe he’s done pretty well as he has been playing Kanye-ish characters- therefore he can just be himself.

So the film starts out beautifully. There’s a black screen for around five seconds and then cutting to a wide shot of Kanye running after something while the sky behind him appears to be on fire;


All the while Lacrimosa by Mozart is playing in the background, a tragic melody. An opening shot like this shows up that the film is a tragedy and that it follows a cyclical structure. The torn shirt reminds me of those Victorian noblemen when they’ve been dishevelled, specifically after a duel or a heartbreak. I don’t know if that was intentional, but I like it.

What I dislike is the narration by Nicki Minaj that followed. Not that her English accent was bad, it’s just that I had a hard time hearing her. That’s one of the main flaws I found with the film. The audio levels for dialogue were abysmal, the viewer has a hard time understanding what is being said- which is bad considering some of the dialogue is integral to understanding the film.

The narration plays over this meteor that is crashing down to earth. Kanye is driving around the back roads to the tune of Dark Fantasy,  in which Kanye glorifies the lifestyle of Celebrity- the fame, the paparazzi, the sheer abundance of wealth. This is slightly represented by the sports car that he’s driving in the scene.

But of course the meteorite crashes in the road ahead of him. He gets out to survey the damage only to find a Woman, or to be more exact- a Phoenix.

It’s basically like a more attractive version of Bird person from Rick and Morty. To say that she is half naked would be a severe understatement. She’s literally wearing feathers that cover solely her breasts and puss. Apparently Kanye originally wanted the actress (Selita Ebanks) to perform the entire film naked- because of course he did.

She refused, obviously.

So the Phoenix is a metaphor for Kanye’s artistic spirit, his soul, his individuality, his soul- his spirit animal, if you will. The important thing to understand about Kanye West is that he wasn’t always a Rapper. He was an Art School drop out, a Music Producer who revitalised Jay Z’s career- but when he wanted to make a career as a rapper he had a hard time because everyone saw him as a producer and only as a producer.

This all changed however when Kanye was in a car crash that ended up with him getting a broken jaw that had to be wired shut. The near death experience and the recovery afterwards inspired him to create his first album; College Dropout. The track “Through the Wire” was recorded while Kanye still had his jaw wired shut.

This car scene isn’t an accident, it’s a direct reference to Kanye’s own car crash. The day in which Kanye West was born.


It’s a beautiful shot but it goes on far way too long. It lasts fr about twenty one seconds, which any decent editor would tell you is too god damn long for a scene with little to no action. I understand that it’s an art film and it’s all about “the aesthetic” but if Kanye wants this to be judged like a film, I’m judging it like a film.

It’s a slow motion explosion with Kanye walking away with the Phoenix in his arms. The explosion representing his rebirth, like the phoenix who rises from the ashes. It’s an apt description for the influence of his then new album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” since that album pretty much saved his career. His prior album 808 & Heartbreak was incredibly polarising as it drifted away from the realm of hip hop.

It was also the first album he made since his mother’s death after a botched surgery, so he was in a bad place and nobody in his circle had the heart to tell him what tracks were good or bad. You really need honest people around you if you’re in a position like that, creative or political.

We cut to Kanye’s house, where the Phoenix wakes up to the sound of the TV. I have to give props to the Actress, considering she’s not a professional actress but rather a model. She really got her movements down, if you placed a birds brain inside of a human body then that’s how it’d move.

Or, y’know- drop dead from the overwhelming amount of blood and energy pulsing through such a tiny centrifuge. It’s like trying to power a super computer with the battery of a Nikon.

The phoenix approaches the TV, which is displaying a news report about the meteor that crashed and caused a forest fire. Signifying that although she is beautiful she is ultimately dangerous and can cause a lot of damage, just like how Kanye can make great music but he can hurt or offend so many people.

Kanye switches off the TV and tells her “The first rule of this world baby, don’t pay attention to anything you see in the news


Just look at his derp face, how can you hate him?

So yeah, the first line of dialogue coming from Kanye is a detriment to his relationship with the media. Because although he fantasised about fame and fortune, it’s obvious at this point that he’s bitten too much that he can chew.

It actually reminds me of this Bill Clinton quoteJust a month before, Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had left their colleague, Michael Collins, aboard spaceship Columbia and walked on the moon...The old carpenter asked me if I really believed it happened. I said sure, I saw it on television. He disagreed; he said that he didn’t believe it for a minute, that ‘them television fellers’ could make things look real that weren’t. Back then, I thought he was a crank. During my eight years in Washington, I saw some things on TV that made me wonder if he wasn’t ahead of his time”

To clarify, Bill Clinton isn’t suggesting that the Moon Landing’s were faked. He’s talking about how American News, specifically TV news, can create political narratives that some would describe as Fake News or at the very least a false projection of objective reality. That of course is the result of TV news becoming more like the Tabloids, made worse by the fact that they run twenty four hours a day which means they’ve created a beast that is always hungry- that it always wants more.

Kanye is going to have a rough time if he ever does decide to run for President. You think TMZ is bad? Wait’ll you meet CNN- in which they analyse literally every aspect of your life. You will be under such scrutiny that you will appear unelectable. Or at least you would, if you weren’t the second least qualified potential presidential candidate.


So the Phoenix is hanging out at Kanye’s place, spending most of her time exploring the garden and interacting with the random animals Kanye has- like that lamb (Jesus metaphor? Or just a symbol of innocence?) her interaction with nature reflects the artist’s fascination with the world around them. All the while Kanye is watching on, with care.

In the evening Kanye is creating a remix of his song Power, creating a sick beat that makes the Phoenix dance along. It’s a nice mix and a nice scene (totally nothing to do with the fact that a three quarter naked model is dancing) it reflects how Music charges Kanye’s soul and by creating music he is fulfilling his artistic duty to the fullest.

The next shot is a little difficult to transition to. One of the main gripes I have with this film is the varying audio quality. See, the movie is essentially like an advert for his album- so obviously there’s going to be a lot of music from the album prevalent in the film. However the songs don’t really blend well with each other, possibly because of bad editing.

When you cut from Power to All of the Lights, it’s a little jarring. Hell, it’s like audible whiplash.


So the next scene follows this young kid in red, a torch bearer for a movement. There’s a few fireworks and a parade. Kanye and his Phoenix girlfriend watch on in awe as a float featuring the head of Michael Jackson, who died a year before the film. The parade may signify Kanye’s adoration for MJ, even as a tribute-m but I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.

Following the parade is a crowd wearing red hoods like the one above. Now some have argued that the hoods are inspired by the Nazarenos, which are the partakers of the religious festivals in Spain, particularly during Easter. Basically they wear white, pointed hoods for Jesus and Catholicism and march up and down to idolise God and the various saints.

The argument being is that people revered Michael Jackson to the point of Saint hood, although the Black and White angels on either side of him show that he was both idolised and vilified depending on the scenario- by both black and white people.

But c’mon, are you seriously going to tell me that Kanye “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” West is going to reference a hooded group from a country he’s never visited and, y’know, not the Klan?

I think Kanye is referencing the Klan to suggest that the systems in America are formed and maintained by White Supremacy. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone in America is racist, but that the institutions that have stood the test of time were erected by White Supremacists. America was founded on the back of the African Slave trade, once emancipation came along Jim Crow laws were issued- meaning the country was segregated in an apartheid state. But although Civil Rites were issued for Black people they were still disadvantaged because they lived in poverty.

A poverty by which they were deliberately placed in by White Supremacists who drew red line districts, moving black communities into poorer neighbourhoods. Designing the infrastructure so that they would have fewer roads to get to the city, highways and bridges became the new walls of an economic segregation. With poverty comes crime and so Nixon issued the drug war, which deliberately targeted the Black community for their use of Marijuana.

In an interview, the last interview he did alive, Martin Luther King said that his “I have a dream” speech was naive, saying “What is the advantage of integrating into a burning house?” that’s why after achieving Civil Rights, King was dedicated to eradicating poverty in all communities. He was shot soon after that.

So with the infrastructure set up like this it obviously created wide spread poverty, which bread a culture of apathy. Kids didn’t pay attention to school because they knew it’d be too hard to get a real job, a lot of people started blaming their woes on white people which is tragic.

Killer Mike talks about this in his song Reagan, in which he talks about how the only real success stories in the black community come out of Athletes and Musicians. Unlike other minority groups such as the Asian community who focused more on raising their kids to become doctors or business owners, despite facing racial abuse they still had a drive to succeed. But with the black communities apathy, that drive isn’t really there- at least not economically.

I mean, black people have a hard time getting jobs in their own communities because shop keepers are worried that they’ll let their friends rob from the store. Meaning the only jobs they can get are five or ten miles from where they live, which can be problematic if you have children.

Not to mention the effects of Gentrification that essentially forces already desperate people out of their homes to make way for a shopping centre or a high street. There’s a lot of socio-economic problems that effect the black community. Even Kanye West, who was raised in a Middle class household, faced a lot of issues with race.

Being middle class he had a hard time getting his rap career started because the label companies thought that hip-hop audiences were mainly concerned with that Gang culture and were only interested songs about gangsters and drive-bys while talking about the people they shot, all the while Kanye wanted to make songs about dropping out of College and his love of Jesus.

So with the red klansmen marching alongside the float of Michael Jackson I think Kanye is talking about how the entertainment system is essentially another pillar of this racist infrastructure. A lot of Kanye’s recent insecurities come from the pursuit of wealth. Because it’s important to understand something; Kanye is Rich, but the White man who owns the record company that produces his songs is Wealthy. Riches can fade away, Wealth is there to stay.

As a kid and as a young man, Kanye idolised this wealth and fame, thinking that by climbing up this ladder he could be free to express who he is. He’s somewhat like Gatsby in a way, he’s so determined as if his mind roams like the mind of God. But upon reaching the rank of celebrity he finds that this freedom has a glass ceiling, he doesn’t own his songs- a company owns them. He isn’t the business, he’s the product. He can vanish at anytime.

So that’s partly why Kanye always talks about seeking different business ventures. Like he tried to break into the fashion industry, but the only thing he could sell were shoes;


Jesus, it looks like the fashion line poor people would wear in a Dystopian Young Adult novel.

He’s complained about his perceived racial discrimination in the fashion industry, claiming that he wanted to create suits but the fashion company would only give him an urban outfit line. Now there may be a number of reasons for this. Maybe it’s because Kanye always wears casual wear (Whens the last time he wore a suit?) so maybe he’d be more suitable for that type of category.

Then again maybe the fashion line’s reasoning is like “Oh, Kanye’s fans are black and they don’t wear suits so let’s just have him sell jumpers and jeans and shit” which kind of falls flat when you realise how diverse Kanye’s audience is. then again I know a few White Kanye fans, none of them wear suits.

In the interview he had with Chalamagne Tha God, Kanye talked about how he felt pressured into doing things and how they expected him to behave because of his race. He was in a space where he was tolerated, not celebrated.

Maybe the fashion industry is a little racist…or maybe they’re just full of ego maniacs and the last thing they wanted was another one like Kanye, so they tolerated him long enough to make some money and not a second longer.


Anyway, back at the house Kanye is trying to teach the Phoenix how to drink from a cup. Basically trying to civilise his artistic nature and fit it into acceptable social behaviour as to not make an ass of himself as he’s prone to do.

The whole relationship with the Phoenix is a little weird to be honest. I mean with the culture saturated with stories about Vampires and Angels and all that craic, it’s not entirely socially unacceptable for a man to fuck a phoenix-like-woman. The main issue for me is that the character is so initialised it feels…weird.

Fucking the Phoenix is on par with fucking a mentally disabled person, there’s a good chance they have no fucking clue what’s happening. That’s the dilemma I have when watching the film.


So Kanye takes his bird-girl out to this fancy party, the guests are a little unnerved by this. Partly I imagine it’s due to the fact that she’s a slightly different shade of black to them (some black people have a hard time accepting mixed race individuals as one of their own) but mainly because she’s a bird-person who can’t even drink out of a cup.

There’s a funny conversation that happens during the dinner, with Kanye and the guest to his right;

                                                          “Your girlfriend is really beautiful.”                                                                                                     “Thank you”                                                                                        “Do you know she’s a bird?”
    “…No, I never noticed that.”

It was followed by a comment about “Leaving the monkey at the zoo” which I had a hard time hearing. Again, audio quality for dialogue is abysmal.

So all these guests are slabbering about Kanye’s bird-gf, which she is somewhat oblivious to but he is keenly aware of. There’s a shot of two guests slabbering, even though they’re sitting right beside the Phoenix. The camera pans over to Kanye who is staring in their direction with dismay- you can’t really tell if he’s looking at the girl or the guests, it’s kind of a heartbreaking gesture that often times he’s more focused on the criticism than the artistic passion.

There’s a lot of bread prevalent on the table. Either the crew forgot to order proper food or it’s some kind of Jesus metaphor. I’ll go for the latter.

The whole set up is interesting. The colour white is prevalent in the scene, mainly because it represents purity and class. A Cultural Marxist could argue that the use of White is a reference to a Eurocentric viewpoint that “White is Right” and that by using White, the wealthy black people are essentially following the que of the Western perspective.

I’d say that’s horse shit, mainly because for most White people- White ain’t right. Hell, most White people want to be tanned. I’m an incredibly pale person and people are put off by my sheer whiteness because it implies that I look ill, possibly even suggest that I have bad genes. Tanned skin on the other hand implies health and prosperity.

But again, that was just a bullshit argument and rebuttal I pulled out of my ass. Normal people don’t think like that.

Also, Purple implies wealth more than white. Because although White fabrics are easily dirtied (and thus washing them appears to be a luxury) Purple seems to resonate more with Wealth. Because a few hundred years ago it was very difficult to make purple cloth and fabrics, thus Purple clothes were seen only on noble men- a luxury clothing item for the elites.

There’s a use of Purple tones throughout the film. Particularly in the explosion shots and the scenes of Kanye and the Phoenix in the evening. Purple light implies that the time they spend together is the richest he has ever felt.

The excess of white doesn’t only suggest wealth, but the mundanity of fame. Everyone at the dinner party dresses the same, they look almost indistinguishable. In fact you may mistake Kanye fitting in perfectly as well, until you realise that his suit jacket isn’t white- it’s cream.

Even when he’s with his community, he strives for individuality. So feeling insulted he does what anyone would do; leave and make a scene perform a piano song to spite your guests alongside a legion of ballerinas.


The song he performs is Runaway, the same title as the film itself. It’s a sad melody about Kanye’s struggles with Love and Fame. The tune discusses how at times Kanye sees himself as a toxic figure and that his actions ultimately hurt the relationships he has with people, so he’s suggesting to them that they ought to run away before they get hurt.

He also talks a little about infidelity, such as sending an email of his dick to a girl (You forget sometimes that Kanye is a forty year old man, but then he tells you that he sends his dick pics via fucking AOL) and that despite being in a relationship with a “nice girl” he’s still tempted to cheat with groupies and the like that he refers to as “Hood Rats” which is a little fucked up.

Arguably the worst thing to call a promiscuous woman. It beats out slut, slag, cum bucket, home wrecker, whore, hooker, one who is socially liberal (as Vladimir Putin puts it) but comparing a woman to a rat…that’s low.

So he laments about how socially awkward he is with intimate relationships, followed by a chorus from Pusha T who references my favourite line “The balla nigga matrix” which essentially means that any guy who is moderately successful, whether they be a politician or an athlete or an artist- they will have a significantly easier time getting laid.

Because for some reason if you’re famous or idolised or have money that somehow makes you more fuckable. Dave Chappelle takes pride in the fact that he’s never cheated on his wife. Which is a weird thing to say, but you have to understand- He’s one of the biggest comedians in America. Literally every time he goes out at night he could cause himself a scandal, but it takes restraint and dedication to resist those animal urges.

So Pusha T is kind of the cold, heartless voice in Kanye’s song that basically says “Yeah, I’m famous- I might cheat on you. But you can have a lifestyle with me you can’t afford with anyone else- so either shut up or get out” it’s a very callous, if not misogynistic viewpoint but I imagine many wealthy guys have it.

Apparently the song was inspired by that whole Taylor Swift award ceremony fiasco back in 2009, in which Kanye faced a massive backlash from the Music industry. He had to retreat to Hawaii to get some R&R, where he produced most of the album and wrote the film. The garden scenes with the Phoenix reflect Kanye’s retreat into Nature, how he found it therapeutic (As did Hemingway) in comparison to the barrage of celebrity.

So the song is essentially an apology note to Taylor. Which stands the test of time…for like for like five years, until he released that song that had a lyric that said “I think me and Taylor may still have Sex, I made that bitch famous“…one step forward, two steps back.


So the whole balet sequence was…weird. I don’t know, I kind of find balet somewhat repulsive.

It’s just a bunch of malnourished women standing on their tiptoes (Which by the way, is an excellent way to fuck up your toe nails) and twirl around in these weird clothes that are just…ugh.

I mean they’re like bending around or something. I think they’re trying to mimic to movement of birds or some shit like that. At the start this woman who is obviously German expands her leg to reach her forehead to impress Kanye and it’s just…it’s fucking weird.

Ballet is fucking disgusting. Stop doing it.

The song is pretty great, up until the last minute and a half where Kanye starts singing in auto-tune. And not even good auto-tune, like this inaudible auto tune. I have no fucking clue how he got away with putting that in the album. People are like “It’s so weird…but it works” like…what fucking world are you living on?? It sound like shit! Almost ruins a great song.


So after the song the party applauds for him, even though the entire song was suggesting that they were all douchebags and scumbags worthy of a toast. Anyway, Kanye heads back to the dinner table where the party is fairly lively and peaceful.

Until the main course is served; this turkey with feathers like the phoenix.

She starts crying and extending her wings in a panic, shrieking so loud that the guests are forced to flee. While all Kanye can do is sit there, humiliated, contemplating his mistakes and how he could be so stupid to have a Turkey be the main course for a Bird-person.

Some people interpret this outcry from the Phoenix as representing the outcry women have in how their displayed in the media, the turkey being the prime example of how they are exploited for enjoyment. It’s an interesting theory since all the women prevalent in the film  wear feathers- so the Phoenix is the epitome of that, alongside an almost childlike innocence. Once that innocence is garnished she is repulsed and never the same again.

That’s a nice theory, but I have the strangest feeling that the man who wrote “Gold Digger” doesn’t give the slightest fuck about the sexual objectification of women in the media. Just a hunch.

Mo, if anything this is about Kanye and his sensibilities. The entire dinner is about how he yearns to be loved by his audience, the dinner party guests. He’s offended by their slabbering of his Bird-Gf (AKA his artistic spirit) so he channels it through music to spite them. It is in music that they accept him. But he cannot control his artistic spirit and thus he is prone to lash out at things that upset his sensibilities, as if he were a Phoenix being served a turkey.

This outcry ultimately drives a wedge further away from the people he seeks approval from, and thus he is alone.


The pair retreat back to their home. But even the garden can’t sooth the Phoenix’s wounded spirit. In the evening time the two of them talk about statues and where they came from. Kanye says that they were obviously forged by artists many years ago, but the Bird claims that they are Phoenix’s turned to stone.

They are Phoenix’s that fall to earth and never find a way to fly away back home, she says that the only way she can return home is to burn and if she doesn’t burn she will turn to stone.

But Kanye of course doesn’t want her to leave/burn. He says a pretty corny line and he kisses her. They have an awkward sex scene in which the same POV footage of the Phoenix riding Kanye cowboy style is used. It’s either they forgot to film any other shots or the close ups of Kanye in this scene were so repugnant they had to use the same shit twice to cut it out.

The sequence could have been shorter. I don’t like sex scenes in general. But this one was fairly nice and I, like most men, don’t want to see Kanye West’s cum face.


Morning comes and Kanye wakes up on the roof, alone. The phoenix is gone after their session of coitus (if the bird-gf is actually Kanye’s creativity, does that mean he just fucked himself on the roof?) for the life of me I cannot emphasise how much I fucking hate those shoes.

They’re like shitty heeled slippers, and who wears shoes without sicks??? For christ sake, he’s going to be running in them! The dumb fuck probably tore the skin off his heels.

So the Phoenix light herself on fire, somewhere far away from Kanye. The fire propels her into the air where she flies away, solemnly. She has a breast plate now which I imagine the actress is very grateful for. They were filming for like four days in Prague and I imagine it was freezing.

The Phoenix has to be true to herself and flies away, although she is sad to leave her mortal lover. Kanye chases after her, ultimately futility, but he chases none the less. That’s the end of the film, starting where we began.

So the film has a number of problems. Mainly some of the sound quality is abysmal, specifically dialogue tracks. Editing could be brushed up, some shots could have been shortened down and the music could have been blended better together. A decent sound-mixer could describe the flaws in sound transitions better than me. The CGI isn’t very good, but as far as Music Videos of that era are concerned it looks gorgeous.

Despite not being too good at Acting, Kanye does give a stellar yet brief performance. He knows his limitations in this field and that is greatly appreciated. The actress is great, cinematography is gorgeous. The way each frame is set up puts most box office films to shame.

I think the film is the perfect balance between Art house and regular cinema, it’s meta but not too meta. As an advert for his album I think it succeeds perfectly. It’s a great example of cinema and music videos at their finest, being able to tell a story solely through a visual medium.

Most Kanye fans will enjoy this film and any critics or haters will have to admit that although he can be a raging asshole, he’s a great artist. He’s the Salvador Dali of Music.


Kanye West is an interesting character. As Charlamagne says, he’s a likeable man who goes out of his way to make himself unlikable.

I don’t know if Kanye is mad. I’ve heard theories that he has Aspergers, hence why he’s so bad with social ques. I’ve also heard this theory that he may have received brain damage from the car accident. The human brain is like jelly and any impact makes it wobble, so the car crash may have caused a little bit of damage in certain parts of the brain that made other parts of the brain overflow with energy- such as creativity centres and the social brain that handles anxiety, the brain damage could have rendered him fearless but now it’s slowly disintegrating like a downward spiral.

However the important thing to understand about Kanye is that he’s an egomaniac and above all else; he’s a contrarian.

If you tell him something he will go out of his way to do the opposite. When people told him he can’t rap, he dropped out of Art school to start his rap career. When people told him he couldn’t talk about God on his record, he wrote Jesus walks. When people told him Bill Cosby was a serial date-rapist, he said otherwise. When people told him to hate Trump, he embraced him.

Kanye doesn’t know anything, like Dali he is simply following this artistic passion until it burns him out on the inside. Even if that leads him into the jaws of Fascism. Kanye is the Protagonist in a Greek Tragedy, his creativity is his greatest strength- But it flares his ego, which is his fatal flaw and will eventually be his downfall.


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