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It’s not something that defines me. I’m not a half-Indian politician, or a doctor politician or a gay politician for that matter. It’s just part of who I am, it doesn’t define me, it is part of my character I suppose.

That’s what Leonard Varadkar had to say about himself in 2015, when he came out as Gay on live radio during the campaign for the Gay Marriage referendum down south. But despite this plea for seeing him as a person and not as a description or tag of identity, once he became Taoiseach (the Irish Prime Minister, pronounced “Tea-Shoch“) most international news outlets kept referring to him solely as Ireland’s first Gay/Minority Prime Minister.

Now that’s mainly due to the fact that these outlets are incredibly corporate and require a lot of clickbait tiles to keep afloat. People see a Gay person in a position of authority they’re likely to say “Oh great, I love the Gays” while some individuals will, for some reason, really dislike Ireland’s progress on this particular issue. Either way they’re going to click on the article and share it, regardless of how well meaning or despicable their opinions may be- that media outlet gets money either which way.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great that we (or at least 26 counties of this island) live in a nation in which a Politician can be who they want to be without fear of persecution- especially in a Nation that was in a stranglehold from the Catholic Church and was forced by EU to decriminalize Homosexuality in 1993.

1993, that’s only twenty six years ago. To put that in perspective, if you were Gay in the Republic of Ireland in 1991 you could be arrested on the same day that Apartheid ended in South Africa. Hell, Northern Ireland, a then Sectarian War-zone- decriminalized Homosexuality in 1982. That’s…surprising. To say the least.

So it’s nice that we can get a Gay Taoiseach. But sex doesn’t necessarily define a person (provided the sex is consensual and with a legal adult) so a lot of Irish people were kind of irked at the international communities coverage of the whole thing. Because Leonard Varadkar isn’t just a Gay man, he’s actually a Thatcherite.


Lovely photo of the Taoiseach who looks like your friend’s step dad, a small business man who owns a few restaurants and a pub.

Ok, so I think it’s important to address one thing- I will never, EVER, refer to the Taoiseach as “Leo” I see through that shit. Any Cunt who refers to himself as “Leo” is actually a “Leonard” he’s just trying to sound cool, acting the lad, of you will.

So no, it isn’t “Leo Varadkar” it’s Leonard Varadkar. Just like it isn’t “Leonardo Dicaprio” it’s Leonard Dicaprio and No, your Zodiac Symbol isn’t a “Leo” it’s a Leonard. You’re a Leonard. Own that shit.

So Leonard is the son of Ashok and Miriam Vardkar, his father is a Doctor from a village in Maharashtra (West Central India) called Varad. His mother is a nurse from Dungarvan in Waterford. They met when they were working in England, got married and had three children- two daughters and a son, Leonard.

Ashok and Miriam have actually visited his home village frequently in the last few years, helping out with the local school by donating books, paying for repairs and uniforms for poorer students. They have a house out there as well. The villagers of Varad were very excited that a Varadkar would be Taoiseach, they haven’t actually met him but they were excited regardless.

The family lived in England, then in India but ended up settling in Dublin- where Leonard was born. He and his sisters went to Trinity College and later the Kings Hospital, which is a fees paying school operated under the ethos of the Church of Ireland- so he hopped the fence from a Catholic School to a Protestant School, all the while being mixed race. Ooof, that ought to be rough.

I mean have you ever been to school? It’s fucking horrible. It’s like Prison but you get to go home every day and get the weekends off. It operates by the same rules, everyone hangs out in gangs and if they smell a bit of weakness they’ll fucking pounce on it. My school was shit but it was better than most, so what would a Dublin school be like?

…Well, it’s Dublin so it’s obviously shit.


Then there’s the fact that Varadkar’s father was an immigrant, and even though Leonard is as Irish as me, people will notice that difference and undoubtedly take the hand out of him. It must have been shite. He still get’s shit for that;


Kilclooney, a former representative of the UUP, later said that he wasn’t a Racist and that his reference to Varadkar as “the Indian” wasn’t a pathetic attempt to create some otherism, but rather a way of communication- citing that there are only so many characters you can fit in a tweet.

He’s right, you can only fit about 140 characters in a tweet so you have to be careful about your words. But keep in mind “the Indian” is nine characters, ten if you count the space. “Varadkar” is eight, “Leo” is three. Now Kilclooney is being subtle here, but people back in school aren’t so subtle.

Some of Varadkar’s former classmates at the King’s Hospital in west Dublin were amused by his recent persona as a gym bunny who plays second row on the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament, pronounced “Or-ech-tas”) rugby team and his then appointment as minister of sport.

I would not have remembered him as a sporting type at all,” said one former King’s Hospital pupil. “He was very much one of the nerds. He took a bit of abuse when he was at school. He always seemed very bright and he let us know it. I remember he could give cheeky answers to the teachers.

He’s an incredibly smart man, always had an interest in politics. From the age of ten he was said that he wanted to be Minister of Health, one of the toughest jobs in Ireland.

At school he joined Young Fine Gael (Irish Political Party, pronounced “Finn-Ya Gale”) and was a member of the European Peoples Party, an organisation that united Centre Right teens from across Europe. He also frequently wrote letters to the Irish times to complain about Fianna Fail (Another Irish Political Party, pronounced “Fey-na Fall“) apparently they were very strongly worded.

So you can tell from everything I’ve said so far that Leonard Varadkar is a big Fucking Nerd.

He’s socially awkward as well and he’s been trying desperately to shrug that stigma off of himself by talking to people and trying to look like he doesn’t want to die- it’s hard work. But despite this set back people can’t help but like him, he has an awkward aroma to him that the people of Ireland just can’t get enough of.

He became a Doctor by 24, in the early 2000’s he lost an election for his local council but a few years later he managed to win that position, then went on to become a TD.

His parents never wanted him to go into politics, thinking that there was no money in it and it’d be a miserable job for miserable people who just want to be liked.

That’s why they pushed him and his sister’s into Medicine. With Varadkar’s father being an immigrant there would undoubtedly be a climate of challenge in the household, a constant pressure that you had to work twice as hard as the local kids- that you had to be somebody- somebody rich and respectful.

But Leonard always wanted to go into politics, and once he got his foot in the door his parents were forced to accept it.

Once he became a TD for Dublin West he climbed up the Political ladder of Fine Gael, ending up in Enda Kenny’s inner circle.

Now his relationship with Kenny and other TD’s is interesting to say the least. You see, Leonard is a bit of a loudmouth who occasionally talks a load of shite. A great example of this would be that time he suggested Ireland might need another bailout to keep afloat- something that contradicted what Enda Kenny’s government had been saying.

Despite this he was popular with the voters, despite his social awkwardness he came off as a lovable puppy. And occasionally he can be quite funny, for example Gerry “I was never in the IRA” Addams had this to say when he became Taoiseach;

I think he [Varadkar] is a decent man. I wish him well. I do not know him well, although he and I once attended the same Pilates class [Laughter in Dáil] We couldn’t get the former Taoiseach to stretch as far as that

Leonard later responded to Gerry’s remarks; “I do think he was better at it than I was, perhaps he has experience of being in a tight squeeze“. There’s great banter in the Dáil, you wouldn’t get that up in Stormont.

However Varadkar has also been accused of being incredibly arrogant and stubborn, a typical “My way or the highway” type of prick. Its an understandable vice, growing up he knew he was very smart and no one really questioned it- so thats where the arrogance came from.

Which is particularly problematic when he has some very concerning ideas, like giving immigrants six months worth of Welfare receipts to help them move back home- essentially paying them to leave. An idea many people deemed Racist, although that’s a hard one to stick on Varadkar because he’s…well, his last name is Varadkar for Christ sake.

What I can’t figure out is where he learned to be such a cheeky cunt. I mean that’s really the only reason Enda Kenny tolerated him after he contrived a plot to oust Kenny from the Fine Gael leadership and replace him with Richard Bruton- the plot failed of course, in fact on the day that it all went to shit it was reported that Varadkar broke down in tears, thinking that his entire political career was over.

What actually happened was Kenny scolded him and then organised a cabinet reshuffle. In a Parliamentary system cabinet reshuffles/changes are quite common, particularly if the Prime Minister feels that their appointees are beginning to get too cocky or power hungry- so they essentially pick them up from their pool and drop them in an entirely different pool. Leonard went from being minister of Sport to being Minister of Health- his dream job.

Now the Minister of Health is an awful job that has ended the careers of many of Varadkar’s predecessors and some theorize Kenny intentionally put him in this position hoping for that outcome- especially since Varadkar is center right and a proponent of austerity measures. You’re dealing with a fiscal conservative running one of the least fiscal departments in any Government, he’s undoubtedly going to piss people off.

But despite being given an impossible job, Varadkar survived. Kenny never alienated him, in fact he had a soft spot for Leonard. As I said before he’s a mad shit talker– especially when it came to Fianna Fail and the then Taoiseach; “The gutter is Bertie Ahern’s natural habitat.

Bertie didn’t appreciate that; “When you hear a new deputy who isn’t a wet day in the place not alone castigating me, but castigating Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, I wish him well. I’d say he’d get an early exit,

Now I’m not very familiar with Fianna Fail or their policies, but either way I have an intense dislike for them. Mainly because they had the nerve to elect a grown ass man named Bertie as Taoiseach.


Bertie. Jesus fucking Christ, just uttering that stupid fucking name fucking infuriates me. I mean the man is sixty six years old- he shouldn’t be going around calling himself Bertie for fuck sake. I mean it’s not even his first fucking name either- his name is Patrick Bartholomew Ahern- there’s plenty of fucking good names to pick from there! You got Patrick, Paddy, Pat, Patsy, Bartholomew, Bart, Barry, Ahern- who in their right fucking mind would call themselves Bertie when you have all these fucking options??? Fuck sake Bertie.

But as I said before Leonard is a big, arrogant nerd who hates Fianna Fail so he talked a load of shite whenever he got the chance. This arrogance is a little undoing for him, its why a lot of back benchers resented him.

Darragh O’Brien, who sat opposite Varadkar in Fingal County Council from 2004 to 2007 and is now the Fianna Fáil spokesperson on foreign affairs in the Irish parliament, the Dáil, said Varadkar can be stubborn.

He can be quite volatile and dogged. He is not exactly a people person, and if anything he is somewhat shy,” O’Brien said. “He has a short temper and usually takes the approach that he is right and everyone else is wrong.”

The two clashed over changes to the Aer Lingus and Dublin Airport Authority pension scheme, which meant it no longer had to honor pension commitments for about 15,000 employees. That helped make the airline financially attractive to the IAG Group when it was sold for €1.3 billion in 2015.

His track record in allowing companies to wind down pensions has been disgraceful,” O’Brien said. “All this will come back to bite him. He’s a real Tory at the end of the day.

Varadkar’s arrogance has lead to him being quite gaffe prone. He boasted that he was in negative equity himself after he bought his flat for €350,000, and it plunged in value to €250,000. In one of his most impish political stunts, he offered to sell the apartment to NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) for €420,000 two years ago. It politely declined. On his ministerial salary he should have little difficulty paying his mortgage now, but he recently complained that his job as a minister had destroyed his social life;

“It’s totally dead; it’s awful, actually…It’s actually very hard to go out because I’m just too feckin’ well-known. Pubs, nightclubs are desperate, especially people with a bit of drink on them. They want to talk to you and introduce you to their friends. Ah, it’s just a nightmare, a feckin’ nightmare. I’ve to leave the country to get peace.”

Though it’s worth mentioning that even when he is on holiday, he’s constantly working. Reading up on extensive government policies- always trying to find a way to be the best, the most well informed. He’s quite power hungry in that regards.


Varadkar stayed on a few years as Minister for Health up until 2016, where another cabinet reshuffle resolve in him being moved to becoming the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection- so you put a Thatcherite in charge of the dole.

Leonard of course denied that this reshuffle was a demotion, in fact insiders believed that he was thankful for the change of scenery. Being the minister of health is a nightmarish job and was really damaging his career prospects, so he opted out for a clean exit into a position people would be less concerned about.

Varadkar launched a campaign  against Welfare Cheats, which involved members of the public being able to report people they suspect of unrightfully using welfare services i.e. someone using the dole for health conditions that they don’t look like they actually have.

It soon proved controversial though, with some saying it over emphasised the actual level of fraud in the system, as well as stigmatising those entitled to welfare. Even the head of the Department of Social Protection, John McKeon, has said the wording of a high-profile campaign targeting social welfare fraud was a mistake.

Varadkar claimed that this campaign had saved the Irish Government a whopping €500 million, while in actuality it only saved them about €81 million- which of course is a massive difference. And although €81 million is still a lot of money, it’s nowhere near the kind of money the Irish Government loses when multi national corporations don’t pay their taxes.


I think one of the reasons Varadkar is popular with a lot of people is that they’re ignorant on a lot of his policies and that he seems nice and polite when he’s on camera. Coming out as Gay may have helped humanise him a little, I’m not gonna lie I did consider for a second that Varadkar intentionally came out as Gay on live Radio solely as a Political Stunt but I dismissed the thought entirely.

Mainly because it’s a tad homophobic to insinuate that a Gay man would willingly use the Gay card to get the voters riled up, but also it kind of showed me how little I respect politicians- how everything they could possibly do, even if it was sincere, could be used as a ploy to gain power. It was a stupid thought for a very stupid world.

Early 2017 Enda Kenny resigned from his role as Taoiseach due to  growing internal party pressure over his failure to secure a majority government in the general election in 2016 and his handling of a series of crises in the Irish police. The grassroots wanted Simon Coveney to be Taoiseach but Varadkar has support from the Parliamentary Party, and by support I mean he and his cronies spent 48 hours bullying back benchers into supporting him.

And there we had it, Leonard Varadkar became Taoiseach.


Now I’m a little mixed on wee Leonard- although I despise his Thatcherite policies such as lowering the income tax, I do approve of his insistence on expanding upon renewable energy and fixing the infrastructure. I also like that he’s keen on a United Ireland, shown by him appointing Simon Coveney as Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister, pronounced “Tan-ish-cha“) who is an unapologetic Nationalist.

And as far as Previous Taoiseach’s he isn’t quite as shit. Almost every Taoiseach the Republic has ever had ended up resigning over something they fucked up, I believe one of the Taoiseach’s in the 70’s had to resign because he was letting an IRA man stay over at his house.

Vardkar is seen fondly by your Mother because she thinks of him as the Gay Neighbour who’s so adorable, but he’s looked down upon by your Father- possibly because he might be Homophobic, but most likely because he was on the dole. Then again maybe I’m projecting.

But let’s face it, Leonard is one lucky bastard. I mean he get’s to be Taoiseach when Brexit is happening.


Literally all he has t do is not be Theresa May and he’s set. I mean, have you bee paying attention to Brexit? It isn’t going too well.

I mean firstly all the people have wanted Brexit have fucked off to do obscure jobs, Borris is only staying around because Theresa has currently got him in a guillotine choke hold shouting “YOU’RE COMING DOWN WITH ME” and everyone and everything is just so…shit.

I found an apt metaphor in my previous article on Nigel Farage, I’m going to repeat it here;

Picture a man waving a gun in front of his friends, he’s flipping it around doing a bunch of tricks- thinking he looks so cool while everyone else thinks he’s just a Jingoistic Prick. Now, this guy eventually holsters his gun by tucking it into his trousers- but he makes a mistake which of course results in the gun going off and blowing his cock off.

Now, all these other guys saw this. They heard the gun go off, they know that this guy just shot his dick off- but the Guy refuses to admit that he shot his dick off. Even when he looks to be in complete agony, with Blood flowing down his trousers- a gross puddle at his feet. He refuses to admit that his gentleman’s sausage is no longer attached to his body. He talks about how big his dick is, how everyone else’s dick is small and impotent- that his dick totally works.

Now everyone is watching in concern, they don’t find it funny. In fact, they’re pleading with him to admit that he shot his dick off so that they can help him receive medical attention. But he just won’t budge, his face is bright red, sweat dripping from his brow- tears in his eyes. Yet he refuses to admit that he shot his dick off.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why was he waving the gun around in the first place? Well simple; because he’s British- and British people like to show off. I’m sorry, but you’re a very Arrogant people, that’s where the Americans got their attitude from. But that’s not important, the real question is this; why did he not have a holster? That’s Brexit.

Now Brexit really is the greatest gift an Irish Nationalist could ever receive. I mean first off, Northern Ireland is in the spotlight- a position it has been shunned away from since the troubles ended. So we get a first hand glimpse at how the rest of the UK blatantly don’t understand or care about our wee island.

So much so that 71% of people who voted for Brexit are willing to let go of Northern Ireland just so they can leave the EU. All the while the DUP, a Northern Irish Unionist Party, is in a coalition with the Tories. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

And of course Varadkar has been good on Brexit, he actually vetoed the UK just so they could get a sit down to talk about the Irish Border- a subject that the rest of the EU is very concerned about. So of course the UK press attacked him and people like Jacob Rees-Mogg said ignorant things, like how the Veto was just a power-play to rally the Irish voters during a “no confidence motion in the deputy prime minister, an election and the threat of Sinn Fein”.

Of course that’s not true, Sinn Fein is nowhere near as popular or powerful as Fine Gael down south- they have that IRA stigma about them.

Of course after this whole debacle with Brexit, the Taoiseach received an approval rating of over 60%. The highest approval rating of any leader in the past ten years. Literally all Varadkar had to do was keep his mouth shut and let dumb cunts like Mogg rally the voters for him- because I firmly believe that the Irish people aren’t so Pro-EU as they are Anti-Britain.

British resentment is a very powerful thing if you know how to wield it. But of course Varadkar is gaffe prone and he always screws it up- like when he met Theresa May for the first time in Downing Street and said this;

“It’s my first time in this building so there’s a little thrill in it as well. We spoke on the way in and I was reminded of that famous scene in Love Actually where Hugh Grant does his dance down the stairs. But apparently, it wasn’t actually filmed here so I didn’t get a chance to see the stairs.”

…Fuck sake Leo.

Leadership campaign for the Fine Gael Party in Dublin

Like…I get it.  Love, Actually is one of the greatest Romantic Comedies of all time- though personally I’d say something  more along the lines of Bridgette Jones would be a wee bit better, my personal favourite would of course be when Harry met Sally because you can never go wrong with Rob Reiner- I mean Princess Bride? Fucking Fantastic.

But fuck sake Leo, just look at how the BBC reported this fucking thing;


The BBC said that! That’s a fucking Waterford Whispers headline for Christ sake- what the fuck are you doing man! People are gonna be fucking reading that shite and thinking “…Did he actually think they’d let Hugh Grant into Downing Street?” FUCK NO YOU DUMB FUCKING….Urghh.

Jesus fucking Christ, it’d be bad enough of this was a one time fucking fiasco- but every time you go abroad you insist on making a Fucking Eejit of yourself. Like that time you met Trump.


Oh aye, you really fucked up here. When Enda Kenny went to the White House he gave this speech rambling on about how nice immigration is and how valuable all that craic is- y’know, a subtle fuck you to the least Popular US president in America- let alone a Leftie Country like Ireland.

But naw, he had to go on about that time Trump called him while he was Minister for Sport and complained about this Golf Course he owned in Doonbeg and how a local Wind farm would ruin the view- so Varadkar, like the spineless little bitch he is, called up Clare council to complain about it.

Of course Clare Council had already declined the building of a Wind Farm in the area, the call was completely pointless but the fact that Varadkar thought it was a good idea to tell that story, while you represent a nation that thoroughly despises the man, just shows us the type of person he is. That he’s of weak character and that he’s willing to say anything to get you to like him.

That’s what the whole Abortion Referendum is all about. Varadkar claims that his stance on abortion shifted when he was minister for health and had to review a very difficult case upon the topic, and that may be true. But a part of me believes that this whole referendum is a gamble for Varadkar to receive the Youth Vote, maybe even consolidate the Pro-Choice Feminist population.

I say Pro-Choice Feminist because not all Feminists are Pro-Choice, so he’d be alienating like a third of Feminists in this referendum on a topic that neither Fianna Fail or Fine Gael had the balls to put a stance on until Varadkar came to office.

Now I’m not very concerned with the whole Abortion debate, I’m Pro-Choice but it’s not he hill I want to die on. I don’t want anything to do with the debate namely because I don’t get a vote down south and even if I did it would be pointless because I live in a region of Ireland that has banned abortion anyway, despite the rest of the UK having it legalized and well regulated.

I’m not going to change anyone’s mind, no ones ever going to change my mind either so there’s little to no reason to talk about it. But this is how I see the whole thing; say f you believe that Abortion is Murder, that having one is the equivalent to killing a new born baby or even a toddler- then ask yourselves these questions.

Would you arrest a Woman for trying to get an abortion? Like say if she went to an off duty doctor and tried to get a procedure, would you burst into the operating room and arrest her? What about the Doctor? I mean they were going to do the procedure, in your mind that would be attempted murder- so you’d send this perfectly qualified doctor, one that we’re running on short supply of, to prison?

Would you arrest a woman for trying to get an abortion in another country? I mean, say if you heard that this woman was going to the UK to get an abortion- would you arrest her before she got on the plane? Would you drag her out of the business class, kicking and screaming? Or would you just let her leave, get the abortion, and have no repercussions. Because then that’s a fallacy, you’re not against Abortion- you’re just against abortion here.

Ok so now that you’ve arrested this woman, you probably think you can talk her out have having the abortion. That may work, but what if it doesn’t? What if she’d dead set on going through this procedure- what do you then? Do you force her to carry that baby for eight months? Follow her around constantly to make sure she doesn’t do anything? Do you tie her to a bed and force her to got through twenty odd hours of labour for a child she doesn’t even want?

Suppose you do. What happens when that kid is born? I mean in your mind abortion is murder, so attempting to get an abortion is essentially attempted murder. If you walked in on a mother trying to drown her toddler, you’d be right on taking that child away from her. So why not in this situation? Why wouldn’t you force a woman to go through agonizing pain only to take that baby away from her? Would you be willing to hollow out a woman just so that you can save a baby who, lets face it, you’re not going to take care of.

Would you do that? Are you willing to break a woman like that? Break hundreds, if not thousands of women like that? If not, then there’s no fucking point in having an amendment to ban abortion. That’s the way I see it.


One of the things I’m torn about so long as Varadkar is concerned is the relationship with the EU. Now I’m somewhat supportive of the EU, I see it’s flaws but I think we’d be better off in it than out of it. I think the EU has done a great job supporting Ireland with Brexit and the border issue, but I’m skeptical with some of their positions- particularly PESCO.

PESCO of course is the Permanent Structured Cooperation on security and defence, basically almost all the EU States has consolidated their armies. Which means people like Farage were right about the EU wanting their own Army, but they’re somewhat wrong in how it operates. It’s more like Nato than the Black and Tans to put it frank.

A lot of Irish people were concerned with this proposition since it essentially ended Ireland’s neutrality in the world. Which is a fair concern, however that neutrality hasn’t benefited anyone but us- we could, if we want, be arbiters of peace throughout the world, lobbying in various countries to issue transactions of peace- a neutral voice in conflict. Instead we stay in our wee island in the north Atlantic, silently judging everyone else.

PESCO of course raises the question upon the future of the EU, such as whether it’ll become a federation; a United States of Europe. There’s a lot to debate there such as the right to sovereignty, but there also might be some benefits to PESCO. Particularly in forming a World Super Power. Europe could team up together to face potential conflicts from Russia or China, if these conflicts were to ever emerge.

But then again another criticism of Varadkar was seen in his decision to kick out a Russian diplomat during the Salisbury Poisoning debacle, in which a former Russian Double agent and his daughter suffered an attempted assassination by, most likely, the Russian Government. Which may have been an act of war.

Now the international community was very upset about this, I would be too- if it weren’t for the fact that the British Government tried to assassinate the then Taoiseach Charles Haughey in the 70’s. An attack so barbarically stupid even the UVF refused to do it.

So everyone in the EU essentially kicked out their Russian diplomats, mainly as a power move. Varadkar did it solely to suck up to the EU, and then had to act surprised when Russia kicked out their Irish diplomat. The whole thing was a little too theatrical, especially when you’re sticking up for a nation that is leaving your organisation in less than a year.

The best way I can describe this whole debacle is in like a classroom setting. So imagine the international community is one class, and everyone hangs out with different people. Like the European nations hang out with the other European nations, Australia hangs out with China and the rest of Asia, all the African nations hang out with each other – America hangs out with everyone because they’re a very fake person- I think Saudi Arabia has a bad influence on them.

Then there’s Russia, who’s a little socially awkward. They don’t really got on well with many people put Ireland is polite to them whenever they hang out, which is rarely. But one day Britain, who’s this complete bitch who thinks they’re too cool for Europe and wants to hang out and do opioids with America. They start a fight with Russia and now all the European countries have to hate Russia now, even though Britain is a bitch.

So Ireland is just that person who is kind of sort of an associate to Russia who they occasionally talk to, but one day decide to ignore and be overtly hostile towards just so they can fir in. All the while Russia is just looking at them like “Why? I didn’t even do anything to you” and the whole thing is overtly theatrical. That’s how I see the whole thing.


So Leonard Varadkar is a diverse, trendy Taoiseach who wears colourful socks, loves Rom-Coms and Barry’s tea. He’s also spineless shrewd willing to say anything to get people to like him, gaffe prone thatcherite who is on record for saying he wanted John McCain to beat Obama in the 2008 election, John McCain of course was a huge proponent for the Iraq war and if elected he would have turned the credit crunch into a depression and may have even gone to war with Iran to appease Israel.

Varadkar supports social policies such as Gay Marriage and Abortion to cover up his desire to eliminate estate taxes and create even more loopholes for corporations. He’s arrogant, stubborn, has smart ideas but says dumb things- he’ll take Fine Gael further to the Right than it ought to be.

But at the same time you can rest sound knowing that, for the most part, he isn’t going to destroy the Country. That’s how a healthy democracy survives, you need to trust to opposition that, despite their idiotic financial policies, they aren’t going to destroy the nation and they aren’t going to wish you any harm.

That’s a luxury people in the North can’t afford. We currently don’t have a government because neither side can trust each other to rule. The Nationalists can’t trust the Unionists to keep to their word and legislate an Irish Language act alongside legalizing Gay Marriage all the while ensuring there’s a comprehensive understanding on what the hell Brexit means for Ireland. The Unionists can’t trust the Nationalists because they believe if they forego anything it’ll result in a United Ireland and they’ll be burnt out of their houses.

Then of course there’s the fact that the DUP are abominable and that Arlene refuses to let go of power, it’s just a vicious downward spiral of viscous cunts eating each-other alive. I mean say what you will about Leonard Varadkar, but at least he’s a professional.


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