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It’s difficult to know what exactly is going through someones head. Often times it’s difficult to tell what people mean or what they think, whether or not they’re telling the truth or if they’re lying- whether or not they’re strategic geniuses playing some version of Four Dimensional Chess that we are all incapable of understanding…or if they’re just plain fucking stupid.

So of course in politics this dilemma has a lot more stakes. It’s very difficult to figure out what a politicians motives are, or where in fact their loyalties truly lie. Are they driven by Greed? By ideology? By fame and Glory? Do they want to make a difference? Do they actually care? Or are they just looking to scratch their names down onto the pages of History?

Most politicians are relatively easy to figure out, especially in Britain. I mean if you give one glance in the direction of Westminster you’ll find very little diversity in their individual narratives. The majority of them (or at least the most influential of them) went to the same schools, had the same jobs, lived in the same city- all of them are almost identical when it comes to their CVs- bankers, lawyers, stock brokers etc.

The only real way you can tell the difference between politicians is by personalities. Most of them try to be as inoffensive as possible, which makes them come off as artificial, but occasionally- occasionally– you’ll get a politician whose personality is so intoxicating, so overwhelming that they become truly unique in the political spectrum. That politician is of course; Nigel Farage.


Nigel is probably one of the most notorious Euro-skeptic Voices in all of Europe. Just to clarify, Euro-Skepticism is a political ideology, its members vehemently criticize the existence the European Union and European integration. It basically means the opposition to and total rejection of the EU, they’re not skeptical on whether or not the region known as Europe exists.

I know that seems quite silly and you may be thinking “Des, why are you telling us this basic shit?” well, because I know a lot of my audience are Americans and I’m sorry to say that most Americans are quite ignorant on a lot of subjects. Did you know that 7% of American Adults think that Chocolate Milk comes from Brown Cows? That’s a total of 16.4 million people- that’s more than the population of Scotland, Wales and Ireland combined. So I feel it’s my duty to break things down as simply as possible.

Anyway, he’s a Member of the European Parliament on behalf of South East England, he was the leader of UKIP for well over a decade and he’s a failed applicant for Westminster- campaigning seven times, losing all of them. Even in Tory safe constituencies. He’s most noted for orchestrating the EU Referendum, or as it’s known- Brexit.

Now if you were to ask me to describe what Brexit currently looks like, I would say it was this;

Picture a man waving a gun in front of his friends, he’s flipping it around doing a bunch of tricks- thinking he looks so cool while everyone else thinks he’s just a Jingoistic Prick. Now, this guy eventually holsters his gun by tucking it into his trousers- but he makes a mistake which of course results in the gun going off and blowing his cock off.

Now, all these other guys saw this. They heard the gun go off, they know that this guy just shot his dick off- but the Guy refuses to admit that he shot his dick off. Even when he looks to be in complete agony, with Blood flowing down his trousers- a gross puddle at his feet. He refuses to admit that his gentleman’s sausage is no longer attached to his body. He talks about how big his dick is, how everyone else’s dick is small and impotent- that his dick totally works.

Now everyone is watching in concern, they don’t find it funny. In fact, they’re pleading with him to admit that he shot his dick off so that they can help him receive medical attention. But he just won’t budge, his face is bright red, sweat dripping from his brow- tears in his eyes. Yet he refuses to admit that he shot his dick off.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why was he waving the gun around in the first place? Well simple; because he’s British- and British people like to show off. I’m sorry, but you’re a very Arrogant people, that’s where the Americans got their attitude from. But that’s not important, the real question is this; why did he not have a holster? That’s Brexit.

Now just like in my article I wrote about Jacob Rees-Mogg, I’m going to tear Nigel Farage apart piece by piece to see what kind of man he truly is. However unlike Mogg, we have to understand a completely different person before we even think of understanding Farage.

So let’s talk about Nigel Farage’s hero; Enoch Powell- the Shadow of Britain.


Enoch Powell is a complicated character and I’m only going to touch upon him briefly, he may even warrant his own article (I’m quite fond of that “The Shadow of Britain” line, it’s almost as good as “The Desolation of Mogg“) but let’s just go over the basics.

Enoch Powell was born on the 16th of June 1912 in Birmingham. He was raised in a working class family but he attended private school. He was very capable in the academic field, partly because his father was a Primary School headmaster. He was taught at King Norton’s Grammar School for Boys but would later move to King Edwards School, a Private School in Birmingham.

He was very well read, by three years old he could read reasonably well and in school he studied the classics. His vocabulary was astounding, it’s like listening to a dictionary- he’d put even Jacob Rees-Mogg to shame. He was a linguistic Genius as well, on his deathbed he was capable of speaking fourteen different languages. It truly is an utter shame that he was such a Racist Sociopath.

And he was Racist, though many would argue that he was an insincere Racist. I don’t know if he believed in the things that he said, all I know is that he said them. I’m going to be talking about Racism a lot throughout this article but before I dive in I just want to establish how I personally measure Racism.

Ok, so I think it’s incredibly dangerous to lump people into categories and think of people as monoliths instead of individuals- like I could call Hitler, Powell and Farage Racists but obviously they’re not not on the same level. The best way I could describe it would be a litmus test.

ph paper test

Ok, so a Litmus test in Chemistry used for detecting the levels for acidity or alkalinity using litmus paper. If a substance was a strong Acid it would show up as Red, if it was a weak acid it’s show up as Yellow, or a Yellow-Green. However if the substance was neutral, like Water, it would be Green. If the substance was a weak alkaline it would be a Darker Green or even Turquoise, if it were a Strong Alkaline it would be Dark Blue.

So use this test, but instead of detecting Acidity you detect Racism. Red will refer to a person who believes that  their select group is inherently superior to all others (A White Supremacist for example) Dark Orange or a Lighter Orange would refer to an Individual that believes these Groups should be separated and maybe one group is superior to the other (Segregation, Apartheid State, a White Nationalist) Lighter Orange would refer to a person who uses a lot of Racial Slurs and believes in a lot of Conspiracy Theories to enforce their Prejudices. Yellow would refer to a person who seems normal, but they appear to be physically Uncomfortable around people who don’t belong to their own Group.

Green of course is the ideal- a person who doesn’t care what group you belong in, but judges you by your actions and character. They generally don’t care but some of them will spend a lot of time discussing how different the experiences are of other people in other groups to broaden their understanding. Of course if you focus too much on differences you could dial back down to Yellow, but it can also go the opposite way- you could become obsessed with the differences between groups and you Gradually become Bluer- you say some silly things, suggest that certain groups be segregated “To protect them from people like me” and then dark blue of course is just full on self loathing in which you bow down to the superiority of another group and potentially even advocate your own extermination- by being Bred out of the Gene pool.

So in my mind I would place Hitler in Red, because he was a Nazi and believed in White Supremacy. I’d put Enoch Powell along the lines of Orange and Dark Orange, because he believed that Immigrants should stay in their own Countries and that Black and White people can’t mix- basically endorsing an Ethno State. I’d put Nigel around a very Dark Yellow-  don’t think he’s quite Orange but he sure as fuck isn’t Green.

I like to think of myself as Green, but of course I’m a little biased. I’m measuring these things by what people say and do and I don’t think I’ve genuinely endorsed any Racists acts. The Darker Greens would be thought of as kind of SJWs, in which they’re obsessed with this kind of Diversity stuff- which don’t get me wrong, Diversity is important- but there’s a time and a place. An example would be like that time Shaun King tweeted out something along the lines of “Only like two people in Trumps Cabinet is black, where’s the representation? SMH” like…does it really matter what Colour they are when they’re working for Trump? You’re only going to get the worst people for the job, his cronies that want to loathe country- also are you really surprised that trumps cabinet isn’t very diverse? Really?  Then of course there’s the extreme Dark Blue which could be anyone from like a Self Loathing White person to a Self Loathing Black person or any group really.

That’s how I measure it, Enoch Powell is a solid Orange. For starters he was a Colonialist through and through. He studied the language of Urdu in the School of Oriental and African Studies, not out of appreciation for the Culture but because he wanted to be the Viceroy of India- the man who would essentially rule India on behalf of the British Empire.

He became a Professor of Greek at the University of Sydney at the age of 25 (failing in his aim of beating Nietzsche’s record of becoming a professor at 24). Soon after arrival in Australia, he was appointed Curator of the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney. He stunned the vice-chancellor by informing him that war would soon begin in Europe and that when it did, he would be heading home to enlist in the army.

In a poem, he wrote of men joining the army like “bridegrooms going to meet their brides“, but his biographer points out that it is unlikely that many other men shared his joy. That’s one of the more contradicting natures of his character. As you can see by his knowledge of history and of language he is indeed a clever man, but at the same time he’s incredibly naive- possibly ignorant about most things he embarks upon. I don’t think he had empathy.

He was very upset at the Munich Agreement, a settlement reached by Germany, Britain, France, and Italy that permitted the German annexation of the Sudetenland in western Czechoslovakia. The acne ridden manlet describes the event as “It was the allies spreading their asshole open for Germany” because they essentially let Hitler take the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia without even consulting Czechoslovakia. They also didn’t invite the Soviet Union to the treaty talks which really pissed off Stalin since he was an ally to Czechoslovakia.

It was a huge clusterfuck, all because they didn’t want another War.


In a letter to his Parents, Powell wrote; “I do here in the most solemn and bitter manner curse the Prime Minister of England for having cumulated all his other betrayals of the national interest and honour, by his last terrible exhibition of dishonour, weakness and gullibility. The depths of infamy to which our accurst “love of peace” can lower us are unfathomable

Before the war he wrote to his parents; “It is the English, not their Government; for if they were not blind cowards, they would lynch Chamberlain and Halifax and all the other smarmy traitors.” At the outbreak of war, Powell immediately returned to the UK, but not before buying a Russian dictionary, since he thought “Russia would hold the key to our survival and victory, as it had in 1812 and 1916” an opinion that he held throughout the war and was indeed correct in thinking.

After a month of being home he signed up to the Army. Now English citizens had yet to be called up so he instead applied as an Australian, since Australians were allowed to enlist straight away. Some of his supporters would cite this as evidence proving that he was not a Racist, even Powell himself defended an accusation that he was a Fascist by saying; “All I will say is that for myself, in 1939 I voluntarily returned from Australia to this country, to serve as a private soldier against Germany and Nazism. I am the same man today” In response to some hecklers at a speech he said “I hope those who shouted ‘Fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ are aware that before they were born I was fighting against Fascism and Nazism.

Which is true, the man is not a Nazi nor is he a Fascist. He’s just a Racist. Oh, and he didn’t fight in World War Two because he was worried about the treatment of Jews, Slavs, Gays or anyone murdered by Hitlers regime. He fought in the war because he saw the decline of the British Empire and he wanted to ensure he’d still have a place in India when the war was done. It was an act of self preservation for a colonialist wet dream, nothing more- nothing less.


He didn’t see much action in the war either. He worked almost exclusively in intelligence, quickly climbing up the Ranks as his knowledge of language helped him create a presence of intelligence to his superiors. By the end of the war he was a Brigadier. A Brigadier is the superior rank to colonel, but subordinate to major-general.

He was stationed in Cairo but then took a job in Delhi. He actually turned down promotions because that would have kept him in Africa indefinitely. He had to take the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, but eventually did reclaim his previous rank as Brigadier.

Powell seemed enchanted by India, recalling that he “Soaked up India like a sponge soaks up water” he truly loved the little Sub Continent, like an abusive boyfriend. He thought it was his birthright- that he owned it and its inhabitants. I wonder if he knew that Churchill promised the Indians independence if they fought in the War?

He worked alongside this guy called Orde Wingate, who had taken such a dislike to Powell that he asked a colleague to restrain him if he was tempted to “beat his brains in“. I’ve watched videos of him giving speeches in Parliament and rebuking Thatcher, he does give off that impression of being a complete and utter cunt.

Having begun the war as the youngest professor in the Commonwealth, Powell ended it as a brigadier. He was given the promotion to serve on a committee of generals and brigadiers to plan the postwar defence of India: the resulting 470-page report was almost entirely written by Powell. For a few weeks he was the youngest brigadier in the British Army, and he was one of only two men in the entire war to rise from private to brigadier (the other being Fitzroy Maclean). He was offered a regular commission as a brigadier in the Indian Army, and the post of assistant commandant of an Indian officers’ training academy, which he declined. He told a colleague that he expected to be head of all military intelligence in “the next war“.

Of course there’d never be a next war. In fact when the war was over he was quite depressed, survivors guilt. When once asked how he would like to be remembered, he at first answered, “Others will remember me as they will remember me“, but when pressed he replied, “I should like to have been killed in the war.” I think that quote sums up the life of Powell quite well.

After the war he voted for Labour just to spite the Tories for every going through with the Munich agreement. But he did eventually did join the Tories, climbing up the ranks and eventually being elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Wolverhampton South West in 1950.

Powell’s ambition to be Viceroy of India crumbled in February 1947, when Prime Minister Clement Attlee announced that Indian independence was imminent. Powell was so shocked by the change of policy that he spent the whole night after it was announced walking the streets of London. He came to terms with it by becoming fiercely anti-imperialist, believing that once India had gone the whole empire should follow it- if he couldn’t have India, then the Empire was as good as dead.

This logical absolutism explained his later indifference to the Suez crisis (an invasion of Egypt in late 1956 by Israel, followed by the United Kingdom and France), his contempt for the Commonwealth and his urging that the UK should end any remaining pretense that it was a world power.

He was very xenophobic towards America. This originated during his encounters with Americans during the War. After socially mixing with senior American officers and exploring their cultural views of the world, he became convinced that one of America’s war aims was to destroy the British Empire. Writing home on 16 February 1943, Powell stated;

I see growing on the horizon the greater peril than Germany or Japan ever were… our terrible enemy, America….

Powell’s suspicion of the Anti-British Empire demeanor of the U.S.A. Government’s foreign policy continued for the remainder of the war and into his subsequent post-war political career. He cut out and retained an article from the New Statesman magazine published on 13 November 1943 in which the American writer and diplomat Clare Boothe Luce said in a speech that Indian independence from the British Empire would mean that the “USA will really have won the greatest war in the world for democracy“. He fixated on that.

Fuck, the only reason he wanted to be posted in Southeast Asia was because he was afraid that America would get there first. He said that he wanted to see the Union Flag back in Singapore before the Americans beat the British Empire to it and secured an imperial domination of their own over the region.

In a way he was right to be worried. If it weren’t for the War perhaps the British Empire would still be around. America wouldn’t be the super power it was today. In fact the American economy boomed after the Second World War, mainly because all of the other countries were in ruins- so America quickly became the Worlds leading manufacturer. Leading to the economic boom, the New Deal, Social Security- all of these wonderful things that the American public loved. Keep in mind that FDR was a Social Democrat that was elected four times, he was so popular that the Republicans had to pass a law meaning that a President can only serve two terms just so they wouldn’t have to deal with that shit.

Powell hated everything America stood for. He hated its diversity, he was afraid that Britain would become a great melting pot- in which people from all around the world would come to work and live- in the hope that one day they would be seen as British. Powell believed that only White Anglo-Saxons could be British.


He was the Minister of Health and by God he makes Jeremy Hunt look like Fucking Ghandi. During his tenure he blatantly refused to issue a public inquiry into the pharmaceutical drug known as “Thalidomide” despite literally thousands of people being hurt by the drug demanding he do something about it.

The thalidomide disaster is one of the darkest episodes in pharmaceutical research history. The drug was marketed as a mild sleeping pill safe even for pregnant women. However, it caused thousands of babies worldwide to be born with malformed limbs.

During a meeting with parents of babies that had been born with deformities caused by the drug thalidomide, he was unsympathetic to the victims, refusing to meet any babies deformed by the drug and saying that “anyone who took so much as an aspirin put himself at risk.” He said no to giving a statement afterwards: “no need to bring the press into this” he didn’t even do the bare minimum, which would be to give a public warning against using any of the pills that might still be in medicine cabinets. He said it would be “a scaremonger publicity stunt”. Yes, a publicity stunt that would have saved lives.

The drug was never banned; just withdrawn for further tests. Many more babies were born needlessly affected by the drug precisely because there were pills still on pharmacists’ shelves being dispensed – in family medicine cabinets and even in drawers in doctors’ surgeries.

The families were forced to sue the manufacturers for negligence, the government truly failed them in their time of need. A man whose duty it was to look after the Public’s Health couldn’t care less about the Public’s Health. He was a sociopath, a cold hearted man with absolutely no empathy.

Which brings us to the most notable thing about Enoch Powell, the notorious “Rivers of Blood” speech.


On the afternoon of 20 April 1968 at the Midland Hotel, in Birmingham, Enoch Powell addressed the meeting of the Conservative Political Centre. The Birmingham-based television company ATV saw an advance copy of the speech on the Saturday morning, and its news editor ordered a television crew to go to the venue, where they filmed sections of the speech. They knew that once he said those words, all hell would break loose.

You can read the entire speech here. I’m going to tell you the basics of what he said, what he meant and the impact it had. I’ll do my best to debunk him as well.

So the speech starts out quite confusing, as I said before the man has a wide vocabulary so unless you’re an avid reader it’s quite hard to understand what he’s saying. The jist of the first few paragraphs is that to be a Political Representative you have to make decisions that prevent bad things from happening, even if this bad thing wasn’t happening now- but far away in the distant future (like Climate Change). This bad thing he was fixated on was the so called “mass immigration” of individuals from Common Wealth Nations.

A week or two ago I fell into conversation with a constituent, a middle-aged, quite ordinary working man employed in one of our nationalised industries. After a sentence or two about the weather, he suddenly said: ‘If I had the money to go, I wouldn’t stay in this country.’ I made some deprecatory reply to the effect that even this government wouldn’t last for ever; but he took no notice, and continued: ‘I have three children, all of them been through grammar school and two of them married now, with family. I shan’t be satisfied till I have seen them all settled overseas. In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.

So basically he quoted a paranoid racist from his own constituency. He later went on to create a victim narrative which a lot of Racists love to indulge themselves in- they need a persecution complex to make them feel like they’re in the right. Of course he mixed in a bit of imagery, an allusion to slavery- the terrors of Colonialism turned upside down.

There’s not much I can say about this paragraph. For starters he’s quoting anecdotal evidence so it’s very hard to debunk, that’s why in a debate you should never accept anecdotal evidence as true- because it’s almost always bullshit. What I will say is that this old man was fucking delusional. Just look at these these stats:

image (1)image

image (2)

As you can see the majority of Wolverhampton, Fuck- the majority of England is both White and Christian. Now I’m no Mathematician, but I know that 91% is bigger than 2%- in fact I’d wager that unless this 2% has the Godlike capabilities of Thor or Superman then they’ll have a rough time trying to hold the whip hand over that 91%.

The speech carries on. Enoch Powell plays the victim by saying stuff like this;

I can already hear the chorus of execration. How dare I say such a horrible thing? How dare I stir up trouble and inflame feelings by repeating such a conversation? The answer is that I do not have the right not to do so. Here is a decent, ordinary fellow Englishman, who in broad daylight in my own town says to me, his Member of Parliament, that his country will not be worth living in for his children.

Even in the Sixties dumbfuck Racists used Political Correctness to fuel their persecution narrative. By saying this Enoch portrays himself as some sort of brave hero who’s standing up to the man (even if this particular man has little to no power) and he’ll fight for you (and your delusions) so you ought to vote Tory.

He also throws in a few Racial Slurs in here now and again. Describing the Black population of the US as “Negroes” and as always he made sure to include a Xenophobic rant against America. He also refers to black children as “Piccaninies” which of course is another Racial Slur. He lambastes about the issues with the NHS (none of which are caused by immigrants, but he doesn’t care) and then talks about this letter from a person who told him a story of this old lady that they knew. Yes, this is anecdotal evidence of anecdotal evidence- it’s like inception for Racist Morons.

“Eight years ago in a respectable street in Wolverhampton a house was sold to a Negro. Now only one white (a woman old-age pensioner) lives there. This is her story. She lost her husband and both her sons in the war. So she turned her seven-roomed house, her only asset, into a boarding house. She worked hard and did well, paid off her mortgage and began to put something by for her old age. Then the immigrants moved in. With growing fear, she saw one house after another taken over. The quiet street became a place of noise and confusion. Regretfully, her white tenants moved out. 

The day after the last one left, she was awakened at 7am by two Negroes who wanted to use her ‘phone to contact their employer. When she refused, as she would have refused any stranger at such an hour, she was abused and feared she would have been attacked but for the chain on her door. Immigrant families have tried to rent rooms in her house, but she always refused. Her little store of money went, and after paying rates, she has less than £2 per week. “She went to apply for a rate reduction and was seen by a young girl, who on hearing she had a seven-roomed house, suggested she should let part of it. When she said the only people she could get were Negroes, the girl said, ‘Racial prejudice won’t get you anywhere in this country.’ So she went home. 

The telephone is her lifeline. Her family pay the bill, and help her out as best they can. Immigrants have offered to buy her house – at a price which the prospective landlord would be able to recover from his tenants in weeks, or at most a few months. She is becoming afraid to go out. Windows are broken. She finds excreta pushed through her letter box. When she goes to the shops, she is followed by children, charming, wide-grinning piccaninnies. They cannot speak English, but one word they know. ‘Racialist,’ they chant. When the new Race Relations Bill is passed, this woman is convinced she will go to prison. And is she so wrong? I begin to wonder.”

Ooof, that was quite scary- wasn’t it? It’s a kind of grimy fear that heart wrenching narrative gives you. Makes you feel all dirty. Makes the blood boil, too. I mean- imagine your Grand Mother being harassed by a bunch of Children and all this horrible stuff happening- of course you’d be angry.

It’s a good story- but of course none of it ever happened.

The British press at the time were skeptical of Powell’s claims (or atlas some of them were) so they decided to ask around about the woman. When they questioned him Powell steadfastly refused to identify the old woman he was talking about, writing to a Labour MP: “I never disclose … particulars likely to assist in the identification of constituents … whose cases I may use to illustrate circumstances.

When grilled on television in January 1969 by David Frost, Powell was repeatedly asked whether he had verified the story. He deflected the questions, saying instead that he had “verified the source” and hadn’t the slightest doubt the story was true. So had Powell could have fallen for National Front propaganda- the equivalent of a politician today sharing a Racist Meme that was made up by a skinhead. Local and national press at the time tried to track down the elderly widow, but to no avail.

In 2007 the Radio 4 programme Document enlisted a historian to help sift through the paper trail. They narrowed it down to around 200 women who matched criteria such as having lived in the same street for years, being widowed during the war.

The search narrowed down to one woman: Drucilla Cotterill, a homeowner in Brighton Place, then aged 68, who had been taking in lodgers for some years. Most of the pieces fit, although Cotterill didn’t match up completely: she didn’t have a telephone, or lose sons during the war. The BBC interviewed former child residents of Brighton Place, who remembered excrement being put through a letterbox, and a dead dog being put through a window. However, other evidence suggested that things were far more friendly.

It is hard to know exactly what his constituents were saying to him at the time,” said Robert Pearce, a former professor of modern history and author of Enoch Powell, a biography that came out in 2008. “But if it were a real person, it seems unlikely that it was all accurate.

So Enoch Powell carefully laid out a narrative to portray himself-or people that were like minded- as victimized patriots yearning for the truth. Then quoted a delusional Racist from his constituency, played the victim card again, then gave some incredibly wrong statistics on Immigration and an embarrassing prediction of some kind of Dystopian Future where White people were slaves to Black people. With this apocalyptic imagery he further scared the bejeebies out of these Ignorant Englishmen by relishing in a bullshit story about an old Lady that didn’t exist who received abuse that never happened. To top it all off he suggested that there could be a full on Race War in Britain which is so Goddamn stupid even Nigel Farage couldn’t defend it.

Enoch Powell never does say “The Rivers of Blood” in the speech. In fact he always referred to it as the “Birmingham Speech” but the papers loved the title so it stuck. The name comes from this line;

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.”

Powell is quoting a prophecy from Virgil’s Aeneid, a Roman epic telling the mythological tale of the founding of Rome. On arriving in Italy after many trials and tribulations, the Trojan warrior Aeneas consults a priestess, the Sibyl, to find out how his plans to create the new empire will turn out. Her reply includes the line quoted by Powell: she tells Aeneas that in the process of creating Rome, she saw wars and the River Tiber foaming with blood.

She was saying that you’re going to found a multicultural, cosmopolitan state – and in the eyes of the Romans, Rome was the greatest civilisation – but it will be a painful process,” said Mary Beard, professor of classics at the University of Cambridge. Could this suggest a slightly more measured view of immigration – which may bring necessary problems in order to achieve a greater end – than the rest of Powell’s speech?

There are other examples of rivers being used in Roman literature as a metaphor for mixed nationalities, giving the idea of a flood of new people coming in – although Powell’s quote comes specifically from the Aeneid. “If it was any old person, you might think they’d just picked a line they liked the sound of and used it, but Powell was one of the best classicists of the twentieth century,” said Beard. “He’d have been well aware of the meaning of the line.

Either way, any nuances of the Latin were lost on Powell’s audience. Most of the audience were surprisingly supportive of the speech. There was only one person in the entire Tory conference that was visibly annoyed by the blatant Racism. The majority of the country supported him.

So after this speech hit the airwaves, Enoch Powell became one of the most famous politicians in Britain, a divisive household name. None of what he said would come true. What did happen was that the National Front (a Racist UK Party) became more popular and more violent than ever. Immigrant families- particularly people of Indian, Middle Eastern, African or Caribbean descent were harassed and attacked.

One case is particularly devastating. Under the headline “Coloured family attacked”, the Times reported that 10 days after the speech a black family’s christening party in Wolverhampton, Powell’s own constituency, had been attacked by a gang of racist thugs chanting “Powell” and “Why don’t you go back to your own country.” The baby’s grandfather was slashed in the face with a knife. He’d been in Britain 13 years, and said “nothing like this has happened before. I am shattered

By giving the Rivers of Blood speech, Powell had legitimized thoughts and speech that would have otherwise been disregarded as Racist drivel. Of course he got in some trouble afterwards, Ted Heath (the then Tory leader) was forced to fire him as Shadow Secretary. But by that time the damage was already done, Powell was one of the most notorious politicians in the country. He’s responsible for the Tory victory in the following election, he was the Parties hatchet man. A sacrificial lamb.


Black Sociologist Dr Clive Harris said; “I think Enoch Powell was aware that what he said in public was what a lot of people were thinking in private. He knew there was a lot of panic going on that time at government level about the numbers of Kenyan and Asian immigrants coming into Britain and how to cope with potentially thousands of them.”

The most distressing thing I find in this whole debacle is the possibility that Enoch Powell was not a Racist, that he may have been an Insincere Racist. Which is arguably worse since that implies he’s a liar, deliberately making a fuss for attention or a desperate grasp at power and influence.

Earlier in the week, Powell said to his friend Clement Jones, a journalist and then editor at the Wolverhampton Express & Star, “I’m going to make a speech at the weekend and it’s going to go up ‘fizz’ like a rocket; but whereas all rockets fall to the earth, this one is going to stay up.

The speech was a power play. He took advantage of ignorant peoples fears about immigration, about people that looked and sounded different than them and he channeled it into those vicious words. The vast majority of England agreed with him at the time, an unsettling portion of the British public still agree with him.


Enoch never did hold any reputable position in Government. He was at odds with Ted Heaths Government, he was at odds with Thatcher all the time- even offended her on multiple occasions. He told his supporters to Vote Labour whenever he disapproved of  the Tory Parties policies on Immigration and Europe, he actually left the Tories when they decided to join the European Economic Community (EEC, the foundation of the EU)- Powell was a notorious Euro-skeptic, one of the most influential in his generation.

Once you leave the Tories the only place to go is down…or more specifically, County Down- Northern Ireland.

Powell And Farmer

Yes, Enoch Powell was an MP for South Down. He was a member of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) which he joined in 1974. He had visited Northern Ireland multiple times beforehand, he was a great sympathizer to the Unionists and agreed that the Six Counties in the North of Ireland should remain in the control of a Foreign Country 415 miles away.

He added a little bit of class to the party, which isn’t hard to do since he had a nice little English accent that was as smooth as silk and all the other Politicians sounded like seagulls stuck in a fucking blender. He wasn’t the only Englishman to be an MP for a Northern Irish Constituency, but he was one of the only ones to actually visit his constituency. Outside of that he was fairly insignificant, his fans in England stopped paying attention to him because he kept going on Xenophobic Rants about America (His supporters only like Xenophobic Rants so long as the aforementioned Foreigners don’t speak English) and he was very insignificant in Northern Ireland.

He was somewhat of an outcast in his party since he advocated for direct rule from West Minster- the other members of the UUP hated this idea since it meant they had to treat Catholics fairly. Just goes to show you that the United Kingdom is United in Name only. He also butted heads with the Late Great[?] Ian Paisley, a Sectarian Monster who really deserves an Article all for himself, Paisley was know to denounce Powell as “a foreigner and an Anglo-Catholic“.

So by Northern Irish standards, Enoch Powell would be considered a “Moderate“.


Enoch lost his seat in 1987, serving roughly thirteen years as an MP for South Down. Soon after that he retired from Politics altogether. He’d occasionally give an interview or a speech but for the most part he kept to himself. UKIPs then leader, Alan Sked, had written to Powell in the Mid Nighties in the Hopes that he would stand as a candidate, but Powell declined citing that he was retired.

Nigel Farage is on record for writing to Enoch, requesting that he give a speech at one of their pub crawls Party Conferences but he declined, saying some bullshit on how “you’re good and you don’t need me” in reality Powell probably smelled the shite out of UKIP a mile away. Honest to God, it’s a miracle they made it to the end of the 90’s.

Enoch Powell was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and died on the 8th of February 1998, at the age of 85 in the King Edward VII Hospital for Officers in Westminster, London. Many Tories at the time Praised him, even Ted Heath and Thatcher. A thousand people showed up to his funeral.

Five years after his death no serious Candidate could survive an election after referring to Powell or even going as far to say “Powell was Right” his legacy was shunned by most. Only the crabby old racists and the victims of the Hate Crimes he incited remember his name, remember his cruel words. Even Farage thinks his words were too harsh, thats why he says “He was right in Principle“.

A lot of people admire that about him, the fact that he stood by his words- by his principles. He’s was Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Europe, Anti-America. He never changed his mind for thirty long years. It’s admirable, if it wasn’t a pathetic attempt at a power grab that backfired horrendously.

Powell wanted to be the Viceroy of India, but he’d settle for Prime Minister. But he didn’t account for Ted Heath having the nerve to fire him from his job- not because Ted Heath is sympathetic to the plight of Immigrants, but because his other cabinet ministers threatened to resign just so they could thin out the heard.

The Rivers of Blood speech is Fifty years old now. The town of Wolverhampton are debating whether or not they should put up a blue plaque in his memory, the only physical mural he’s likely to ever receive. Some people argue that he should because he was a “principled politician and a great influencer in British politics” others would argue that he was a “Racist bastard that shouldn’t be celebrated- setting back the debate on immigration decades by alienating moderates and legitimizing Racists” personally I follow the logic of a man called Joseph Cocker from Herefodshire:

Blue plaques generally associate a place with a famous person. I don’t see why the person has to be good. Enoch Powell should not be consigned to oblivion; he should be remembered, if for no other reason than that he was so gloriously wrong. The proposed blue plaque might read ‘Enoch Powell, Conservative MP for Wolverhampton 1950-74, cabinet minister and noted racist‘”.


It’s kind of sad really, the life of Enoch Powell. He was destined to be the Viceroy of India, but he ended up with South Down.

The life of Nigel Farage is quite sad, or at least I think it’s quite sad. At the moment it looks quite sad. Possibly even Sadder than Powells life- and Powell was a depressed Colonialist, a literal dinosaur who wished that he’d been shot to death by a Nazi or at the very least died of that nasty case of Jaundice that he caught in India.

So what kind of man is Nigel Farage? Is he good? Is he bad? I’m going to go into more detail down below, but in my research I found a quote from a journalist called Camilla Long that could sum up his character better than I ever could:

I’m quite relieved that Nigel Farage MEP has only one testicle. When the former leader of the UK Independence party (UKIP) had the other removed in 1987 because of cancer, the doctors offered him an artificial replacement to give him ‘greater social confidence’. But to watch him screaming at Herman Van Rompuy as he did last month, saying the European council president had the ‘charisma of a damp rag’, tearing around with a loudhailer on his campaign to oust John Bercow, the Commons Speaker, from his Buckingham seat, working ‘100-hour weeks’, inhaling whole packs of Rothmans and choffing down hundreds and hundreds of pints, I dread to think what he would be like with … two


Nigel Farage was born on the 3rd of April 1964 in Downe, a village in the London borough of Bromley. He was raised in Kent and attended a boarding school called Dulwhich College. He was the son of Barbara (née Stevens) and Guy Justus Oscar Farage, his Father was a Metals Trader in London. He was also a severe alcoholic that left the Family when Nigel was just abut five years old. His father actually got really depressed and nearly killed himself but he didn’t go through with it.

His Father undoubtedly played a huge effect on Nigel’s life, he doesn’t seem to hold any hard feelings towards him for his abandonment (though it undoubtedly played a huge part in Nigel’s alcoholism) in fact he seemed to admire the man. His father was a very charismatic man and had volunteered for the territorial army. That’s one of the reasons Nigel joined the Cadets while he attended Dulwich College.

His School days were…interesting, to say the least. Especially for his Political career he’d have later on. He was active in the Conservative Party from his early days at School, a self proclaimed Thatcherite. He met Enoch Powell and Keith Joseph on a School Visit, the prior had the biggest impact on him. Farage said that the MP “dazzled me for once into an awestruck silence”. Farage is one of the few mainstream Politicians to praise Enoch Powell and still maintain his position, everyone else seems to crash and burn if they so much as say his name.

Though Farage did have enough sense to condemn Powell for his language; “While his language may seem out of date now, the principles remain good and true. I would never say that Powell was racist in any way at all. Had we listened to him, we would have much better race relations now than we have got.” When he was read transcripts from the speech on a Sky News interview Farage said that he agreed with the “Basic Principle” of Powell’s words.

At school, one of his teachers wrote a strongly worded letter imploring the headmaster to reconsider giving Farage the duty of Prefect after he had a meeting with the other teachers. A meeting that ended up becoming a heated row over the character of Nigel Farage.

Citing the fact that Farage possessed “Fascist Views” and that on one occasion Farage harassed and offended a Student so mercilessly that he had to be removed from Class. The letter says that when one teacher said Farage was “a fascist, but that was no reason why he would not make a good prefect,” there was “considerable reaction” from colleagues. He was also a big fan of dropping random racial slurs and there’s a story of him and the other cadets marching through a local village in the middle of the night singing Hitler Youth Songs.

Farage denies these claims saying that he “Doesn’t even know the words” and of course follows it up by saying that it was typical PC Culture because the Teachers were scared since he was an admirer of the noted Racist Enoch Powell. Farage later said;  “I did say things that would offend deeply, And there were certainly two or three members of the English staff I made arguments against, that I didn’t necessarily believe in. But any accusation I was ever involved in far right politics is utterly untrue.

The then Principal also defended Farage by saying; “It was naughtiness, not racism, I didn’t probe too closely into that naughtiness, but the staff were fed up with his cheekiness and rudeness. They wanted me to expel him, but I saw his potential, made him a prefect, and I was proved right.” Citing the fact that the English teachers had a poor sense of humour and that “You needed a Sense of Humour to deal with the Farages of the world“.

How very true. It’s also worth pointing out that this Principal is also a friend of Farage, they’re in regular contact with each other so his defense isn’t unbiased. There’s a lot of “I don’t recalls” or “It was just banter” in his arguments- which may be true. What also may be true is the fact that many of the students that went to school with Farage claimed that he was very vocal in his support for Right Wing groups, like the National Front (the school grounds was actually used by the Police during the Brixton Riots, so Farage witnessed first hands the effect of a Race Riot) but of course none of these former students would say it on camera.

Farage’s former friend and colleague Dr Richard North had this to say; “I spent a lot of time with him – very, very close to him. If he is a racist, then he’s also a consummate actor, because he hides it that well. Personally I don’t think he is. I think he’s an old-fashioned jingoistic patriot.”

There’s a lot of red flags in Nigel Farage’s life. Personally I find it difficult to confirm whether he is truly racist or insincere, whether he’s ignorant or a liar, whether he’s corrupt or just incompetent. I’ll let you make decide for yourself.


He left School with a report that stated that it “would be a poorer place without this boy’s personality“. Forty odd years later he still lives in Kent, five minutes down the road from his Mother.

In 1982 he decided not go to university but instead chose to work in the City as a commodities trader – which is where he met friend Steven Spencer. Who was both a business partner and a customer; “My first impression of Nigel is an unorthodox, happy, cheerful guy – outspoken and humorous… When I worked as a customer of Nigel’s I would wander into a smoke-filled room, with tobacco smoke about 4 feet from the floor, with a bunch of very happy traders [and] good chemistry around Nigel. There’d always be a very politically incorrect atmosphere that just relaxed everybody.”

It’s unclear if this Politically Incorrect Atmosphere included Nazi Youth songs. However it most certainly involved Farage and his buddies going to strip clubs regularly, one case involved him chugging Champagne bottles that cost £100 a piece.

His alcoholism is notorious in British Politics. Back when he was a commodities trader he’d finish work at around lunch and then just spend the rest of the day getting drunk with his business partners. It was the days of Thatchers Big Bang, in which she deregulated the city of London- attracting foreign financial firms and banks. London became more financially successful than any city in Europe, more successful than New York.

The Big Bang basically did three things:

  • Abolished minimum fixed commissions on trades
  • Ending the separation between those who traded stocks and shares and those who advised investors
  • Allowed foreign firms to own UK brokers

In the short term profits thrived, London thrived. But deregulation lead to Bankers and Stock Exchangers getting Greedy. They started caring less about their investors and consumers and more about their profits. They cared less about their employees wages and started caring more about their annual bonuses.

They’re Psychopaths, smart but not wise. They got greedy, started over investing, created a bubble which eventually burst- these are the guys responsible for the 2008 financial Crisis; the Credit Crunch. Give a Psychopath a pair of dice and the Casino will go bankrupt within a year.

Nigel was one of these Psychopaths. He wasn’t particularly Wealthy, in fact with all his boasting about how “If I wanted to be rich, I wouldn’t be A Politician” which turns out is bullshit because he makes more money now then he ever did as a commodities broker.

A metals broker that worked alongside Farage had this to say; “This suggestion that he was a very wealthy man in the City is probably a bit of a misnomer, I don’t think he was anywhere near as successful as some people are portraying. He probably does better out of being an MEP.”

It’s not to say that he was a bad Commodities trader, he was merely a modest one. Nobody looked at Farage and thought “Oh, he owns a helicopter” and it really wouldn’t matter if it weren’t for the fact that he rambles on about the Political Establishment, the Elites, Multinational Corporations and the unbearable poshness of David Pig-fucker Cameron and his “Nottinghill Cronies” when he himself went to Private School, became a moderate salesman due to his Father’s links to the City and used to lend Pig-Fucker Cameron cigarettes when they were on a coffee break.

All the while claiming to be a “man of the people”.


So Nigel Farage has nearly died three times throughout his entire life. It kind of gives me hope that there is a God, not because he’s like the next Jesus Christ or anything- but just for the sake of Poetic Irony. If there is a God I don’t think he’s a Divine, Caring or Loving creature- to me, that concept is infantile. If God exists he’s a Writer, and a poor one at that.

The first time Nigel Farage came face to face with his mortality was in the mid 80’s, while he was still a Commodities Trader. He actually wrote about the ordeal in this Article published by the Telegraph.

The first time the NHS saved my life was on Nov 25, 1985. I had been out for a curry, drank steadily throughout the afternoon, and went home from Orpington railway station. I did not see the car that hit me, but I was tossed into the air and landed on my head. Apart from the head injuries, the damage to my lower left leg was so severe that I was told that I could have lost it altogether. Even now, I have a thick lump of bone sticking out. I was in casts for the best part of a year. When they came off the following October, it was the first time in 11 months that I could have a bath. My recovery was a miserable period: I was put on traction — a series of pulleys and weights — but the treatment saved my leg. It put paid to any more golf — but I married the nurse who treated me. A cliché, I know, but not only did I get my life back, I got a wife [Clare] and two fantastic sons

The nurse was an Irish Woman called Gráinne Hayes (Gráinne is pronounced like “Yawn” but with a “Gra” and then ends with a “ya” so say “Grawnya” there you go. Look at you, how cultured) lesser men would make a joke about the fact that the only women willing to fuck Nigel Farage all happen to be Immigrants, a job no British Women would be willing to do. I am a lesser man so I will keep repeating this joke throughout the article until you laugh, or stop reading.

A few months later Nigel was down the pub, when all of a sudden an intolerable pain clambered up to his kidneys. His hands shaking, he could hardly breath- he was in agony. So what did he do? Well, like any good pub crawler he finished his pint and slept it off. Obviously that didn’t work so Nigel ended up going to the emergency room…three days later.

He says that he was initially examined by a few doctors and they concluded that he had a “twisted testicle” and then just gave him a few antibiotics to shrug it off. Of course the antibiotics didn’t work, Nigel wasn’t infected with a virus- it was something worse than that. He wrote an article (again in the Telegraph) about the whole ordeal. How he had been misdiagnosed several times- even went out of his way to point out that one of his Doctors was Indian (as if his ethnicity had anything to do with the fucking misdiagnosis) so of course Nigel got worried and went to a Private Healthcare service (in the UK you can use the NHS- the Government Funded/Free Healthcare service or the Private Healthcare Service/ Insurance Paid Healthcare- America style) he got a few scans and discovered that he had testicular cancer.

Which was a big fucking deal for him because he was in his early twenties, he wasn’t ready for cancer- or having a “lemon-sized testicle” which he had to get removed. That’s a rough ordeal right there. Of course he survived, Cancer is a little tricky- sometimes you’ll miss it and it’ll kill you, other times you’ll find it and it won’t. Personally I’d recommend talking to a trained Medical Professional, and not some random guy on the internet writing a shitty blog.

When he was given the all clear, Nigel Farage describes this scene:

“After the seemingly endless two and a half days of tests and scans that followed, I was due to return for the results. The oncologist came to my room. This time it was my turn to shock the doctors. I had a fag going, Channel 4 Racing on the telly and a few bets on the go. This man — Peter Harper — looked at me with a mixture of wonderment and disbelief. He told me that, despite the odds, the cancer in my testicle had not spread. After an experience like this, he remarked, some people spend the rest of their life on carrot juice; some go the other way. Eyeing me knowingly, with the racing on in the background and a full ashtray on my bedside table, Harper said that he suspected that I would fall into the latter category.”

It’s easy to make Jokes about the man, like how he has the same number of Testicles as Hitler. But for all his faults I can’t help but respect the man for being so open about his battle with testicular cancer. It’s a particularly nasty strain that would emasculate most men but Farage has enough sense to know that its a subject that needs to be discussed more.

What I can’t respect is the fact that Nigel used this horror story to lash out at the NHS and foreign doctors. Somehow managed to find a way to blame the immigrants for the NHS crisis- which wasn’t even the last time he tried this trick, the most infuriating claim was that the Government could fix the problem by refusing to treat migrants which is an idiotic claim since doing so will barely save a billion pounds- that’s not enough to run a hospital.

Then there’s all the cunts from UKIP who advocate for abolishing the NHS in the hopes for abolishing the NHS in he hopes of establishing a Private Healthcare System (like America) a policy so unpopular that UKIP had to abandon it and pretend that they love the NHS- even though Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttell (two former UKIP leaders) wanted it to be axed alongside Aaron Banks- a UKIP financier.

I know I’m getting worked up about this but it’s a very passionate subject for me. Just read this:


This is the letter that the British Government sent out at the end of World War Two, in which the Government Declared they would have a free healthcare system for all. It was after the Blitz, hundreds of thousands of soldiers were returning home- from the horrors of World War One they knew the injuries would be horrific so the Brits gave in to a very rare sense of altruism; they decided to look after their people.

I mean, just look at that language. It feels so soft, it’s like the Government are whispering to you after you struggled to get to sleep due to a firefight out in the street below; “Look, we know things have been bad lately- but we’re going to take care of you, it’ll be one less thing you’ll have to worry about” it’s beautiful. The NHS is one of Britain’s only redeeming qualities.

It’s the belief that everyone pays but only a few need it, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few- all that Robin Hood shit.

I might be dead if it weren’t for the NHS, or at the very least my family would be a lot poorer. When I was around six I got very sick, my Parents took me to the Hospital and we discovered that one of my Kidneys were failing. Apparently it grew very little from birth so it had to be removed or else I would die. I underwent surgery, I don’t recall feeling any pain afterwards. It felt like I’d been stuck in that Hospital for forty days and forty nights but apparently I was barely in there for a week and a half.

I still have a scar from that, a big one across the left hand side of my belly. But I’m not broke, I’m not in debt. None of my Family have to worry about Health insurance or whether or not they can afford to take antibiotics or visit the GP- all of that is covered for. Because we live in a Proper Country that understands you need to take care of your people. Honestly, it breaks my heart a lot of Americans don’t understand that. It infuriates me that some Brits can’t comprehend that universal truth.

But anyway, enough Socialist Propaganda- back to Nigel.


So as I explained above, Nigel was a self proclaimed Thatcherite and a proud member of the Tory party. That was until 1992, when John Major (the then Tory leader and Prime Minister) signed the Maastricht Treaty, which lead to the creation of the Euro and the EU as it is today. The EU is quite complicated, like many things in this article it would require it’s own article to do it justice. Basically the Maastricht treaty is responsible for the integration of European nations- Nigel didn’t like that so he left the Tories.

In 1993 he helped found the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) a political party with really only one major policy; get the UK out of the EU. It originated as the “Anti-Federalist League” a Pressure group lead by Alan Sked, who would be leader of UKIP up until he resigned the shortly after the 1997 general election, citing party factionalism and the growing influence of radical, far-right opinion in the party’s ranks, saying that it was “doomed to remain on the political fringes“.

The pressure group was basically a single issue party, they had little to no other policies. They were seen as overtly negative, they never talked about anything that could be beneficial to the UK and they were always vague in their understanding of the EU and… well, everything. Fortunately for them discontent with Europe was on the rise in the UK, with open opposition to the formation of the Eurozone- only 16% of people actually supported the Euro. That’s one of the reasons UKIPs logo looks like this:


Now for the majority of the 90’s Nigel saw his Political Campaigning as some sort of “eccentric hobby” he’d go to meetings, attend debates, do a wee bit of campaigning ins some constituencies- though for the most part he’d just get drunk with the other party members. He still worked as a commodities trader, ran a few businesses on the side where he would meet his second wife Kirsten Mehr, a German bonds broker.

Again, it takes an immigrant to marry Nigel Farage.


UKIP struggled throughout the 90’s, mainly due to infighting and having some very dodgy party members. Also having a rival Party called “The Referendum Party” lead by Billionaire James Goldsmith, the party- like UKIP- had only one policy- Get out of the EU, by means of a Referendum. The party collapsed when Goldsmith died in 1997.

At that time UKIP was on the fringes. Nobody really gave a shit about Europe, they were more focused on their own issues. Like peace in Northern Ireland and getting Tony Blair into Downing Street. Tony Blair was a very popular leader back then, it was before the Iraq War and with the help of Bill Clinton he had ushered in Peace in Northern Ireland with the Good Friday Agreement, an agreement that requires the UK to remain in the EU for it to work. But that’s an article for another time.

Despite hating the EU and everything it stands for, Nigel Farage is an MEP (Member of the European Parliament) for South England. I was a little surprised by this revelation, I mean why would Farage want to work inside the EU? It’s like Hitler working in a Synagogue.

Even his friends don’t understand it; “We always joked with him about that – if you dislike it so much, what are you doing there? But Nigel’s view has always been, to me, that the place to change it is inside, not outside.” UKIP had actually pledged that they’d get elected but they wouldn’t take their seats in Parliament. It’s kind of like what Sinn Fein does with the British Parliament, except Sinn Fein actually has a point.

Either way I was surprised that they hold such sway in the European Parliament, though it’s a little less impressive when you take into account how many people actually vote in the European Parliament Elections.

Here’s a graph showing the Voter turnout from 1977-2014, throughout all EU nation states.

image (3)

As you can see voter turnout has gradually declined at about 20% over the course of 35 years. Some due to voters just losing interest, but mainly because of the inclusion of more Nation States into the Union. These new nation states have a very low voting turnout. It’s concerning to say the least.

Here’s the UK voter turnout:

image (4)

It has one of the worst voter turnouts in the entire European Union, below average. The only places that have an even worse turnout is nations that joined the EU fairly recently.

image (5)

As you can see the worst voter turnout for the UK came in 1999, when more than three quarters of the UK population didn’t turn up to vote. It was also the year that Nigel Farage and many other UKIP members were elected to the European Parliament, surely a coincidence. They’ve stayed there ever since.

In fact out of the 73 UK representatives in the EU Parliament, tewnty of them happen to be UKIP. Twenty are Tory, Twenty are Labour, foru of them are Independent, three are from the Green Party, one from the Liberal Democrats, one from the DUP (Northern Ireland Party) one from Sinn Fein, one from the UUP (another Northern Ireland party) one from the SNP (Scottish National Party) and there’s one from Plaid Cymru (pronounced “Plide come-ree” ) a Welsh Party.

So over a third of UK MEPs don’t even want to be in the European Parliament and openly advocate for it’s dismissal. Now this wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that these MEPs have the worst Voting Records in the entire Parliament. In fact UKIP MEPs have a voting attendance of 68.3%. Now if you’ve been out of school a few years that doesn’t sound too bad- fuck, it’s over 50% so it can’t be that bad…can it?

Well let’s just take a look at Nigel Frages voting record:

image (7)

You see that thing in the top right hand corner? That is a “roll-call” vote. A vote in which each senator votes “yea” or “nay” as his or her name is called by the clerk, so that the names of senators voting on each side are recorded.

MEPs amended Parliament’s rules of procedure to require the roll-call vote system to be used in all final votes in committee on resolutions and on legislation. This system records the name of each MEP who votes and whether he or she voted for or against, or abstained. The House also made made roll-call voting compulsory for non-binding resolutions in plenary. Roll-call votes are currently obligatory for legislation and optional for resolutions.

So basically the European Parliament ensured transparency, as you can see Farage has not voted on 3,986 votes- either due to being absent or just insisting on not doing his job- cause Democracy.

Now granted the majority of these votes are pretty mundane, a lot of it is just renaming things or voting to have another vote on another subject. But there are a lot that sound pretty important, particularly the; “Motion for a resolution – Zero tolerance for female genital mutilation” in which Farage didn’t vote despite being in attendance- both times.

The things he does vote on generally consist of Agriculture, Environment and Public Health (in which he always votes down any bill relating to Clean Energy) Fisheries (in which he always votes down regulations that would protect fish population from extinction), constantly votes down bills related to the European Bank and Gender Equality in the EU and in the Workplace etc.

What I take issue with is the fact that he rambles on about how undemocratic the EU, but he refuses to take part in the democratic process of the EU. South England has to abide by Laws that they have no sway in solely because their elected MEP refuses to vote for these said laws. A process in which the UK gets their way 70% of the time. Granted there is a lot of bureaucracy, a lot of cases hyper-regulation, some bits of corruption- but for the most part it works.

You have your sovereignty, you just refuse to vote.


Nigel became the leader of UKIP in 2006. He was very popular with the voters but the insiders really hate him, they had a rightful fear that he would turn the Party into a Personality Cult and that he’d abdicate for policies that hey are against- such as legalizing prostitution. UKIP is notorious for it’s infighting. Most parties do their best to maintain a sense of allegiance and stability, but UKIP doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they’re falling apart.

Mike Natress, a former UKIP MEP who quit the Party, citing that under Nigel Farage’s leadership UKIP had become “totalitarian” and that Nigel was a “Good frontman, but a bad leader” Nattrass was a former deputy leader of UKIP and had been involved in a legal row with the party hierarchy over his deselection as a candidate at next the 2014 European elections.

He says that only Nigel’s “Cronies” get picked for elections, stating that “The process has been totally gerrymandered and fixed.” later adding “I belong to a party that now is totalitarian and it will not let the voter speak, because not only have they decided who will stand, they have also decided that the party members who should have a free vote will not get a free vote.” He also went on about his relationship with Farage; “He only wants people in the party who absolutely and totally agree with him, so I’m regarded as a troublemaker.”

A UKIP spokesman said the party was only made aware of Mr Nattrass’s intention to resign because of his television interview. He said:

I understand his disappointment at not being in the UKIP lists for the forthcoming election, but the shortlist was decided by a fair and comprehensive process and UKIP now has very many talented people coming forward, wishing to represent us. Mr Nattrass took his grievances over the selection process to the High Court and lost. His Honour Judge Perle QC ruled that not only was the UKIP selection process fair but it was designed to be fair. The process is now handed over to the UKIP membership who get to vote for their preferred candidates to decide the order of the lists which go forward. Mike announced publicly two years ago that he thought this would be the right time to retire. We wish him well.

The judge concluded that the selection process was fair and that Mike Natrass was talking shite, which an unsurprising amount of UKIP representatives seem to do.

Nattrass argues that he is paying the price for daring to disagree with party leader Nigel Farage over issues such as UKIP’s decision to join a controversial faction within the European Parliament called Europe of Freedom and Democracy. This includes Lega Nord, an Italian party sometimes known as Northern League in the UK, which advocates autonomy for the North of Italy.

He also offered some support to fellow West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire, who was elected as a UKIP candidate in 2009 but left the party after also expressing concern about the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group.

Mike Natrass is not the first nor was he the last party member to go after Farage after quitting the party. It’s quite a long list of petty fuck ups, the majority of Nigel’s friends in UKIPs somehow turn out to be enemies.


There’s a lot of issues with the EU, but there’s even more with UKIP.

For starters they’re a little hypocritical when they claim that the EU has become a quasi-political instrument instead of just a trading commodity. But they’re more than happy to use the platform of the EU as a device to garner political support.

Take the case of when Farage tried to carry a vote of no-confidence motion in the European Parliament against Jose Manuel Barroso, the then European Commission president. The vote was ushered in as a row broke out over his free holiday with a Greek shipping tycoon provoked deep ructions among Conservatives MEPs.

Now admittedly that sounds quite dodgy, why was Barroso hanging out with a Shipping Tycoon? This is one of the more legitimate criticisms of the EU; Corruption. However it’s worth noting that some of the Conservative MPs that voted alongside Farage were also on that Cruise ship with the Fishing Tycoon.

All the parliament’s big groups rallied round the Commission president, partly because the motion was seen as an attempt by British Eurosceptics to embarrass Barroso on the eve of the French referendum.

So basically Farage set out to influence a French Referendum via the medium of the EU. It’s hypocritical, especially when he’s always campaigning in other nations for his favoured Right-Wing candidates. But I’ll get into that later.

Another example would be the “Damp Rag” tirade that Farage went on in the European Parliament. Now under EU law each representative can only speak for up to two minutes uninterrupted, it’s kind of a silly law but it saves time and prevents those bullshit filibusters that you see in America- like that time Nancy Pelosi talked for eight hours straight just to hold up the congress in support DACA- which was a complete waste of time considering all the Republicans had been bought and paid for so they’d be happy just to sit and groan for eight hours and the Democrats sold out the DACA recipients at the first chance they got.

So Nigel has mastered the art of shit-talking, especially in the short time frame of two minutes. In fact many of his videos have gone viral. He claims this particular rant was seen “A million times” but it barely reached 400,00. Like I said, no one gives a shit about the European Parliament…except for Racists.

So on this particular rant in 2010, Nigel lashed out at the recently appointed President of the European Council.

I don’t want to be rude,” Farage began, before launching into a personal attack lasting several minutes. “Who are you? I’d never heard of you, nobody in Europe had ever heard of you,” Which is correct…unless you’re from Belgium. Farage thundered his bullshit as he was greeted with noisy disapproval at his intervention in the chamber rose. “Oh, I know democracy is not popular with you lot,” he said, addressing the members of parliament as they voiced their surprise.

He admitted that he thought Mr Van Rompuy was “competent and capable“, adding that this made him “dangerous“. Later saying “I have no doubt that your intention is to be the quiet assassin of European democracy and of European nation states…You seem to have a loathing for the very concept of the existence of nation states, Perhaps that’s because you come from Belgium, which is pretty much a non-country.”

That last comment angered quite a lot of Belgians, it angered me as well. See if this was an Al Murray stand up special- or just some dumb cunt’s xenophobic rant down at the pub- it’d be fine. But once your elected representatives starts to ferociously insult and demean an elected representative with such vulgarity- then there’s a fucking problem.

Van Rompuy was chosen unanimously by the governments of the EU’s 27 member states to take on the role of the first permanent European Council president. He’s described as camera-shy and sometimes given the nickname the “grey mouse“, he is seen as a coalition builder, credited for steering linguistically divided Belgium out of crisis.

In a typically low-key response to the comments, Van Rompuy said: “There was one contribution that I can only hold in contempt, but I’m not going to comment further.” If I were to take an educated guess I’d say it was probably the comment about Belgium being a “Non-Country“.

The entire thing was a political stunt, all to promote Nigel Farage’s appearance on Question time later that week. It’s not the first time he’s done this, in fact he once drove an armored car and parked it outside of Tory headquarters for symbolism, saying; “We’re parking our Tanks on Cameron’s lawn” all a stunt to attract disenfranchised Tories after the “Fruitcakes, Loonies and Closet Racists” comment.

Farage’s rant against Van Rompuy was so vile that he was actually fined 3,000 euros. But it didn’t matter, it riled up his base- he told off a Foreigner. They actually sold tea towels with Van Rompuy’s face on it. In fact Nigel signed a few at one of their events in 2011; “Google him and you get me! *snort* I’ve ruined his life!

Graham Watson, MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar, said: “Farage has gone from stamping his feet to thumbing his nose. His actions bring shame on himself and embarrassment to Britain“.


Speaking of embarrassments, Nigel’s Love life.

Now I generally don’t give a shit about peoples sex lives- especially politicians. Like, unless it’s illegal or non-consensual or just plain hypocritical then I don’t give a shit. But when it comes to Nigel it’s both a mixture of hilarity and hypocrisy. Well, a little less hypocrisy than most- Nigel Farage never claimed to be a Saint or a Baptist Preacher, he’s expressed that he’d like to Legalize and Regulate Prostitution (just like Jeremy Corbyn) since other European Countries do it and Amnesty International recommends it to avoid Abuse and Sex Trafficking. But he always does ramble on about how Britain is a Christian Nation, how Gay Marriage shouldn’t be legalized- how his party speaks for Christians and Muslims [?] who oppose such legislation- due to their socially conservative worldview that “must be respected“.

So if you’ve read this far you have the basic idea that Nigel is a bit of a scumbag, but he’s also a serial adulterer. Take the case of the Leveson Inquiry, the Government Investigation into the Ethics of British Journalism after it was revealed that the News of the World had been engaging in Phone Hacking to help with their stories- one case involved hacking the phone of a dead girl.

Now a lot of Public Figures had been hacked and humiliated during this inquiry, Nigel Farage included. It was revealed that in 2006 Farage had a drunken one night stand with a 25 year old Latvian Woman called Liga. Apparently he fucked her seven times in one night and he snores like a horse. When the other UKIP MEPs found out about it they bought him a bottle of 7UP as a joke.

Granted that seven times in one night is probably bullshit, considering he’d be 42 at the time. Now if you’re unaware about Human Biology, basically what happens with men- particularly when they move past forty- is that they experience something known as “erectile dysfunction” in which they have a hard time getting their dick up. Now imagine that, and he’s severely drunk. Also there’s no way that he could cum seven times in one night. That’ll kill most men, then again Farage seems to be unkillable- both Physically and Politically.

Farage admitted having an affair with the Latvian woman, whose name is Liga, in 2006, and said in his interview that he still regrets the one night stand. “I put myself in a very bad position there, I am not saying I am beyond stupidity and yes, I’ve made mistakes.”

However another fuck-up emerged when  Nikki Sinclaire, a former Ukip MEP who is now an independent, used a debate at the EU assembly, where members are protected from libel actions, to allege that Mr Farage had an affair with his press officer Annabelle Fuller.

She asked: “With unemployment still a problem across Europe and indeed the UK, does Mr Farage think it is a fair use of taxpayers’ money, namely his secretarial allowance, not only to employ his wife Kirsten but his former mistress Annabelle Fuller?

Farage declined to respond during the session, but later said that he never had an affair with Miss Fuller and said the claims were “beneath contempt”. Later adding “I don’t think we should go into the grisly details…When you work in a tight team, I understand why people might get the wrong idea.”

Farage’s German-born second wife Kirsten Mehr is employed by him on a salary of up to £20,000 a year using EU parliamentary assistant allowances that are worth almost £220,000. Some people criticized him for employing his Wife, citing that he was hypocritical since she was “stealing a British Persons job” Nigel defended himself by saying that no British Person would work the unsociable hours.

Annabelle Fuller [Pictured above, holding a Tea Towel] is also paid out of the allowance as “local assistant” working in the Ukip press office in London.

Before this confrontation Farage’s former flatmate Godfrey Bloom, who had the Ukip party whip withdrawn after he referred to women as “sluts”, said: “We all have our foibles and our weaknesses – mine is real ale, I’ve never been partial to crumpet – Nigel’s is women. It’s not something he ever denied.” He would later deny this as well.

Farage claimed that the Tories are trying to smear him as a “dishonest, drunken womaniser” and compared himself to King Alfred the Great, a man determined to save the nation from European domination. Which is a little self defeating, considering Farage has never had as much influence in Westminster as one MP- never mind the power of a king.

Also can we just keep in mind that the UK consented to being in the EU? I know Farage loves his victim complex but he’s not the Victim of some bullshit colonial super power- he’s just the victim of idiocy and alcoholism- and a fuck ton of backstabbing.


When researching for this article I had to remain skeptical about a lot of claims, particularly from people in UKIP who were clearly out to score political points. Nigel Farage says on Disgruntled UKIP members “Ever since I’ve been in Ukip I’ve come up against people who do not grasp what you need to do to turn this from a pressure group into a proper political party, and if saying that offends them and if they’re jealous as hell and can’t stand me, so be it.

Ukip has a well-earned reputation for internal feuding. Many of its leading figures, including Robert Kilroy-Silk, the former television presenter, have had short-lived associations with the party.

Kilroy-Silk, who resigned from the party after losing a power struggle, said: “The party is regarded by those outside it as a joke. I am ashamed to be a member. I cannot ask people to vote for it because it has no policies, no spokesmen, no energy, no vision and no idea how Britain should be governed.

He had some even stronger words for them in a Documentary about his political career; “The trouble is, some are serious and some are nutters. And you get the lot. Is this one serious? Or is this another nutter? I didn’t know what I joined. What’s been irritating is that I’ve been defending some of these bloody right-wing fascist nutters.

Kilroy’s participation made the party significantly more famous, in fact if it weren’t for him the party might not have gone mainstream. But of course he regrets his participation in the groups politics; “I was embarrassed at their behaviour, their naivety and their immaturity, and I didn’t want you to see them behaving that way.

One scene in the documentary captured an exchange between Mr Kilroy-Silk and an MEP from the right-wing League of Polish Families, allied to Ukip, who said he believed homosexuality is a sin. Kilroy-Silk replied: “I’m relieved. You see, I don’t have to defend them any more.”

Farage actually took offence to this, in fact he used his autobiography “Raging Bull” to “take revenge on him” so he seems to be a very petty person. Or at the very least UKIP is an extraordinarily petty party. The amount of shit disgruntled UKIP MEPs can stir is truly remarkable.

One former Tory minister attended a Ukip meeting and was unimpressed by him; “He harangued us. He speaks to people like they are all idiots. In fact, on listening to him, I was reminded of Hitler.


In 2015 a row had erupted at the top of UKIP over Nigel Farage’s future, prompting the departure of two senior advisers. Matthew Richardson quit the party after MEP Patrick O’Flynn claimed that Farage had fallen under the influence of “inexperienced” advisers. Farage’s chief of staff, Raheem Kassam told the BBC he was not quitting but the party later said he had gone.

O’Flynn wrote in a Times article that Mr Farage had become a “snarling, thin-skinned, aggressive” man. The MEP and UKIP economics spokesman said that the UKIP leader had moved away from being a “cheerful, ebullient… daring” politician and he said some around Farage “would like to take UKIP in the direction of some hard-right, ultra-aggressive American Tea Party-type movement” and risked turning the party into a “personality cult“.

Kassam had told the BBC that he was not resigning but that when his departure was confirmed, it appeared UKIP had sacked him. However, Kassam later tweeted that his contract with UKIP had been due to expire at the end of the month and that he was on holiday until then. He told Sky News that O’Flynn should consider his position as UKIP economic spokesman, arguing: “You cannot go to a national newspaper and air internal party grievances… It is wholly unprofessional.”

A slew of UKIP supporters, donors and members, past and present, have waded into the debate over Farage’s role as leader. Businessman Arron Banks, who gave UKIP £1m in 2014, told the BBC that Farage had “given his all” to building UKIP and he “deserved a rest rather than petty squabbling from lesser people“.

Deputy leader Suzanne Evans said Mr Farage had her “full support“. But party treasurer Hugh Williams, UKIP donor Stuart Wheeler and ex-UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom all suggested the party leader should go.

The BBC’s assistant political editor Norman Smith has said that supporters of Farage had been accused of “forcing” the party’s 22 MEPs to sign a letter backing the UKIP leader. He added that one MEP said they were left in no doubt that if they did not sign, their careers would suffer.

A senior UKIP source told the BBC Nigel’s decision to remain leader without a contest was “a tragedy of self destruction“. The source added that Farage’s authority risked “draining away” without a contest. He compared it with the plight of Gordon Brown after he was elected Labour leader without a contest.

That attack on Farage came amid a separate row after Douglas Carswell (UKIP’s only MP ever) resisted pressure from the party to claim £650,000 of taxpayers’ money to fund up to 15 additional members of staff. In a meeting with  Farage, Carswell refused to budge from his position on the funds, which are available from public Short money allocated to opposition parties to help cover their parliamentary costs. Carswell said he did not need such a staff and suggested it would be improper to accept so much money.

It was revealed in 2006 that Roger Knapman, then leader and a supporter of the party’s strict immigration policy, had used cheap eastern European laborers to renovate his West Country mansion. He insisted, however, there was “no contradiction” between what he was doing and the objectives of the party, which had warned that “a flood of migrants” from east European states joining the EU would be “bad for Britain“.

By “flood” he refers of course to the 1.4 million Migrants from Eastern Europe that are currently living in the UK. The vast majority of which are of working age, most of them are from Poland (813,00 citizens to be exact) 80% are in employment and make up just 3% of the British Workforce.

The most common industries these migrants work for would be manufacturing and hospitality. Though many of them work in jobs that would be known as “elementary jobs” such as cleaners, fishermen, agricultural laborers- basically any job that requires you to perform simple and routine tasks which may require you to use hand held tools and considerable physical effort.

Despite the influx of laborers in these elementary jobs, around 40% of Migrants from Eastern European nations (known as “EU8” Nations) are over qualified for these tasks. In recent years there has been a decline in Migration from these E8 nations for a number of reasons. Perhaps its that the Economy in their home nations has gotten stronger, or they require to go to different nations for better work or maybe- just maybe- they got the sense that they might not be wanted.

Now where the hell could they have gotten that idea?

ukip-poster (1)

Farage has a long line history of Race Baiting, which of course is the unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people. Take his comments on Romanian People;

I was asked if a group of Romanian men moved in next to you, would you be concerned? And if you lived in London, I think you would be… Any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door

Later he tried to defend his claims in an interview with Paxman, when asked about his stance on Romanians here’s what he had to say;

I’ve no problem with Romanians– I have a big problem with Romania. I visited the country, communism fell just over twenty years ago, it has not made the transition into sort of Modern Western Democracy. There is a Minority there- two to three million Roma- who are treated in a way that is almost unimaginable…ans the country is in the grip of Organised Crime- and of course for them- Joining the European Union meant richer pickings. I have no problem with Romanians, coming to Britain on work permits, working here, taking part in life here- but I have a huge problem with our border agency and our police not being able to stop known Criminal Gangs coming through Dover

It’s a little self defeating saying that you don’t have an issue with the people but you dislike the country, since every country on planet earth is defined by it’s own people. He’d be better saying something along the lines of “I don’t have an issue with Romanians, I do have an issue with the Romanian Government” see there’s a difference- now you’re concerned about a small number of people who have power, it makes you look less of a bastard that way. You’re not punching down, you’re punching up- or in Farage’s case, across.

It’s worth pointing out that Farage doesn’t pick out any other Nationality, in fact the 2015 UKIP Manifesto claimed that 25,000 Romanians are held for crime in London. Despite the fact that there are 35,000 Polish people being held for crime in London- probably because most people in the UK know a Polish person and they’re like “Hey, you’re not a Criminal” but they wouldn’t know that many Romanians- they’re further away, so they’re somehow scarier. But Farage had this to say about that;

No, we’re Pro-Rata [means proportional] Pro-Rata, of course. The Romanian problem is a lot more serious because its organised crime, because its people trafficking, because there are Young Teenagers being brought to London and being made to do all sorts of things- and we as a civilized country should not be allowing that to happen in London and elsewhere

He had an advertisement in the Daily Telegraph claiming that 7% or Crimes across the EU are caused by Romanians, when Paxman asked if he’d want to withdraw the statement and apologise for it Farage replied;

No, No- it’s 7% of Criminal Networks across the European Union- are from Romania. What I could have gone on to say- perhaps what I should have gone on to say- was that 90%, 90%, of card skimming across the entire European Union is caused by Gangs from Romania and Bulgaria…It was Criminal Networks, not Crime

When Paxman brought up that Euro Pol analysed the Statistics and said that Farage was wrong, Nigel said this;

 “Well, Ok- if Euro-Poll say its wrong…7% of Criminal Networks throughout the European Union are from Romania. But you haven’t challenged me on the 27,000 arrests- have you? And you haven’t challenged me on the 92% of ATM Crime [he added an extra 2%] either.

Paxman would later say that there is no figure that is reliable or obtainable to confirm this statistic, Nigel responded;

Well that is really interesting considering the DCI-[Paxman interrupts; “You’re quoting a Policeman in a Television Documentary] Yes! And-And-And actually the figure- [Paxman Interrupts; “And that is Unverifiable”] And-And the figure he had used has been quoted by Every National Newspaper, and until today- until today it has not been questioned. Now look, we can argue about Figures but do we- do we or do we not- have a problem with organised criminal gangs coming into this country- And the One Country in the Grip of it, worse than Anybody else, is Romania- And my Argument, Jeremy [Paxman interjects; “No that’s not true, according to EuroPoll the most dangerous set of Gangs are actually Italian”] …There are sixty million Italians, alright? And there are twenty-one million Romanians. So it’s all a question of Scale on a Pro-Rata basis- unarguably- the Biggest Problem, not Just for Britain, this problem is being felt in Spain and in France and elsewhere-it’s coming from Romania. This gets to the heart of what we want our relationship to be with Countries like Romania or Bulgaria or where ever it may be. And my argument is- do we want to trade with them, we want to be friendly with them, to be completely open fr their people to come here on Work Permits and Work Here and take part in the life of our Country- but surely common sense says we should have quality control at Dover and elsewhere and be able to stop known Criminal Gangs from Coming into Britain.

When Paxman asked if he thought it was a Politicians duty to diminish and discourage Racism, Farage replied;

I certainly do and I think- I think actually- I think actually what Uncontrolled Immigration to Britain has done is spread a New Form of Racism and I’ve seen all over the Country- I talk to people who say ‘I hate to say this, I’ve never felt like this but I’m beginning to feel a degree of enmity [means Hostility] towards communities I’m living with- such is the pace of change in my Community’ and that is- so actually-[Paxman interjects to ask if he has discouraged Racism with his comments] Well- let’s put it like this- if, if, what I just said to you twice, if we had Romanians coming to Britain- on work Permits, ok? With the necessary checks then Nobody would feel if a Group of Romanian men moved next door that there would be a problem. So actually relations with Communities would be better, not worse.

Paxman goes on to ask if he’d be uncomfortable if a group of Romanians moved next door to him, Farage got a little annoyed, cited bias. Then lambasted the EU and said that we can’t deport Migrants that have committed Crimes and that we can’t stop them from re-entering the country. Which of course is objectively bullshit.

You can see him channeling Enoch Powell, with his anecdotal example that came from a man who was definitely not from from London or any major British Town. And he kept repeating “Pro-Rata” personally I think he though it sounded clever.

Ok, so Paxman did his best to Fact Check him but let’s see exactly whether or what Farage has said is true. Now I can’t speak about what life is like in Romania, I’m not so arrogant as to presume like Frage does, but I do know what life is like throughout the UK.

So what about that alleged Romanian Crime Wave?

92 per cent of all ATM crime in London is committed by Romanians

In 2012 Det Chief Insp Paul Barnard, then head of Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit, told an ITV documentary: “The fact is 92 per cent of all ATM fraud we see in this country is committed by Romanian nationals. Very, very tight communities, very tight gangs.

Channel 4 contacted the Police Unit that made this statement but they were unable to share any underlying data with us, but told us the figure was “based on police intelligence”.

The 92 per cent figure is very similarl to the one attributed to analysts at the EU law enforcement agency Europol by a Times article in 2013. The newspaper said: “Crime analysts at Europol estimate that Romanian and Bulgarian gangs are responsible for 90 per cent of all card-skimming crimes across Europe.

Again, hard underlying data is lacking here, and note that we are lumping Bulgarians and Romanians together now, whereas Barnard was only talking about Romanians. But he’s obviously not the only policeman linking the country to this type of crime.

Interestingly, when the Metropolitan Police released this interesting Freedom of Information answer covering 2012, they found that only 5.8 per cent of people arrested for fraud in London that year were Romanian.


It’s difficult to know what to make of this: “police intelligence” isn’t the same as real numbers for arrests or convictions, but equally it could be that low arrest statistics don’t reflect the real size of the problem.

Note that these Met figures do suggest that Romanian nationals are disproportionately more likely to be arrested for certain other types of crime in certain locations: almost half the beggars arrested in 2012 were Romanian across London and in one London borough, Westminster, the proportion was 70 per cent.

“28,000 Romanians were arrested in the last five years in the Metropolitan Police area alone”

This number is accurate (it’s 27,725, to be precise) and comes from another Met Police Freedom of Information release. This is based on the nationalities people use to describe themselves when arrested, hence the inclusion of a number of “countries” that no longer exist (the Irish Free State, British Central Africa) or indeed have never existed (Yanam).

The data has been very widely misreported and indeed Farage got it slightly wrong again in the Telegraph ad. The figure of 28,000 is for the number of arrests made over five years from 2008 to 2012, not the number of people. One shoplifter can be arrested and re-arrested dozens of times and each one of those arrests counts towards this total.

But of course this applies to all countries, and compared to others, Romania does not come out of these arrest figures covered in glory. Only Poland saw more arrests of its citizens over those five years (nearly 35,000) and there are likely to be many more Poles living in the Met Police area.

The census data in 2014 showed there were 579,000 Poles and 73,000 Romanians in England and Wales in 2011. Unless our estimates of the likely Romanian population in the capital are out by an enormous amount, it is safe to say that the average Romanian is more likely to be arrested than the average Pole.

The country’s ambassador to the UK, Dr Ion Jinga, has been at pains to point out that arrests are not the same as convictions, which is quite right. He has released figures showing an apparent recent fall in the number of criminal convictions among Romanian migrants.

On March 31 this year there were 588 Romanian nationals in prison here out of a total prison population of 85,265 – so 0.7 per cent were Romanian. A year earlier there were 671 Romanians behind bars in England and Wales out of 83,769 prisoners. That’s 0.8 per cent.

While the number and rate has dropped slightly, Romanians remain the fourth most numerous foreign group in the prison system, behind Poland (898 inmates) , Ireland (778) and Jamaica (711).

7 per cent of all crime across the 28 EU member states was caused by 240 Romanian gangs

This stems from the same Times article mentioned above. Europol director Rob Wainwright was quoted as saying that about 240 organised crime groups from Romania have been identified by Europol, accounting for 6.7% of the total number of criminal networks active in Europe.

Note that this refers to the numbers of criminals, not the amount of crime committed. It may be a source of concern that Romanian gangs have a lot of manpower, but it’s not true to say that 7% of all EU crime is carried out by those gangs. UKIP just simplified it to make it sound scarier.

In 2014 Farage claimed there would be an influx of Migrants from “A2 Countries” which basically mean Romania and Bulgaria. However according to the 2014 records it shows that 140,000 people aged over 16 and in Romania or Bulgaria were working in the UK in January-March 2014, down from 144,000 in October-December 2013.

That had come as a big surprise to most commentators. Previous examples of rules for foreign workers being relaxed have tended to trigger an influx of new arrivals.


As you can see in 2014 Migration from Bulgaria and Romania dropped.

Oxford University’s Migration Observatory also point out that in five out of the last six years, there has been a surge in the number of A2 migrant workers in the first quarter. In fact, if today’s numbers had gone up by 20,000 or so, we could have explained that away as the usual seasonal trend. Instead, the numbers went down.

Because these things are seasonal, the Migration Observatory prefers to look at year-on-year trends. If we do that here, we find a rise in Bulgarian and Romanian workers of around 28,000 compared to the first quarter of last year. That suggests the previous restrictions weren’t really putting people off from coming here, which means the change in the rules didn’t prove to be as big a draw as we might have expected.

The Oxford academics note that the transitional controls created a massive incentive for A2 migrants to register as self-employed, rather than sign up to work in the fields or in food factories – the main low-skilled employment open to them.


About 60 per cent of Bulgarians and Romanians were self-employed in the first quarter of 2013, compared to 14 per cent of British-born workers and 15 per cent of people from the A8 countries (Czechs, Estonians, Hungarians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, Slovakians and Slovenians).

Self-employment had already opened up more of the labour market and given workers access to the benefits system.

Of course Farage would later say; “It isn’t directly Romania and Bulgaria I’m necessarily concerned about. What I’m really concerned about is the fact in the eurozone, in the Mediterranean there is no sign or prospect of any significant recovery at all.”

Farage, along with a lot of other people, appears to have got this slightly wrong. We don’t know exactly how many people from the struggling Eurozone economies of Spain, Portugal and Greece have come to the UK in search of work, because the figures don’t go into that much detail.

But migrant workers from the broader tranche of 14 EU countries those Mediterranean nations fall into have gone down, not up, in the last quarter. There’s no evidence of a recent invasion of young jobseekers from southern Europe.

Farage’s basic point about EU migration in general being on the up is right, on these figures. But the recent influx is coming from an unexpected quarter: not Bulgaria and Romania or Spain but the central European countries to which many of us thought migrants were returning.

The population of non-British-born workers went up by 97,000 in 2014. And the lion’s share – some 74,000 of those people – were from A8 countries like Poland and Lithuania. Again, that’s completely the opposite of what many pundits thought was going to happen.

It 2015 statistics showed that Net Migration had reached it’s highest level on record. Frage had this to say;


What most have failed to mention is that there is a very simple reason why those two sets of figures mentioned by Farage are so different: they measure completely different things.

The quarterly migration stats from the Office for National Statistics do suggest a sharp increase in the rate of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria. Some 53,000 Romanian and Bulgarian citizens immigrated to the UK in the year ending March 2015, almost double the 28,000 who came in the previous 12 months.

This number represents just over 8 per cent of the total immigration to the UK in that period. These ONS figures measure the flow of people coming in and out of Britain during certain periods of time, rather than a settled population. But people who apply for a national insurance number within a given year haven’t necessarily arrived on these shores within the previous 12 months – they might have been living here for years.

Some 214,000 national insurance numbers were handed out to Bulgarians and Romanians in the year to June 2015, according to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). That’s up from 129,000 in the previous year, although a change in the way registrations are recorded means this may be an exaggeration and the figures “should be viewed with caution”, DWP says. But any recent surge in registrations is not evidence of a sudden influx of new migrants.

It reflects the fact that transitional employment restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian workers were lifted on 1 January 2014, opening up the labour market to people from those countries who were already living in the UK. It’s also worth noting that a student who comes to work in the UK for a couple of months over the summer before returning home might still get a national insurance number.

The two sets of figures do contain some interesting information: the ONS numbers show a big increase in the numbers of migrants who state their main reason to come to Britain as “work”, for example, while the DWP figures show a fall in the number of foreign nationals claiming working-age benefits.

But it’s difficult to compare them in the way Farage does, because the DWP figures are not a measure of long-term migration. It’s apples and oranges.

Also can I just point out that Farage is constantly scaremongering about Immigrants in London and uses anecdotal evidence to describe people views of their communities, but keep in mind that UKIP is most popular in places that is the least effected by Immigration.


It’s strange how Farage claims that London is being bombarded with immigrants but the people of London still don’t vote for his policies. Possibly because they live day to day next to these immigrants and think “Hey, these people are OK” also in this Financial Times article in which the Stock Brokers talked about how many people were sympathetic to Farage’s plight against Brussels;

“If you want to find sympathy for his views all you have to do is stand in the middle of the City of London and say: ‘Who thinks Brussels is a complete waste of time money and effort?’ and you’ll get lots very quickly. You’re preaching to the converted.”

It must be why London was such a massive supporter of Leave- oh no, it wasn’t.

screen shot 2016-06-24 at 7.21.45 am

London was huge on remaining, even Nigel Farage’s Son voted Remain. As was most of Northern Ireland (since we live have a border with another EU Nation) and Scotland (who were told that they had to stay in the UK during their Independence Referendum if they wanted to maintain EU Membership) and of course the coast of Wales was largely hoping to Remain considering they have a lot of trade with the Republic of Ireland- an EU Nation.

However its worth remembering that not everyone who votes for UKIP or voted for Brexit is a Xenophobic Racist, some of them have little to no concern with immigration or the EU, or at the least that’s what some people claim. Some people were desperate and wanted a change. Here’s a map of Child Poverty in England:

image (8)

So as you can see the smaller counties, such as London and its Boroughs, have a lot more cases of Child Poverty. There’s very little child poverty in South East outside of London, probably due to lower population and a less condensed area. The shore line along the South West of England has a higher rate of Child Poverty, these areas are more likely to vote UKIP- due to the scale of Unemployment and Aging Population (Sorry to say this but Old People aren’t known for being less Racist) there’s also the fact that the shores would have a lot of Fishing Industries that take issue with the EU and their Regulations (Regulations that Save Fishing Populations btw) The coast of East England experiences a lot more rates of Child Poverty than the inland, probably due to a condensed population of seaside towns- which are very likely to vote UKIP.

You’ll see that although they have very few immigrants the shore line population of East Midlands, Yorkshire/the Humber and the North East are more likely to vote UKIP. Most likely due to rising unemployment rates as steel factories have closed down and moved abroad, young people migrating to the cities looking for work leaving an increasingly old population and fishing companies disliking EU regulations- they really dislike the EU and their insistence to prevent Fish from going extinct.

Apologies if I misused the Provinces, I’m not from England so it’s a little difficult to wrap my mind around. But hey, now you know how it feels when an English person talks about Ireland. So that’s something.

A lot of these people probably used to vote Labour but felt abandoned when Tony Blair came along. That’s where UKIP comes in as a protest party. It attracts disenfranchised Tories who feel, and this will come to a shock to you, that the Tories “Aren’t Right Wing enough” Yes, Farage believe that the Tories have become Centre-Left, not that Labour has become Center-Right (which Thatcher took Pride in causing) the party also attracted disenfranchised Liberal Democrats who disliked the Political Establishment that Nick Clegg, well, established.

UKIP attracted all sorts, lefties who hated the EU because they believed it was a middleman for Multi National Corporations to loot the country. Right Wing morons who thought that the EU was sending Jihadists to claim the shores of Dover. The casual racists alongside the professional Racists in Britain First, the English Defence League (EDL) and of course the BNP. UKIP also attracted Low Information Voters who had never participated in Politics before but they liked Nigel Farage.

By 2010 UKIP was no longer just a party on the fringes, Nigel had brought it to the mainstream. He focused on the pressure points of our times; the financial crash in 2008 and the Migrant Crisis. Two things that scared the shit out of the British, especially the Older Voters because

  1. Their great Empire was now significantly poorer that they were at the height of the British Empire (an Empire btw that benefited only a small amount of the British people)
  2. With the Migrant Crisis and the rise of net migration Britain will gradually become a lot less White. Which scares the shit out of a lot of Racists, particularly Farage and his Hero- Enoch Powell.

5472590-3x2-700x467I think some of Farage’s Policies are quite sensible. For starters he’s advocated for Legalizing Drugs, leading to them being taxed and regulated in a stable economic manner- thus ending the Chaotic Drug War which kills thousands if not millions every year and strengthens the grip of Organised Crime in many Nations across the Globe.

He’s advocated for abolishing the “first past the post” voting system that we have in the UK. For clarity I’d recommend watching this video. It basically means that after a while the Democracy becomes a Two-Party system which will alienate voters and create a more corporate and a more easily corrupted system. Take the example of America, there’s only two parties and the entire political establishment functions as an Oligarchy.

In the UK (England, to be exact) the only parties that ever hold the Government is either the Tories or Labour. All other Parties don’t have a hope in hell of getting into Government (unless they get a Coalition Government, in which two parties engage in Power Sharing) parties such as UKIP only really subtract votes away from the more mainstream Right Wing Parties such as the Tories. That’s why the Tories considered them such a threat, they were stealing their voters.

But abolishing the “First Past the Post” system would entail the democratic process becoming, well, more democratic. More positions can be represented and it’s far harder to corrupt, there’s too many cogs in the works.

He also has a sensible policy on foreign affairs, which is to end the wars. Particularly the unnecessary wars. He’s advocated for having a tougher relationship with Saudi Arabia, so we’d stop selling them weapons and prevent our involvement in needless Genocides. I agree with his concern about British ISIS Combatants coming home, I don’t know if we could stop them at the borders because they’re terrorists so they’re obviously going to have Fake Passports.

They’re not going to arrive in Heathrow and respond to a question like “Oh, where were you?” with “Oh, I was murdering Syrian Children and beheading Journalists for the last two years in the name of Allah” No, they’re going to sneak back into the country. What I would do is encourage a stronger engagement with the Police and Muslim Communities to rat out these Terrorists and get them off the streets. I think the communities would be safer if the Police became more familiar with them, maybe even hired some locals.

I don’t agree with his idea that we shut down Mosques that are funded by Saudi Arabia, mosques spreading Wahabism- the literal Ideology of ISIS. Mainly because I think it’ll do very little to prevent the process of Radicalization, you still have the internet and other Mosques and you still have the Qur’an so you’re not really fixing many issues.

I’m also concerned that if we do shut down these Mosques then it’ll just go Underground where we can’t track it, unlike what we can do now. I also have an issue with the possibility of giving the State the power to shut down an organisation because we disagree with their ideas, I think that’s a very dangerous slippy-slope that’ll lead to the installation of thought crimes and an even more authoritarian state.

It also goes against the Freedom that the West praises so much, that you can say and think anything so long as you’re not hurting anyone. I think shutting down those mosques would violate that Freedom and lead to something much worse. It’s also a little hypocritical considering UKIP claims to be a Libertarian Party but they don’t really believe in Freedom.

The safest place to live is a Police State, but you’re living in a Police State.

Nigel also has some really dumb policies. Particularly on Green Energy. He genuinely thinks that Climate Change is a load of Rubbish and he really hates Windmills because they’re “Ugly” which…Fuck. I’ve actually talked about this to a friend; why does the Right Wing Hate Windmills?


I fucking Love windmills!

They’re just big silly bastards flying about without a care in the world. They’re better than a big fucking chimney pumping Sulfur Dioxide into the Air which causes Acid Rain (although it does cool down the Atmosphere) and it’s better than tearing apart a fucking Mountain Pass to strip it for minerals and leave this giant eyesore for the next five hundred years.

I can’t for the life of me understand why people like Trump and Farage hate Windmills so much. I mean I understand why Trump hates Windmills, because he’s as Corrupt as he is Stupid so he’ll obviously take that Oil and Coal Lobby money, that’s why he has that fucking Psychopath Scott Pruitt tearing apart the EPA right this very second.

With Farage though I’m not so certain that he’s corrupt or just incompetent. The whole Green Energy hate could just be directed at his desire to reopen the coal mines in the North of England. Something that Jeremy Corbyn also pledged to do in order to attract Older Voters with that “I’m gonna bring back the Good Old Days” bullshit- which doesn’t fucking work because Old People hate Corbyn cause they legitimately believe he is a Commie.

I mean Farage hates Green Energy and the EU so much that he refused to stand up or applaud when Prince Philip gave a speech about Climate Change at the European Parliament, he had this to say on it;

We are in the middle of a huge political row over Britain’s future in Europe and into Brussels waltzes Prince Charles to say ‘well done everybody but you can do better’. It reminded me of young Mr Grace in that old TV series ‘Are You Being Served’. How can somebody like Prince Charles be allowed to come to the European Parliament at this time to announce he thinks it should have more powers? It would have been better for the country he wants to rule one day if he had stayed home and tried to persuade Gordon Brown to give the people the promised referendum.

He caught a lot of flack for not standing up when the incestuous meatball entered the room. Some accused him of “Anti-Royalism” and that he was unpatriotic. Yes, because nothing speaks more volumes about how you love and cherish Democracy like having a fucking Monarch.

Personally, as an Irish Republican, I actually gained a little more respect for Farage when he did this. Mainly because my most Radical belief is that every single monarch throughout the world should be shot dead. Yes, even the Children.

…Well maybe not T’Challa, he’s cool. But he ought to fix up some democratic institutions and radically change his economy or else Wakanda will become the Venezuela of Africa.


Also UKIP’s insistence on blaming literally everything on Immigration get’s on my nerves, especially when they claim really juxtaposing statements like “Immigrants are Taking Your Jobs” and in the same breath they’ll say “Immigrants are Lazy and they’re on Benefits” like…it’s one or the other.

Also that second claim, that immigrants are on benefits, is bullshit. Here’s the facts:

  • Most non-EU nationals who are subject to immigration control are not allowed access to “public funds” (such as job-seekers’ allowance or tax credits), although they can use public services like the NHS and education.
  • EU citizens who are working have similar access to the benefits as UK citizens. For jobseekers or people not working, the rules for determining eligibility can be complex and vary depending on the type of benefit in question.
  • The current government has introduced various restrictions on European Economic Area (EEA) citizens’ access to benefits. Their impacts on total welfare spending are hard to quantify but are not likely to be large.
  • Foreign born people are less likely to be receiving key Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) out-of-work benefits than the UK born, but more likely to be receiving tax credits.
  • It is unclear whether current or proposed welfare restrictions would reduce future immigration.

Most citizens of non-EEA countries who come to live in the UK have “no recourse to public funds” in the initial years after they arrive, when there are still time limits or other conditions on their authorization to remain in the UK. This means that they are not eligible for benefits such as jobseekers’ allowance, disability allowance, tax credits, or housing benefit.

There are some exceptions, such as people who have been granted humanitarian protection but do not have permanent residence. Claims for tax credits may be made by couples if only one partner would not be able to claim in their own right because they have no recourse to public funds. This does not include public services like schools or the National Health Service. However, from April 2015 an NHS Surcharge of £200 per applicant and dependent (or £150 in the case of a student) for each year of a visa is now addedto the normal cost of the visa for non-EEA citizens.

Non-EEA citizens who initially have no recourse to public funds become eligible for them when they are granted permanent residence (for most admission categorieseligible for settlement this requires five years of legal residence).

Asylum seekers are not eligible for welfare benefits while their claims are pending, but may be given less generous financial support through a separate Home Office programme. They become eligible for public funds if they are granted refugee status.


Oh, fun fact. Farage was initially in support of taking in Refugees from Syria, stating that his party “Believed in the Geneva Convention of the UN” it was a rare sight of compassion and a promise to fulfill an act of altruism. Of course three days later Farage discovered that these refugees were mostly Muslim and his Party hates Muslims, so he was bullied into correcting himself by saying “We should prioritize looking after Christian Refugees since they’re far more Persecuted” which would fall into the line of Right Wing logic that Christians would have a better time integrating into Western Society. That logic of course debunks UKIPs belief in the Geneva Convention, since it forbids discrimination of Refugees based on Religion.

That whole “Breaking Point” poster caused a bit of a stir during the EU Referendum. Some people likened it to the Propaganda posters of Nazi Germany. Nigel of course would apologise for  it being so provocative, but then said that the poster was right on principle- like Enoch Powell.

It’s that kind of bullshit “Sorry-Not-Sorry” apologies that Farage is particularly notorious for. He always finds a way to save face to appease his base. The backlash probably garnered his support, feeding their victim complex. Like the Big Bad Liberal Media is out to get them.

Nigel was also criticised as being Anti-Semitic when he was taking a call from a listener called Ahmed, who suggested that the pro-Israel lobby in the U.S. was as dangerous as the Russian hacking, Farage appeared to agree, saying that American Jews were disproportionately powerful.

Well the Israeli lobby, you know, that’s a reasonable point Ahmed, because there are about six million Jewish people living in America, so as a percentage it’s quite small, but in terms of influence it’s quite big.” When Ahmed said that Israel has both the Republicans and Democrats “in their pockets”, Farage replied: “Well in terms of money and influence, yep, they are a very powerful lobby.

Ending the call, Farage said Ahmed had made the point that “there are other very powerful foreign lobbies in the United States of America, and the Jewish lobby, with its links with the Israeli Government, is one of those strong voices”.  Just for clarity the strongest Pro-Israel lobby in Washington is not the so called “Jewish Lobby” it’s actually the CUFI better known as the “Christians United For Israel” Lobby which as the name suggests is a Lobby for Evangelical Christians to support the Israeli Government. The only reason they do this is because they believe in order for the Rapture to occur the Jews must first return to Israel…yeah, that’s very dodgy.

Among those reacting in anger was grassroots group Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), which called for Farage to “immediately withdraw his deplorable comments and apologise for them” or else be sacked by LBC.

It is common for countries to lobby their allies, and Israel is no different,” said CAA’s Joe Glasman. “But in his call with Ahmed, it was not merely alleged that Israel conducts lobbying, but that it is carried out by the entire Jewish population of the United States and that in doing so American politics are subverted. Counting all American Jews as lobbyists with disproportionate power and both major political parties in their financial grips is the stuff of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.”

A Board of Deputies spokesperson said: “Nigel Farage’s clumsy use of the terms Israel and Jewish lobby interchangeably and his reference to their ‘power’ has crossed the line into well-known antisemitic tropes. We would advise him to be more careful in his use of language in future.

You can read more about it in this article by the Jewish Times, which was surprisingly nuanced. Personally I was surprised they were so calm and understanding because they’re usually incredibly Paranoid whenever someone makes a stance or says something that can be interpreted as Anti-Semitic, and unfortunately that Paranoia is very understandable- especially if you’ve read my reviews on James Joyce and Oscar Wilde where there was a fuck ton of Antisemitism throughout the 20th Century and unfortunately it still lingers today.

Farage has also lambasted George Soros for funding an Anti-Brexit group in the UK that advocates for a Second Referendum (which Nigel was initially in favour of, but then changed his mind) He had this to say on Soros “we all need to wake up to who George Soros is … he doesn’t believe in ‘nationalism’; what I call nation-state democracy. When much of the media is obsessing about Russia collusion, an investigation is needed into exactly what Open Society has done.

Now I don’t know much about George Soros, all I know is that he funds a lot of Lefty groups like Black Lives Matter and Anti-fa, but he also goes out of his way to fight for Altruistic policies throughout the world. But of course the Right Wing really hate him. They cite that he worked with the Nazis to hunt down Jews (even though their evidence is a misquoted TV interview) and a lot of dodgy memes.

The likes of Alex Jones and Glenn Beck launch these crazy conspiracies about him and it’s just, like, casually anti-semitic. Like it’s gotten to the point where anyone that says “Soros” really means “Jew” it’s an incredibly toxic and backwards thinking way of seeing the world.

I mean, I understand how you can make him look like a Bad Guy, lets face it “Soros” sounds like a bloody Lord of the Rings Villain and it doesn’t fucking help that he looks like Emperor Palpatine. But a large portion of his character has just become some Liberal Boogeyman nonsense that the Right Wing made up to justify their Bat-Shit crazy world view.


Then there’s also that claim from Farage and his ilk that the EU is forcing Migrant/Refugee quotas onto the UK. Particularly what newspapers such as the Daily Express claim with statements like; “Brussels, Germany and France want to force all EU nations—including Britain—to take their share of up to 160,000 refugees.

Of course that’s a load of horseshit. European leaders can’t “force” the UK to take a quota of refugees from elsewhere in the EU, or anywhere else for that matter. The UK has (or at least had) a special status in the EU- it didn’t have to abide by the Eurozone, it didn’t have to abide by all the rules but it shared all the benefits of the Single Market.

The reported EU proposal to relocate 120,000 asylum seekers from countries like Hungary, Greece and Italy appears to be on top of a plan first floated in May of 2014, which sought to distribute 40,000 people among other member states. This explains the reference to 160,000 by the Express.

Such a scheme might compel most member states to accept more asylum seekers, but the UK is an exception. We have what’s often referred to as an opt-out, although strictly speaking what happens is that EU laws on the likes of asylum and border control don’t apply to the UK unless we choose to opt in.

The European Commission acknowledged as much in its proposals in May of 2014, and again in its more recent proposals. It left the UK out of its calculations for what it considered a fair scheme for relocating asylum seekers within the EU, and similarly seemed to accept that Britain couldn’t be forced to resettle people from outside the EU either.

There’s also the bullshit that immigration will lower the wages of UK Citizens looking for work. Here’s the facts;

  • UK research suggests that immigration has a small impact on average wages of existing workers but more significant effects for certain groups: low-wage workers lose while medium and high-paid workers gain.
  • The wage effects of immigration are likely to be greatest for resident workers who are immigrants themselves.
  • Research does not find a significant impact of overall immigration on unemployment in the UK, but the evidence suggests that immigration from outside the EU could have a negative impact on the employment of UK-born workers, especially during an economic downturn.
  • The impacts of immigration on the labour market depend on the skills of migrants, the skills of existing workers, and the characteristics of the host economy. This means that research evidence on the labour market effects of immigration is always specific to time and place.
  • For both wages and employment, short run effects of immigration differ from long run effects: any declines in the wages and employment of UK-born workers in the short run can be offset by rising wages and employment in the long run.

There’s very little correlation to show that immigration effects wages in high skilled labour. In fact the UK is experiencing a shortage of labour, that’s one of the reasons why we’re currently experiencing a Housing problem. We don’t have enough workers such as electricians to help build new houses.

However there is a correlation to suggest that immigrants from outside the EU have a negative effect on Wages, partly because corporations and businesses take advantage of them. They’ll do the same job as a UK Born citizen for next to nothing, living on the fine line of poverty and sending most of their money back home to their families. This doesn’t happen with EU Migrants because they have workers rights protected by the EU- so nobody can lower your wages. So again, if you’re concerned about immigration lowering your wages then leaving the EU is ultimately counter intuitive.

Also Citizens from outside the EU have to deal with Immigration Control, so we do have control of our borders. Especially under EU law, if an EU Citizen is living in the UK for over three months and they don’t have work we can deport them. But we don’t because the process is too expensive and it’s pointless because they can’t claim benefits in that time so they’ll just go back home. Also overall EU Migrants are a net benefit to the UK, they pay taxes and contribute to the economy. What really fucks up a Nation is Emigration, when your own citizens start leaving to find work.

Also, as stated above, immigration doesn’t affect unemployment rate. If it did then why doesn’t the places most effected by Immigration vote UKIP? Why would the places least effected by Immigration do?

Here’s what the Office of National Statistics had to say about Unemployment in the UK. For the three months ending December 2017, the highest employment rate in the UK was in the South East (79.9%) and the lowest was in Northern Ireland (68.7%). For the three months ending December 2017, the highest unemployment rate in the UK was in the West Midlands (5.4%) and the lowest was in the South East (3.1%).

Keep in mind those statistics for Unemployment should probably be higher, like the people who collect these statistics only count people who are actively looking for Employment. If you spend each day out on the streets looking for a job you’d be on the statistic- so the statistics don’t count people who are unemployed that aren’t actively looking for work, like someone who recently became redundant or a stay at home parent or you go a few day without checking the Employment Office. It’s a very flawed system.

Between June and September 2017, the largest increase in workforce jobs in the UK was in the West Midlands at 55,000, whilst the largest decrease was in Yorkshire and The Humber at 36,000. In September 2017, the region with the highest proportion of workforce jobs in the services sector was London at 91.2%, which has decreased by 0.7 percentage points since June 2017, whilst the East Midlands had the highest proportion of jobs in the production sector at 13.5%.

The highest average actual weekly hours worked, for the 12 months ending September 2017, was in London at 33.6 hours and the lowest was in Yorkshire and The Humber at 31.2 hours; for full-time workers, it was highest in the East of England at 38.4 hours and for part-time workers it was highest in Scotland and Northern Ireland, both at 16.9 hours.

There are a lot of problems in the UK, immigration isn’t one of them. One of my issues is with the press. Unlike this blog the press are really shit at debunking Politicians. Like, I’ve read so many interviews with Nigel Farage and not one author thought about looking up the correct answers to his bullshit claim. Like it’s just unfiltered nonsense, that’s why so many people are uninformed on this basic shit.

Like when Nigel talks about the German and French economies and say how they’re “the death of the EU” fucking Fact Check that, for the love of God it’s not difficult. Just google some shit or phone an expert for Christ Sake- report some Goddamn Facts.

I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone can look at all the cases of UKIP’s incompetence, it’s infighting, it’s corruption, it’s blatant racism and misogyny and think- “Yeah, that’s the party that ought to run the country” I mean just look at their members and the parade of hypocritical bullshit in their party, like that time they hired an Irish Actor to pose for this photo.


Oh yes, UKIP does have it’s fair share of Fuck-Ups. For starters there was the revelation that Ukip was being investigated by the Electoral Commission for filing its accounts seven months late and what the watchdog described as a “number of separate issues” which was then followed by news that the European Commission was taking legal action to confiscate nearly £400,000 donated by the party’s biggest benefactor, a former bookie called Alan Bown.

Alan Bown is actually one of the party’s major financiers, the businessman devotes most of his energies to Ukip. Whereas most political donors take a back-seat role, Bown sits on the party’s 15-strong national executive committee and is the leading organiser of the party’s campaigns, taking responsibility for leaflets, billboards and other promotional literature. He pays for day to day costs such as hotel bills, printing costs, advertisements, telephone bills and even staff wages out of his own pocket.

On the matter he said; “I will continue to donate large chunks, it’s the only party that is telling the truth about the EU.” Although his donations have been properly recorded, more than £1 million has been given to Ukip in three years which is not recorded on the Electoral Commission’s central register because Ukip say these payments are “under the reportable limit“.

Farage confirmed the Electoral Commission investigation. “Look, the accounts were late, very late and that was clearly unacceptable. It will never happen again. We are discussing three or four other compliance issues with the Electoral Commission, concerning the validity of donors and how we have listed them. I am confident we can resolve these issues.”

Farage blamed the late filing of the accounts on Ukip not being able to afford a full-time treasurer. This is quite typical of Farage and UKIP in general, it’s quite difficult to tell whether he’s corrupt or just incompetent.

Possibly the funniest example of incompetence came about in the London elections in 2012 when UKIP forgot to put a Candidate on the ballot card. When I found that out I laughed for a solid two minutes.

Farage visit to Sandwich - Kent

Yes it appears UKIP’s candidate for Mayor of London, Lawrence Webb, was mistakenly listed on the ballot paper as a candidate for ‘Fresh Choice for London‘ (it should have read “UKIP: A Fresh Choice for London“).  Nigel Farage was furious at this and later admitted that the fault was with UKIP: “they forgot to put their party name on the nomination paper.

It’s not the first time the party has been hit by ballot paper problems. In 2009 UKIP called for the then elections minister Michael Wills to resign after the UKIP option was allegedly hidden under a fold on the ballots for the European and local elections.

Then it emerged that one of Ukip’s MEPs, Tom Wise, was under investigation by the European Parliament for misuse of his expenses, including the suggestion he had used them to buy himself a new car. To cap it all, a senior Ukip official was outed as a donor to the British National Party (BNP)- a hive of Racists so far to the Right that Nigel Farage has had to ban them from applying for UKIP memberships.



It’s no wonder that David Pig-Fucker Cameron once referred to UKIP as a bunch of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” which of course has really bothered Nigel- but it’s largely his own fault. He’s on the record for saying that the Tories know more about UKIPs 1,500 representatives than he does. The party has had quite a lot of difficulty  difficult to shake off an image that it is run and supported by “little Englanders” a term used to describe largely chauvinistic men who live in the past.


Prospective candidates must state they have no past association with extremists groups. Yet men such as Ashley Mote, the former Ukip MEP suspended from the party in 2004, have done little to suggest that Ukip is all embracing. Mote became vice-president of the far-Right group Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty. It is led by Bruno Gollnisch, of France’s National Front, who was convicted on charges of Holocaust denial.

It also doesn’t help that Godffrey Bloom, the Ukip MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, hardly emerged as a champion of women’s rights when he said in 2005 that: “No self-respecting small businessman with a brain would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age.” and once said he wanted to get involved in women’s rights issues because: “I just don’t think they clean behind the fridge enough.

In 2010, Bloom, a former investment manager, was ejected from the European Parliament for directing a Nazi slogan at a German colleague. In 2013 he’d face accusation of Racism after an interview in which he criticised the UK Government giving aid to “Bongo Bongo land” which a lot of people believe to be a Racist reference to some of the Languages in Africa. The full quote is here;

How we can possibly be giving a billion pounds a month when we’re in this sort of debt to bongo bongo land is completely beyond me. To buy Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris, Ferraris and all the rest of it that goes with most of the foreign aid. F18s for Pakistan. We need a new squadron of F18s. Who’s got the squadrons? Pakistan, where we send the money.

Of course, Bloom is talking a lot of shite. The UK gives 13.8 billion pounds in Foreign Aid each year, that’s 0.7% of the UK’s Gross National Income. The bare minimum that the UK has to give under UN law- and unlike other nations *cough*Ireland*cough* the UK actually meets these standards. Which they should be proud about.

About 15% goes as humanitarian aid, or crisis relief, with the rest focused on strategic or long-term goals. 36% of the money goes via multilateral organisations, like the United Nations. The other 64% goes to programmes in specific countries as bilateral aid. The five biggest recipients of bilateral aid are Pakistan, Syria, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Afghanistan. When it comes to continents, significantly more gets spent in Africa (51%) and Asia (42%) than anywhere else.

The Department for International Development (DfID) is responsible for most of the UK’s aid spending. They spend 74% of our ODA target; the rest is spent by other government departments and organisations. £13.4 billion is barely anything- it is so small. Oh, and if these fuckers don’t want refugees or economic migrants then they’d be begging the Government to increase foreign aid tenfold. People generally don’t want to leave their homes to live in a Racist Shithole if their country actually has money. John Green has a good video on the value of Foreign Aid.

When questioned about his comments he described the Criticisms of Racism as “absurd” since he employs two people who are Kashmiri (North India) and he has a Polish Wife “What’s wrong with that? I’m not a wishy-washy Tory. I don’t do political correctness … The fact that the Guardian is reporting this will probably double my vote in the North of England.

Two months before this Farage ensured an Italian MEP was expelled from Ukip’s European alliance for saying a black minister in Italy was part of a “government of bongo-bongo” who would want to impose “tribal traditions“, and would be better suited as a housekeeper.

In another part of the recording, Bloom says, in reference to a ruling from the European court of human rights:

You can torture people to death but you jolly well can’t give them a full life sentence because that’s against their human rights. We can’t hang them because we’re now a member of the European Union and it’s embedded in the treaty of Rome. It’s a personal thing but I’d hang the bastards myself … Especially for some of these, especially for the guy who hacked the soldier to death. I do hope they would ask me to throw the rope over the beam because I’d be delighted to do so.”

Godfrey would of course later quit the party because, and I can’t believe I’m typing this out, it was too “Politically Correct


(Ukip) were supposed to be something new, but now we seem to be drifting towards the political correct mainstream just like everyone else and that’s not the reason people voted Ukip, he told LBC radio.Instead of it being the libertarian party of common sense, I’ve been banned from speaking. I don’t know where the party has gone astray, but it seems to have gone astray.

He actually warned Douglas Jones, UKIPs only MP about watching his back in the party;

I would just say to Douglas: stick to your sort, you believe in libertarianism, you believe in classical liberal economics, don’t be pushed off…But I would say, Douglas, watch your back. If you bear in mind we started in 2009 in Europe with 13 MEPs, we ended up with five, so there are dead bodies of Ukip [politicians] all over the place with a knife quivering in their back, Douglas. Make sure it’s not yours.”

It was advice that didn’t prove too useful, since Douglas Jones ended up quitting UKIP after he lost his seat in Parliament. He probably wasn’t going to stick around long anyway because he really hated Farage (He actually tweeted a “Smiling Face” Emoji once he heard the news that Farage had resigned after Brexit) and the baggage UKIP carried with all their “Fruitcakes, Loonies and Closet Racists

He described the chances of him running for leader as “somewhere between nil and zero” and said the winning candidate had to “steer UKIP away from the temptation of becoming an angry, nativist party.” He also talked some shite about how he’ll always try and prevent the party or any politicians from engaging in “Othering” whether it be against a Foreigner or a Rich Person. The latter actually has influence so its a false equivalency, but that’s what he believes.

To really understand the toxicity that UKIP brings to British Politics, you really don’t have to look any further than the 2014 European Elections. In which UKIP make history by becoming the first party to win in a national election that weren’t Labour or Tory- it just shows the power of Bullshit.

What I found enlightening about that entire thing was the fact that the BNP were completely wiped out at European Elections, barely raising 1% of the vote. To which the BNP’s Nick Grittith said on the fact that he lost his seat as an MEP that “People voted for UKIPs Racist policies instead” though its worth remembering that only 35% of people actually turned up for the election.


Now this stigma that UKIP has of being the party of “Fruitcakes, Loonies and Closet Racists” does have real life consequences. On several occasions Farage has been harassed by protesters, for example he campaigned in the Scottish Independence Referendum for the “Say No” campaign. To which the SNP said it was a “Huge embarrassment” and they were proven right.

Nigel was being interviewed in a Pub in Edinburgh when a swarm of Protesters arrived. During the protest, Max Crema, the Vice President of services at Edinburgh University Students Association, suggested UKIP has “a well documented history of racism” which… is accurate.

However Farage replied: “If you believe that then you are less intelligent than you look, dear boy. We are a non-racist, non-sectarian party and unlike every other party in British politics we actually forbid people who have been on extreme left or right-wing extremes from joining our party.

Well to be fair, UKIP is the only Party that Has to. You’re not seeing many Closet Racists voting for the Green Party now are you?


Taxi divers refused to escort him away from the mob so he could escape. He ended up hiding inside of the pub with the doors barricaded shut, had to wait until the police came with an armored van to protect him from the protesters.

Protesters chanted “Farage is being lifted” and “How does it feel to be treated like an asylum seeker?” A UKIP spokesman described the scene as “inchoate rage“. Following it up with “Was it anti-English? I doubt it, I don’t think they thought that far…I don’t think he was shaken up by it. He was laughing, in fact.

It’s quite funny thinking about Farage hiding in a pub. What’s less funny is the fact that on one occasion a group of Protesters harassed him and his family at a Pub in London while they were having lunch. In fact they chased them out of the pub, two of the children went missing for a few hours but thankfully they were found. Farage branded the protesters “Scum” and to be honest I’m liable to agree with him.

It’s one thing to go after Farage, but his family? That’s just fucked up. He’s already on the record for saying that his kids get bullied at school just for being related to him. Which isn’t cool, in fact its following that whole “Sins of the Father” bullshit- like its the kids fault that their dad is complete and utter cunt.

Also if you’re really Anti-UKIP then these protesters are really counter productive. It’s fueling their persecution narrative, nothing makes you feel that you’re doing the right thing when some asshole is trying to stop you. It’s like what Trevor Noah said about Bernie Supporters protesting at Trump Rallies;

It’s great to see young protesters so inspired by politics. They’re no longer just hash-tagging their feelings but they’re actually getting off the couch and getting involved. But at the same time you’ve got to be careful. Y’know, because the Narrative Trump tells his sympathizers is that they’re under attack- y’know? That the ‘Nefarious Politically Correct Left-Liberal Force wants to silence them’ …So if you come in and you actually Try to Silence Them…It’s like trying to put a fire out by putting More wood onto it…You’ve given Trump the Villain that up until Now he was Making Up”


Though its worth pointing out that this whole victim-hood narrative is kind of diminished if you consider UKIPs history of having their own members infiltrate Left Wing Activist groups in order to further an Anti-Farage/Anti-UKIP narrative.

The party has admitted sending an informant into a group called ‘Stand Up To Ukip‘, which was campaigning to stop Mr Farage being elected in Thanet South, Kent. A spokesman defended the move – claiming that Mr Farage’s security team needed to obtain ‘information from the inside‘ after suffering a ‘series of threatening attacks‘ in the run-up to the general election. But activists in the anti-Nigel Farage group said the infiltrator went further than obtaining information and began encouraging them to abuse the Ukip leader.

In a series of texts the party insider tipped off activists about the Ukip leader’s movements and urged them to hurl abuse at him. The man, who claimed to be a builder from Essex called “Edward Johnson”, also encouraged the anti-Ukip campaigners to deface the party’s campaign posters. But the Ukip insider was uncovered after members of the Stand Up To Ukip group spotted a photo of him posing for a photograph next to Nigel Farage on Facebook.

Internet searches for the mobile number used by “Edward Johnson” revealed that it was linked to a man called John Hutchins [Pictured below, Right Hand Side] a security worker employed by Secura Associates who provide Farage’s protection. A Linkedin page for a man named Mr Hutchins lists his employment since January as the same security company.

A spokesman for Thanet Stand Up to Ukip later said: ‘We were sickened to see that this man who had come to our meetings, socialised with us, listened to our conversations seems all the time to have been a member of Nigel Farage’s team. But he not only spied on us, he actually urged some of our members to commit criminal damage.’ 

The group said it had received text messages from ‘Mr Johnson’ urging them to help deface Ukip posters. One text message read: “Alright mate I done a bit of defacing last night at the billboards only a bit as there was quite a lot of people about.” Another message referred to how the spy was supposed to have heckled Nigel Farage while he was out canvassing for the general election, asking protesters if “you wanna come down and give him some abuse?

UKIP admits this but they said the entire operation was “for security information” which is complete and utter horse shit. I don’t know whether or not Farage was aware of this operation, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he was completely oblivious to this entire fiasco. The man is more incompetent than he is corrupt.


So of course Nigel has never just settled for being an MEP, he’s insisted on being leader of UKIP as well. Which is difficult to handle- they’re both very time consuming jobs and taxing jobs. He gets very little sleep, mainly because he’s out drinking far too much with his friends in the European Parliament.

UKIP MEPs describe the drinking sessions they’d have after a week in the European Parliament, apparently Nigel can drink twelve pints and then move onto shots- and he’s not even pissed. He’s claimed no one has seen him pissed in years.

As a history buff he has this great enthusiasm for touring World War I battlefields, with a group of close friends who call themselves “Farage’s Foragers” one of these Foragers is UKIPs former MEP Godfrey Bloom “We do sometimes refer to them as ‘bottlefield tours‘, I remember we were in Ypres, it was about 3:00am in the morning, we must have drunk the restaurant completely dry – it was one hell of a session, and I called time. I staggered up into bed, and Farage shouted at me, ‘lightweight’ and that really sums him up.

Farage’s (former) wife is on the record for saying that he drinks too much;  “I do [worry] – I think it is a very hectic lifestyle. He doesn’t get a lot of sleep, he doesn’t get a lot of rest, he lives on adrenaline a lot, he doesn’t eat regular meals, now I am beginning to sound like his mother, and he smokes and he drinks too much. But if you have that sort of lifestyle I think it is what keeps him going, it keeps the adrenaline going.

Former MEP Godfrey Bloom had this to say on Farage’s drinking; “His lifestyle is appalling, he’d be the first to admit it. He drinks too much red wine and he smokes too much. Unless I can persuade him to slow down – and nobody else has succeeded – he won’t have a future. He’ll fall off his perch.

Despite this Farage claims that he doesn’t have an alcohol problem; “I don’t think so – it’s all about balance…I’ll say this – when I went for my medical my doctor said my blood levels are absolutely fine, and that I have the cholesterol levels of an Olympic athlete. Don’t ask me why.”

It’s baffling. How can a man who drinks as much as a dozen members of the Russian Mafia and gets little to no sleep or exercise still able to get out of bed in the morning? It’s like Donald Trump not getting a stroke after eating a Big Mac every single day- Trevor Noah refers to it as “Dictator Blood” these fuckers refuse to die.

Which brings us to what happened on the 6th of May in 2010.

Farage, ex-leader of Britain's anti-EU UK Independence Party holds a speech at campaign of the Germany's far-right Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party in Berlin

So Nigel has campaigned for being an MP in Westminster seven times over the course of fifteen years. Each time he’s failed, though he says now that hew was offered a safe Tory seat but declined citing the fact that he was “a rebel” but in reality he was probably scared that the Tory Whip (the guy who makes sure all MPs keep in the party line when voting) would give him hell. Also the Tories deny this profusely, honestly I don’t know which side to believe.

He also claims that if he campaigned in the most recent election that he would have “Easily Won” despite the fact that he’s lost seven times in a row. It’s very easy to talk shit when you’re on the sidelines. That’s what Jacob Rees-Mogg and Michael Gove do all day long.

So for the 2010 Elections Nigel decided to retire as leader for UKIP, he had enough sense to know that he couldn’t be an MP, an MEP and a leader all at once. He knew that he had “Bit more off than he could chew” which really does sum up his chaotic lifestyle, there’s so many UKIP Insiders and MEPs that say how shit of a leader he is- and it’s true. He’s a pub-crawler, not a politician.

But he really wanted this seat in the Constituency of South Thanet, which is the Constituency of John Bercow- the Speaker of the House of Commons. Nigel’s challenge is a little unorthodox considering the Speaker is never really challenged, in fact despite being a Tory- Bercow is sworn to remain neutral, he’s in charge of keeping the peace in the house of commons.

Nigel’s had a bit of beef with Bercow over the last few years so I think he thought that by taking Bercows constituency (a Constituency that is practically a Tory Safe Seat and is very Euroskeptic) he have beaten Bercow.

However that was not the case, on the morning of polling day- May 6th 2010- Nigel Farage was in a plane crash.


Now personally I find this story both hilarious, yet tragic.

The hilarity comes at the fact that Nigel spent like twenty minutes up in the air in this PTL-104 Wilga 35A, a Polish Fixed-Wing Plane. The plane was an immigrant, if you will. The only reason it crashed, and this is according to the crash report carried out by the Department of Transport branch known as the Civil Aviation Authority, is that the plane crashed due to the banner it was carrying. See, the banner wrapped around the tail of the plane, caused it to go upside down and plummet to the ground.

The banner read; “Vote For Your Country- Vote UKIP” and it tangled around the tail end of this poor little immigrant plane- a Plane mind you, that had been working perfectly fine up until this point- in fact the two British men were quite comfortable sitting down while the immigrant plane carried them along. But the banner wrapped around the tail and caused the plane to crash.

Now that’s what I call verbal irony. Of course Farage wouldn’t admit this, but he was a little shook after that little tumble. He injured his ribs and received a concussion, spent the rest of the day in the Hospital- where he discovered that he lost the Vote. Afterwards he did what he always done, he went down to the pub.

George Coles, the pub landlord in his local, saw Farage shortly after the plane crash; “I don’t think he had quite got over it at the time, but he was obviously being as bouncy as he could… putting a brave face on it all. It’s the sort of guy he is. Nigel is a passionate fighter, he doesn’t sling the towel in.

Farage’s old friend from the City, Steven Spencer, also saw him soon after the air accident. “Having crashed his plane in the election campaign, he turned up at the church, still injured, with a stick, to pay tribute to one of his colleagues who’d died at the London metal exchange…He was walking in incredible pain… but he wasn’t going to miss it. It’s just absolutely Nigel.”

Farage was understandably shaken after his ordeal, but of course he always knew how to spin it;

Before that crash, in politics, I was unafraid to take on the establishment- since that day, I’ve been fearless

He won the next UKIP leadership contest easily, he was back where he belonged. However that is not the tragedy of this story, the real tragedy is what happened to the Pilot of this plane.

Justin Adams’ life fell apart after he was involved in a plane crash with the Ukip leader Nigel Farage on the day of the 2010 general election. The crash left the pilot suffering from depression. Adams was eventually cleared of any blame, but accused Farage of “ruining his life” and became angry that the official investigation had taken so long to complete.

He blamed the inquiry for the break-up of his marriage and the failure of his business because he could not file an insurance claim until it had concluded. Adams claimed he had been “evicted” from his family home, forced to live with his elderly mother and “incarcerated” in her house.

In 2011, he was convicted of five counts of making threats to kill Farage and the Civil Aviation Authority investigator Martin James. The court sentenced Mr Adams to a two-year community order after the court heard he repeatedly threatened Farage, both directly and through a 999 operator.

During one 45-minute call to emergency services, Adams said: “It’s just been delivered. I now have a 9mm pistol. I have got the means to do it and I will take them and then myself.” The court heard that Adams had called Ukip secretary Samantha Sutton, warning her he had ordered a gun and that Farage had a week to issue a joint press statement with him or he would kill him and Martin James.

Adams said in court that he had made the “spurious” threats because he was so desperate for treatment for depression and alcohol abuse- probably untrue, just something his lawyer told him tio say just to get a reduced sentence; “You don’t want to break your Mums heart” and all that. He said he was angry that the Ukip leader had been able to talk to the media when he had had to stay silent and lost out on big-money offers to sell his story.

During his evidence, Farage said: “I was very, very worried indeed and not only a bit scared…[Mr Adams] said, ‘I used to be in the special forces and no one is safe, do you understand me?’ He said, ‘I was going to kill you today but I have decided not to but I can’t preclude that happening in the future’. He said, ‘I know this may not be rational, but I have lost everything and if I kill you I will then kill myself’He believed I had profited out of the accident and that was simply untrue.

Justin Adams was found dead two years after he was convicted, I couldn’t find out exactly how he died but I think we can all take an educated guess.

What is really tragic about this entire situation is the possibility that this article is true. Which I’m personally a little skeptical of but I think it’s worth discussing its contents. The article claims that;

  • Adams’ accusation was not merely the talk of a person suffering depression and alcohol addiction
  • Farage first involved the police by reporting ‘threats’ when no threats had been made
  • the pilot had informed Farage that the banner was not suitable for the aircraft and was overruled, making Farage at least partially responsible for the crash

I’d recommend reading the full interview in the link above, but here’s what the interviewee had to say on the whole ordeal:

Nigel stood against the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, in the 2010 General Election and decided it would be a great idea to fly around with this banner. The pilot told him it wasn’t safe but Nigel has a way of getting what he wants. You know what happened after that… It [the CAA Investigation] was still going on by February 2011. That February, Nigel was on his way to his Mumsnet appearance. As soon as we set off from his UKIP office at the old Tory HQ in Smith’s Square – it was never a barn near Lyminster – Nigel insisted we stopped so he could have a Guinness. It was 9.30 am, so he turned up at the Mumsnet Towers smelling of booze early in the morning. His mobile phone rang and it was the pilot Justin Adams. Adams said “Listen Nigel, I know you collected the payment from the insurance and got a cheque for £56,000.  I did not get anything because you are dragging your feet and refusing to tell the CAA that your banner caused the crash.  Can you please call them?” …We sat down, Fuller was there too and Nigel was complaining that Justin was annoying him with his calls and saying he was going to report him to the police for threats. Clearly this was ridiculous, saying “please call the CAA” is not a threat, but he actually went through with it and called 999 on Kentish Town High Street on the way back from the Mumsnet thing as we were walking down Kentish Town High Street and reported the ‘threat’, so the police involvement kicked off well before there were any actual threats.  Justin then became destitute, there was the court case and then his death. And there was Nigel, talking to all the media about tragic it was, how sad he was about it and even blaming mental health authorities for not doing enough.

Ok just to clarify Nigel and Martin James did receive Death threats, but this was later on. What the interviewee is talking about is that Nigel involved the police before he had officially gotten any death threats. We also learn that he was warned about the banner and it’s risk of safety but he ignored it- and then refused to address it in the investigation. The investigation would make Adams’ life miserable, causing a downward spiral into depression until he became so desperate that he actually wanted to murder Farage.

Now I’d take this entire story with a grain of salt because of two reasons;

  1. It comes from an interview with an anonymous source on a blog
  2. The source claims to be an Ex-UKIP Candidate

As you know UKIP is notorious for their infighting so this entire story could be just some sort of petty vendetta. In journalism you have to understand perspectives, like someone will call you up to tell you something- instead of just writing it down immediately you have to consider “Why are you telling me this?” then of course you have to fact check the claim, which either involves checking statistics and contacting experts- or even just confirming the story with two or three more credible witnesses.

That’s how journalism works, or at least that’s how it should work. The “anonymous identity” part is a little less important considering almost every Journalist at one point or another will use anonymous sources just to protect their sources identity. It’s like how the Washington Post referred to Special Agent Mark Felt as “Deep-throat” during Watergate.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that story just to emphasize how goddamn shady Nigel Farage really is. Now, let’s dive into potential corruption.


Well for starters there’s the hypocrisy of Farage boasting that he got £2 Million of taxpayers’ money in expenses and allowances as a member of the European Parliament, on top of his £64,000 a year salary. Topple this with all of his MEPs who have been charged with benefit fraud and money laundering- it’s quite dodgy.

There’s also the hypocrisy of course of Nigel taking his taxpayer-funded EU pension after Brexit, asking: “Why should my family suffer?” his family includes a metal trader that makes a lot of money by the way.

It is understood he will be entitled to an annual pension of £73,000 when he reaches the age of 63. The pension could be part-funded by Britain’s estimated £50bn Brexit “divorce bill”which Farage has criticised as too large, leading to accusations that the MEP for South East England was a “shameless hypocrite”.

However, Farage said he did not expect the money would ever be paid. He told the programme: “Given the arbitrary way the European Union behaves in terms of money, I would be very surprised if I get any of it. I don’t think it will even occur.” He denied his position was hypocritical, adding: “I have just voted to get rid of my job. I was the turkey that voted for Christmas. How is that hypocrisy?” Well partly because you didn’t do your job, which was to vote- you left your Constituency severely underrepresented and you’ve made them worse off then they were before.

Nigel was also under investigation by the European Parliament for misusing EU Funds. If he (and eight other UKIP MEPs) are found guilty then he’ll have to pay out a fine of 500,000 Euros. They may have broken rules that ban full-time EU-funded parliamentary assistants from working for the national party. If MEPs refuse to repay misspent funds, parliament can withhold up to half their annual salaries (€79,332 a year after tax) and daily allowances (€52,104 a year), until the money has been recouped.

And the European parliament’s financial controllers only  began the latest checks after a separate investigation revealed that a Ukip-dominated group in the institution had misspent more than €500,000 of EU money. The Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe, a Ukip-controlled pan-European party, was found to have spent EU funds on Nigel Farage’s failed attempt to win a seat in Westminster, flouting the ban on using European money for national campaigns.

There’s also the case of Farage setting up a Trust Fund on the Isle of Man, a Tax Haven. What’s more ironic is that he previously condemned tax avoiders in a speech to the European parliament, said that he paid a tax adviser to set up the Farage Family Educational Trust 1654 on the Isle of Man.

He claimed that he had not personally benefited from the account, and added he had ended up making a loss from the venture. The disclosure came days after David Cameron backed a deal at the G8 summit to crack down on corporate tax evasion. He had this to say on the discovery;

My financial advisers recommended I did it, to have a trust really for inheritance purposes and I took the advice and I set it up. It was a mistake. I was a completely unsuitable person for it. I am not blaming them, it was my fault. It’s a vehicle that you chuck things in through your life that you don’t need and you build up a trust fund for your children or grandchildren. It was called an educational trust and could have been used for grandchildren’s schools fees, things like that. It was a mistake for three reasons. Firstly, I’m not rich enough to need one and I am never going to be. Secondly, frankly, the world has changed. Things that we thought were absolutely fair practice 10 years, 20 years ago, 30 years ago aren’t any more. Thirdly, it was a mistake because it cost me money. I sent a cheque off to set it up,

Farage said he transferred his shareholding in a company, Farage Limited, to the trust, based in Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man. This meant it owned 33% of Farage Limited, later rising to 50%. He denied receiving dividends from the company, and the firm’s accountant said that all £969,000 in dividends were paid to his, Andrew. Companies House documents show the offshore trust remained a shareholder of Farage Limited until 2011. Farage insisted he had shut it down in 2007 or 2008

Farage told fellow European parliament members that their common enemy was “rich people, successful companies evading tax,” and attacked European bureaucrats who earned £100,000 a year and paid 12% tax under EU rules.

He said at the time: “It is tax fraud on an absolutely massive scale. How can that be deemed to be fair? How can people struggling – the 16 million unemployed in the eurozone – look at these institutions, not only paying people vast sums of money but allowing them tax and pension benefits on a scale not seen elsewhere in the world?

The entire fiasco was seized upon by political opponents. Labour MP John Spellar said: “I know Nigel Farage wants to appeal to disaffected Tories, but copying some of the Tories’ biggest donors by using offshore trusts to avoid tax is taking things too far. It’s typical of UKIP. They talk about how much they love this country, but they don’t even bank here. It’s just hypocritical.

Then of course Nigel went on to deny tax avoidance, but defended legal “straight forward” tax avoidance. The denial sounded like this; “I have never avoided any tax. I don’t think I’ve ever avoided any tax myself through any complicated measures. No, I haven’t.

He later said tax avoidance could not be described as outright bad or wrong given that it was legal, and argued that most people who chose to avoid tax did so for their children.

“If you make taxes fairer, people actually start paying tax…The transformation from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s was radical. When top-rate income tax for earnings was 83%, people did everything they could not to pay 83% … I would also add that most people who are legally doing their best with their financial situation aren’t trying to avoid tax for themselves, they are doing it for their children…If things are legal in life, you can take a moral stand on them but you can’t say they are actually outright plain bad and wrong. I would say Ukip wants to scrap inheritance tax. Actually, if we do that, people won’t need to use all of these things.”

I believe what Farage is advocating for there is a “Flat Tax” which basically translates to each and every individual paying the exact same amount of tax. It’s a stupid idea for a number of reasons. Mainly because you won’t get nearly enough money to pay for the Government Budget. The way taxes should work is that people with little to no money pay little to no tax while people with lots of money pay lots of tax- because they have more money so that means the Government can afford more services for the public.

You tax certain things, if you want to discourage something you tax it- like drinking or smoking or pumping excessive amounts of carbon or sulfur dioxide into the air- you’re still granting people freedom but you’re making them consider whether their choices are smart for both their health and their financial situation.

You don’t tax what you want to encourage- like we don’t tax pension contributions because we want people to put money into their pensions (mainly so the Government doesn’t have to look after them with benefits) it.

But there’s massive loopholes so Multi-national Corporations, Banks, Newspapers- they don’t have to pay tax. It damages the overall quality of life in the nation. That’s why tax cuts are a load of bullshit, take what Trump recently done.

The US Government claims that lower taxes will bring back the companies that went overseas- it won’t, that’d require another World War where America get’s little to no damage and everywhere else is so fucked that they can’t compete. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some of Trump’s Cabinet wants to fight North Korea just in the hopes they can eliminate China and Japan from the Market.

What they claim will happen is that by creating this Tax Cut they will in turn create more jobs because companies will have more money- so they can open more stores and create more jobs, that money will eventually trickle down from the big guy to the little guy. That’s how Trickle Down Economics works…in theory.

What actually happens is that you’ll see some people get a small raise, like managers and other employees, just so they they can save face and some dumb fuck Right Wing tabloid could boast about it. While at the same time they make several thousand people redundant and in many cases they actually close down their stores (that’s how they pay for their employees raise, by getting rid of other employees) and then they’ll take the profits they would have lost due to taxes and line their own pockets. That’s how the game works.

There’s also the case that Nigel Farage refused to publish his Tax Returns after the Panama Papers were released and a lot of Politicians made their tax returns public for transparency. He said this complete gem as well; “I worry where we are going with this. If we want to have party leaders publish their tax returns then presumably all MPs must do so


Does anyone really think that’s a horrible idea? That the public officials that represent us should disclose to the Public who exactly is paying them? It’s just common sense- it’s truly remarkable the party of “Common Sense Policies” doesn’t grasp that. The public should be fully aware of what their representatives are being paid so that we can understand if they are loyal to us or to their donors.

Keep in mind, even bastards like David Pig-Fucker Cameron released their tax returns to save face. It’s not a dangerous , it’s vital for the functionality of our Democracy. It’s transparency. That’s why Donald Trump’s refusal to release his Tax Returns is so concerning, because we don’t know who’s paying him or if his financial connections will corrupt his Administration.

Speaking of Trump:


Oh yes, hot off the steam of Brexit Nigel Farage took a plane to America to Campaign for Donald J. Trump. Before then he was a little skeptical of the Presidential Candidate, keep in mind that in Early 2016 Donald Trump was seen as an extremely toxic figure. Fuck, most Republicans despised the man- so of course Nigel was a little cautious of touching something this corrosive, something that maybe even he couldn’t recover from.

When asked whether he’d support Trump he simply said “You couldn’t get me to Vote for Hillary even if you Paid me” which is kind of like a Non-Endorsement, it’s kind of a “Vote for the Lesser Evil” strategy. But of course I highly doubt that Farage actually gives a shit about Trump, he’s far more interested in Networking with Steve Bannon and his Ilk.

In fact Farage just recently became a Fox News Contributor, where he lambasted the poor quality of the NHS which of course lead to Trump talking shit about the NHS (Because in this day and age the President of the United States watches six hours of TV a day) which pissed a lot of people off, even Jeremy Hunt.

Nigel even went so far as to defend Trump’s Pussy-Grabbing comments as “Alpha Male boasting” and nothing to be taken too seriously. Now I’d be a hypocrite to criticize someone for saying something crude or vulgar, especially considering this blog, but there’s a difference with me and Trump.

You see, when I say something fucked up, I’m looking to make you laugh because you’ll think “Oh my God that’s so fucked up” and the vulgarity overwhelms you- it’s a cheap trick in humour, very little wit. But with Trump he’s bragging about something that he actually does. He has like 19 accusers of sexual misconduct, some of them dating as far back as the eighties. It’s not banter- it’s sexual assault.

But of course despite being a Trump sycophant, Farage had enough sense to condemn the Nazis at that rally in Charlottesville- which Trump had a lot of difficulty achieving. He described him as a “Silver-back Gorilla” in the Second Presidential debate (which he attended by the way) and devlared that he “Dominated Hillary” boy, he sure knows how to kiss his ass. Trump even suggested that Farage become the UK’s US Ambassador.


Downing Street of course didn’t instate Nigel Farage as the US Ambassador, mainly because they already had one and because a Foreign Government can’t just dictate who your Ambassador is going to be. If they did that then Trump wouldn’t have to worry about all the Nations that the US currently doesn’t have an Ambassador for, like South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Nigel of course is a massive hypocrite when it comes to foreigners dictating other nations policies, considering he’s campaigned for Marine Le Penn of the Front National- the Far Right Party in France that used to be very Anti-Semitic, so toxic in fact Fare wouldn’t go near them until they had a leadership change- with Marine. This whole thing was seen as a Right Wing domino effect in the West. First it was Brexit, then Trump- Now LePenn.

She lost in a landslide, got 30% of the vote. It was so abysmally bad that the Far Right candidate in Austria told Farage to stay out of their politics, but of course he’d lose as well. He was popular because people were scared with the whole Migrant Crisis, but once they got one whiff of Trump they ran for the hills. I think if Brexit had happened Post-Trumps victory we’d still be in the EU.

Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore Holds Campaign Event In Fairhope, Alabama

But Nigel made his money in the US alright. He was one of the people that campaigned for Roy Moore, the remarkably homophobic former District Attorney who was running for the Alabama Senate. He was later revealed to be a paedophile. Nigel of course doubted the allegations (all eleven of them) because- well, he had to.

They called him “Mr.Brexit.” How adorable. Roy Moore would of course lose that election by a hair. Many predict that it shows shifting demographics and a potential series of successes for the Democrats in the coming Senate Elections, but personally if I were you I’d look at American Politics as Cynically as Humanly Possible.

Farage was one of the first British Politicians to meet Trump after he won the Election, even had a meeting and dinner with him in Trump Tower. They make a strange pair, considering Trump doesn’t drink or smoke- yet Farage says “He’s the only man I’ve ever met that makes me feel like an Introvert


But something very dodgy happened while Farage was hanging around in America, he somehow got caught in the middle for the Russia Investigation.

Now Farage was accompanied by a young man called George Cottrell, an aide that he got particularly close with during the Brexit Referendum. Now George is currently in his early twenties but despite his youth he was UKIPs chief Brexit Fundraiser, a role he did for free. Which would seem odd, if you have any sense.

It turns out “Posh George” here is a very rich boy, father is a billionaire and his mother used to fuck Prince Charles. He’s also known for working with UTB and Alfa Bank, Russian banks. They’re known as the “Russian Laundromat” because that’s where the Oligarchs store and transfer all their money, to invest it in football teams and London boroughs.

Now how Money Laundering works is like this; so you obtain a lot of money illegally- probably through crimes such as theft or selling illegal products- now you were careful so the police haven’t caught you obtaining the money, but they can arrest you for having it. Because when you legally obtain money that profit is taxed when you pay for things or invest it. So when you have a lot of money and you pay very little taxes-people get a little suspicious. So to avoid you getting arrested you have to get rid of that illegal money by investing into business or buying property (most of which you don’t even need) but you could also transfer it through a bunch of foreign bank who have different regulations- the paper trail gets so long that it becomes increasingly difficult to follow and eventually, you’re in the clear. They can’t arrest you for the money, they can however arrest the person laundering the money for you.

If you’re still a little bit skeptical about how shady this character is, then let me just tell you that he posted an advert on the Dark Web telling Cartels that he could launder money for them. That’s one of the reasons he came to the US, he has an incredible knowledge about how the Financial System works and how the US Government Operates in regards to this area.

He’s a computer genius, that’s how he was able to use the Dark Web. If you’re unfamiliar with the Dark Web I’ll explain it briefly; so right now you’re using the internet to read this blog and do other things, whether it be to use search engines like google or check your email or watch pornography- all of that is but a fraction of what the Internet is capable of. In fact everything you see day to day is just 1% of the entire web, the tip of this gargantuan Iceberg. The Dark Web is the underbelly of the internet, an online black market where you can buy drugs, guns and other things. But to access this underbelly you have to buy a lot of different hardware and possess a sophisticated knowledge of computer coding- normal people don’t use it. Only Criminals such as drug traffickers and Paedophiles.

So of course Posh George fucked up and he was arrested in Chicago, Farage was apparently very shocked at this reveal. Now I have no doubt in my mind that Farage has little to no influence in this whole Russia Scandal- which if you’re unfamiliar with, I’d recommend watching this video John Green made.

The investigation basically started out to see whether or not the Russian Government had any influence in the 2016 US Election and I touched upon it in this article I wrote a few months back. Now a lot of people think that the entire scandal is that “Oh, Trump asked the Russians to meddle in the elections” which is probably bullshit- you’ll never get a Republican senate to Impeach him even if it was true, nor would they impeach him for Obstruction of Justice (which could be seen by Trump firing James Comey and contemplating firing Robert Mueller, the guy currently investigating him) they’re too ballsy for that and they’re not done milking him.

What they would definitely impeach him for is Money Laundering, because even at that stage the Republicans will have to save face- or they’ll force him to retire, like Nixon. There’s clear examples of Money Laundering being the scandal, for starters Robert Mueller brought in a lawyer who specializes in cases regarding Money Laundering. Then of course there’s all the Trump aides who have either resigned or been fired for their interactions with members of the Russian government and Russian Oligarchs. There’s the fact that multiple people have been arrested such as Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and George Popadapolous- who eventually pleaded guilty but got his sentence reduced because he ratted out Trump.

It’s definitely going to be interesting on what is going to happen next, but I’m a little cynical about what this is doing to American Politics. For starters there’s no guarantee that the investigation will end with Trump’s impeachment- it could just take down his cronies and leave him unscathed. It’s also becoming somewhat of a Liberal Pipe dream, like honestly some of these people genuinely believe that Trump simultaneously didn’t want the Presidency but he colluded with the Russians anyway- it’s one or the other. But then again Trump is really stupid- it’s hard applying hard cold logic to his deductive reasoning.

Also the majority of the American Public don’t give a shit about the scandal, they care about the Policies that directly effect their lives so it’s very counter intuitive if they make Russia their big concern on the campaign- which they currently are. Honestly the whole thing is a mess, I’d recommend checking out this debate for more details.


So of course Posh George here didn’t go through any background checks when he was at UKIP (Just like any other person at UKIP really) and no one thought it was odd that he was doing a high level job for free.  Which of course I understand not checking the Dark Web- but surely you’d be concerned at his CV? I don’t know.

Posh George said that working alongside Nigel and all the other “Bad Boys of Brexit” was “The greatest Experience of my Life” I imagine that’s true, considering Nigel Farage is one of the most notorious pub Crawlers in British History.

When arrested he was expected to serve twenty years in Prison, but he got his sentence down to two because he talked. Exposed all the cartels he’d been working with, exposed any Russian Oligarchs he’d met in his days at Alfa Bank and he might have exposed some troublesome details about Trump that’d be quite beneficial to Mueller. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to hear he got murdered in prison for this.

In 2017 Nigel Farage was listed as a Person of Interest to the FBI. Now Farage has not been accused of wrongdoing and is not a suspect or a target of the US investigation. But being a person of interest means investigators believe he may have information about the acts that are under investigation and he may therefore be subject to their scrutiny.

It was Farage’s proximity to people at the heart of the investigation that was being examined as an element in their broader inquiry into how Russia may have worked with Trump campaign officials to influence the US election.

One of the things the intelligence investigators have been looking at is points of contact and persons involved…If you triangulate Russia, WikiLeaks, Assange and Trump associates the person who comes up with the most hits is Nigel Farage. He’s right in the middle of these relationships. He turns up over and over again. There’s a lot of attention being paid to him.”

The source mentioned Farage’s links with Roger Stone- the Albino Assassin, Trump’s long-time political adviser and the Republican Party’s Hatchet Man- who worked for Nixon mind you- who has admitted being in contact with Guccifer 2.0, a hacker whom US intelligence agencies believe to be a Kremlin agent.

Farage of course mocked the report as “Fake News” saying that he neither had any connections to the Russian Government and he only met Julian Assange once for an Interview, so he couldn’t be of any influence of in Wikileaks. He didn’t challenge his connections with Roger Stone since he has met him in person alongside Steve Bannon and the other deplorables.


Farage of course expressed his admiration for Putin in 2014 during that whole Annexation of Crimea situation. Said that he was impressed that he kept his cool with the Brits and the Americans and the EU up his tail and that he was probably, in his mind, the most stable leader out of them all- especially the way he “Played the whole Syria thing.” Of course he had enough sense to say that he didn’t approve of Putin’s morals or much of his policies; “how many journalists in jail now?

I sincerely doubt the FBI is going to take Nigel away in handcuffs, that’s the Liberal Pipe Dream. That everyone we dislike will just go away life we believe in Russia enough is lunacy. It’s damaging our dialogue, it’s damaging our politics and above all it’s incredibly xenophobic to the People of Russia.

But of course nobody knows more about Xenophobia than Nigel Farage, who claims that he can’t be Racist because he has a German wife. Also he may have had an Affair with an Italian MEP who stayed over at his flat in London. Though they both deny this by saying that the EU had cut off her funding so Farage was just letting her stay over while she was in London, but honestly do you blame me for speculating?

Again, another immigrant…can no British Woman have sex with Nigel Farage? Honest to God.


Nigel of course is Famous for his greatest Achievement; Brexit. Yes after Twenty odd long years of driving across the Channel to talk to insufferable European Bureaucrats (who all despise him) and getting drunk with Racists and having three affairs (that we know of) Nigel finally got what he wanted; he finally got Britain out of the EU.

For the most part at least. Even Nigel had to admit that the entire Referendum wasn’t legally Binding after he was challenged by Gina Miller-  the businesswoman who challenged the UK government in High Court over triggering Article 50 without a vote by MPs. Farage of course argued that what the British people wanted was Sovereignty, Gina reminded him that we have a Parliamentary System- a System designed to represent us and protect our interests. Of course Farage was worried that Parliament would overturn the vote, but that didn’t happen.

All Gina wanted was for the Brexit transition to go through the process of the British Parliament. She advocated for sovereignty, but of course that lead to her getting a lot of Death threats and Rape threats with just a Hint of Racism thrown in for good measure. She blames the lies spread by Nigel Farage;

 “Yes there has been a deluge of hatred and anger but this is because people were lied to in respect to the EU referendum, and because irresponsible figures like Farage and tabloid media who lack any understanding of parliamentary democracy and the rule of law that is the bedrock of our civil society. As a philanthropist, my views are that advances in society, even democratic societies, require an unpopular act; otherwise progress would be easy. I cannot think of a better way to use my resources than to do what I believe to be right in preserving our democracy for everyone in the United Kingdom.

It’s unsurprising that this happened. Farage’s fans are possibly, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, some of the worst People in Britain. I mean Nigel had to cancel a march he had organised to protest the High Court Ruling in fear that the BNP, Britain First and the EDL were going to hijack it. A Trifecta of Cunthood, if you will.

Of course some people didn’t get the memo so on the day of the high court ruling barely 100 people showed up to a protest that Farage previously claimed would be 100,000 strong. Not surprising really considering most of his supporters lived outside of London and were undoubtedly afraid they’d get Murdered to Death by some Gay-Romanian-Jihadist on Benefits whilst stealing your nephews job simultaneously.

I would have shared a photo from the rally, but honestly? I felt too embarrassed. They’re not Nazis or anything- they’re just a bunch of pensioners having a day out, they’re Yellow- that’s all they are, Yellow. It’s kind of heartbreaking that they’re so ignorant. Personally, I blame Rupert Murdoch.


And yes, Nigel Farage actually wore those.

I’d say that Nigel’s biggest achievement was somehow finding a way to turn the Tories into UKIP. I mean you could gradually see the change over the years. Nigel openly admits that the Party attracted Disenfranchised Tories, especially ones like Peter Hitchens who unironically refers to the likes of David Cameron as “Trotskyites” especially after Pig-Fucker Cameron Legalised Gay Marriage in [most] of the UK- a decision that the majority of his party were vehemently against.

That’s why you’ll find a lot of UKIP representatives that are vehemently Homophobic, like that dumb fucker who claimed that Physical Exercise reduces Homosexual Urges. Nigel Farage has also been a little bit awkward with Gay Marriage, rambling on about how Britain is a Christian County and that his party represents the Socially Conservative views of both the Christians and Muslims. Honestly I’m just glad he didn’t bring up the Jews again.

One of the reasons that the Tories were forced to go into a coalition with the Liberal Democrats in the 2010 Elections was because UKIP stole their voters. The vast majority of whom have no idea how the European Union works, but they seen Farage and they liked what they saw, it’s how Boris Johnson put it;

 “A rather engaging geezer. He’s anti-pomposity, he’s anti-political correctness, he’s anti-loony Brussels regulation. He’s in favour of low tax, sticking up for small business and sticking up for Britain. We Tories look at him, with his pint and cigar and sense of humour, and instinctively recognise someone fundamentally indistinguishable from us.”

Yes, Nigel is a throwback to the good old days. When black face was considered “just a bit of banter” and everyone scoffed when a Gay man got on the bus. That’s partly why Farage has endorsed Jacob Rees-Mogg as the next Tory Leader, they’re both relics of a time long past.


So Nigel, with the help of Kilroy-Silk, managed to take this little ball of Resentment an aging population had against Europe and a Decline in their Glorious Empire, and saved it from self combustion in the late 90’s. He pushed it into the light, showed us their face- warts and all- and he somehow got the ugly bastard laid.

I mean the Tories did their best to compete with him. Cameron pledged to lower net migration during his administration, but of course failed. On benefits for Migrants Boris Johnson said they should be banned from applying for five months, Nigel upped the stakes to five years. Cameron’s policies on bombing Syria helped usher in the Migrant crisis, which of course Farage pounced upon. When the UK dared to accept the bare minimum of Refugees, Nigel Farage went in an uproar.

When ever anyone would criticize the Fruitcakes, Loonies and Closet Racists in his Party Farage always fought back ferociously with his “what-about-ery“. It’s a tactic perfected by the Soviets, whenever someone criticizes your party or your politicians you bring up another example of a different politician and a different party doing something similar. So when I say “Your guy is bad” you could respond “Well, what about your guy? He’s also bad. In fact, everyone is bad” it’s a very dangerous tactic because it nullifies all criticism. Because if everyone is doing the same thing (which they’re not) then why am I getting shit for it?

What-about-ery only really comes up when you can’t defend your party or your politician, because their acts are inexcusable. So when Farage is exposed for the Snake Oil Salesman that he is, he brings up a Labour MP that did something dodgy or a Tory MP that fucked up- in a pathetic excuse to defend his party he’ll show you a list of fuck ups of other parties. But they’re not at all the same, because while the Tories and Labour have their fair share of fuck ups- UKIP is a Fuck Up.

That’s why when the Tories won in 2015 (in the worst election results in British History) all the other Party Leaders had to Resign (they do that for some reason, I don’t know why) everyone- except Nigel. When he told he Press that he would resign the Party literally refused his resignation. Because they knew that if he left UKIP was dead in the Water. Farage had forced David Cameron to the Right and would get the Referendum he wanted. But by that stage UKIP had become a Personality Cult, with all eyes on Farage.

Nobody in UKIP had the Charisma of Farage- while Nigel came off as a Scoundrel everyone else was just a Cunt. Do you know how many leaders they’ve churned through since he finally threw in the Towel after Brexit? Five. In the space of two years one party has had Five leaders.

Now that UKIP has, fortunately, become redundant after Brexit- the Tories have decided to fill in that Bat Shit crazy vacuum they left behind. Ok, first off Cameron resigned straight after the vote (despite saying he wouldn’t) and then Theresa May came along- a Remainer, with her cabinet of almost all Remainers.

They had the brilliant idea to trigger Article 50 five months after the Vote- even though everyone with a lick of sense knew you”d be better off waiting much longer just to get the economic models ready and to get an advantage in negotiating the divorce bill. Of course they’ve never given any substantial policies about what they’re going to do, just repeating the nonsense they heard from Focus Groups like “Brexit means Brexit” and “We want a Blue, White and Red Brexit” which doesn’t even fucking make any sense because a trade deal cannot have a Colour.

Of course they’re always banging on about a Hard Brexit– which I talked about briefly in this article– which is very vague and they don’t know what they’re doing. They advocate leaving the Single Market and not following the Norway example which is even more extreme than what UKIP were pledging. Then of course May triggered a snap election (despite saying she wouldn’t) because she wanted an even larger majority in Parliament and at the time her approval rating was exceptionally high- considering the plate of shite she had to eat.

But of course that election was, quite possibly, one of the most cancerous general elections in recent memory. Theresa May fucked up big time, Corbyn ran over a cameraman’s foot- even the Fucking Paxman interviews were shit. Paxman! How the Hell could you fucking Ruin Paxman?!

To top it all off Theresa May got a hung parliament (meaning she lost the majority, it’s all kind of balanced out) and she was forced to go into a Coalition with the DUP- the Party of Ian Paisley, the man who made Enoch Powell a Moderate. Honestly? I’m just happy they’re talking about us again. Nobody in Britain ever talks about Northern Ireland outside of the Troubles. It’s quite nice to have a little spot light now and again.


I think this Tory MP sums it up better than I ever could; “Discipline has completely broken down in the Parliamentary Party- No one tells anyone off, cause there’s no power anywhere…It’s an atomized parliament

That’s…That’s UKIP. That is what they’re known for. Their brutal incompetence, their infighting, their abhorrent leadership and power struggles. Nigel could barely hold the peace while everyone else was stabbing him in the back- the same thing is happening right now in the Tory party. Theresa May is trying to do damage control while Mogg is out their rallying up the troops demanding that they get what they want.

All the while Boris Johnson and Michael Gove jumped ship as soon as the referendum was over. Neither of them actually wanted Brexit, they just wanted to secure the UKIP vote for the future. They’d be known as the guys who “stood up for us” so they might have gotten a shot at Downing Street. But of course now that they got the mess that they pretended to want, but didn’t want, they refuse to clean it up.

The only person that genuinely wanted Brexit was Farage. That’s the only genuine thing about him, he’s not a man of the people- just listen to what Russell Brand had this to say about him;

I sometimes feel worried about you, Nigel Farage. The reason that I’m worried is that I know a lot of people are frightened in our country, I know a lot of people are feeling afraid and frustrated- and there is a sense that there is a corrupt group in our country using our resources, taking away our jobs, taking away our housing, not paying taxes, exploiting us- And there is- there is an economic elite that this man’s party is funded by, that this man comes from a background working in the city- let me tell you something, there was an economic crash and a lot of money was lost- his mates in the City farted and Nigel Farage is pointing at immigrants and the disabled and holding his nose. Immigrants are not causing the economic problems and suffering we are experiencing. As much as any of us I enjoy seeing Nigel Farage in a boozer with a pint and a fag, laughing off his latest scandals about breastfeeding or whatever- I enjoy it. But this man is not a Cartoon Character, he ain’t Delboy, he ain’t Arthur Daley, he is a Pound-Shop Enoch Powell- and we got to watch him.

Nigel of course laughed off this accusation, in an interview following their confrontation on Question Time by making some kind of joke on his chest hair and how he had to have the make up artist tidy it up, and how that somehow diminishes his appeal as a “man of the people”  yes, because there’s nothing normal in caring about how you look.

  Also, can I just bring up the fact that Farage straight up stole Russell’s book cover?


Yes, the one thing that Nigel Farage cares about above all else is Love. That’s why he he’s an absentee Father and a serial adulterer, too much love in him.

But I have to admit there are quite a few similarities between Nigel and Russell. Both of them were abandoned by their fathers, though while Farage was raised in an incredibly toxic environment of a Private School- Russell was raised with your typical state education. Nigel idolized Enoch Powell, Russell emulated Che Guevara. Nigel turned to booze and sex, Russell turned to heroin…and sex.

I actually read Russell’s book when I was a little younger. He never spelled it out directly but you could clearly see the impact of not having a Father had on him. Not to say that his Mother was bad, in fact his mother was wonderful- made sure his Moral compass never left his sight. But its difficult to be a single parent, to simultaneously ensure you get an income and ensure that your child gets the attention it deserves- its a very difficult thing to achieve.

So with a struggling home life Russell never learned any discipline and he soon learned to resent his school for making rules that he had to abide by. That resentment would later be directed at the government, at the world. Turned to drugs, then to fame, then to sex and then to religion and of course he dabbles in a bit of politics. But he doesn’t understand order, he doesn’t really get how the game works. It’s a shame really, he’d be a great man if he’d been taught Discipline. I guess he’ll have to settle for being a good one.

Farage on the other hand held no resentment to authority, because he was the authority. Despite being an absentee he idolized his father. Followed his footsteps from the cadets into the City, but he soon replaced him with Enoch Powell and Thatcher. It was this clash of Free Market Capitalism and despising immigration that lead him to hold Europe in contempt. So he struggled along to Brussels and tried desperately to stay sober, long enough to make an impact.

Farage and Russell are two sides of the same coin, one is a Libertarian the other an Anarchist. Neither of them should be Prime Minister. They both talk about the dangers of Multi National Corporations, in fact that’s why some Lefties voted UKIP. But mainly it was a protest vote, like Brexit. British Satirist Ian Hislop shares my view that these two are quite similar;

“I don’t think Farage is fresh air- vague fumes of alcohol and fags[cigarettes] and…uh. The trouble with political life at the moment is that people are so fed up with it. So all young people say; ‘Russell Brand’s really interesting, he’s got a lot to say’ and all Old people say; ‘Oh yeah, Nigel Farage’s really intersting, got a lot to say’ and neither’s true. I mean, they’re just pointing out obvious sources of dissatisfaction and not presenting any solutions. So I can see what it’s about, but I don’t think either is particularly helpful when you get there. So, No. I think not voting isn’t very useful and I think voting UKIP isn’t very useful either.” 


He was a natural-born salesman,” recalls Alex Heath, a fellow broker that worked alongside Nigel. “Setting up on your own requires backing and it requires people who believe in you and Nigel is very good at getting people to believe in him.

That is quiet true. He’s somewhat like Trump in that regard. It’s very easy to fall prey to his smooth-talking rhetoric unless you’re very well versed in why everything he spews is complete and utter bullshit. It’s like how Trump isn’t really a Billionaire and Nigel wasn’t a very remarkable Stock Broker.

Nigel’s personality is what makes him stand out from the rest of the world. He’s a very quick thinker . . . his ability to see what people want to know,” says another metals broker. “I think it sets him apart as a politician. That’s why he has been as successful as he has.

See that’s the great dilemma with Nigel Farage- he never should have been a politician. He’s a great showman but an absolutely abhorrent statesman. I mean just recall all of his various fuck ups he and his party have been involved in throughout the last twenty five odd years- no one with a lick of sense would want them to be in Government.

I mean say what you will about the man but he is fun to watch. I am certain that if Nigel Farage had gotten into TV than Politics everyone would love him. I mean just watch this Advert he did for the Ryder Cup- he should be hosting Comic Relief, not moping about in the European Parliament.


His casual Racism would be a Charm that we’d shrug off, his adultery wouldn’t be political scandals it’d just be something you laugh at during Good Morning Britain. It’s kind of like how Jeremy Clarkson is a complete and utter bastard, but we ignore it and just watch him drive around the world insulting each and every Foreigner he comes across.

God I would just love to live in an alternate Universe where Nigel get’s to host Top Gear. Can you imagine him taking a road-trip around Africa in a shitty little Beatle? With an uncomfortable grin on his face whenever he encounters the locals? I’d fucking watch the Hell out of that.

But of course like any Old Pub Crawler, Nigel is a broken man. At the start of the nights it’s all laughs and the casual racist joke that you don’t take too seriously- but as the night progresses things get a little more sad. He can’t keep up the act anymore. You get a glimpse of the man under the Grin and it’s not pretty. Just listen to what Dr Richard North, a one time colleague and close friend had to say about Farage;

Although he comes over as a very friendly, bubbly open individual, behind the scenes he’s very insecure…He cannot work with people in a detailed long-term relationship. What he actually does is that he uses people and he uses them up – he consumes people. When you actually look at his career and his progress, it’s a succession of teams around him. People join him, they get enthused by him, and then see the inner Farage, become disillusioned and then peel off – rather like me, but there are hundreds of me, in that sense

Dr North was fired by Farage, becoming another one of Nigel’s former friends becoming his enemies.

It is part of his charm – hard-living, hard-drinking, and hard-smoking – that is who he is and why he is able to attract a following. But if you’re looking for a serious politician, with a strategic brain, who is able to lead a party and develop and expand a party, well, they’re not the same people. Perhaps UKIP’s tragedy is it has this tremendously effective figurehead, but it has no strategic brain.”

That’s the real tragedy of Nigel Farage, he won and yet he somehow found a way to lose. He didn’t think the people of Britain were going to vote Leave, he evn joked that if he lost then he’d have to “Get a real job” but of course he couldn’t get a real job. He was Nigel Farage- the most polarising figure in British Politics, more popular than Tony Blair but just as dangerous.

Farage has talked about making the 23rd of June Britain’s “Independence Day” now anyone who’s ever been Colonised by Britain, or any Empire really- will undoubtedly laugh at that. I think in Nigel’s delusional mind he saw the European Union as an Oppressor- it wasn’t an oppressor. Nigel Farage has never been oppressed in his life, the British people don’t know what if feels to be colonized, they’ve never been persecuted- never been burnt out of their homes- never had to put up with anything that millions of people had to endure under the reign of the British Empire.

The European Union is not your enemy, it’s not this Evil Monster that requires Vanquishing- it’s an economic and political platform where Rich Cunts talk to other Rich Cunts in order to make more money for Rich Cunts. That’s it.

There’s a solemn look in Nigel’s eye when he makes that “Independence Day” speech. It’s kind of like those swashbuckling adventure stories about a Swordsman who has sworn his life in the pursuit of vengeance against a man who had wronged him, but once he enacts his revenge, once he gets what he wants- he realises just how empty his life is. He loses all sense of meaning. Every day up until this day was in preparation for one thing, one single moment…but of course moments pass, all too quickly.

Farage would retire the next day, alongside Pig-fucker Cameron, though Farage had a teeny tiny shred of honesty in his speech “I’ve always said; ‘I want my Country Back’ now I’m saying ‘I want my Life Back’ Thank You” and then like all the other Brexiteers, he fucked right off.

maxresdefault (4)

His wife left him soon afterwards. She said they’d been “Living Separate lives for years” which is true, he was in Brussels while she was in Kent. The toxicity of his life, the ferociousness of the Press…I don’t think any relationship could survive that.

Nigel thought that as well, said it clear as crystal in an interview with Rachel Johnson (Boris Johnson’s sister) which I highly recommend you watch. When asked about what he felt about the separation he said;

“I don’t think anything could have survived what I’ve been doing for the past five years. Frankly. I mean- not that I’ve been Perfect- but I’m not- but it’s been pretty Awful. It’s been pretty awful, I mean just Hellish Really. [Interviewer; “Are you talking about work and Infidelity or…?” Not gonna lie, I laughed so hard. She did not give a fuck] No no no- I’m talking about the sheer anger and nastiness that comes with this.”

He also did a soul bearing Interview with the Daily Mail in which he claimed that he was “Skint” because he’s been spending twenty years fucking about in the European Parliament. Of course if you read earlier on you’d know that he makes more money now than he ever did as a Metals Trader in London. The entire interview actually prompted Ian Hislop’s satirical magazine “Private Eye” to make this;


Farage of course notes that he never wanted to be a politician, but felt that it was his duty. He also goes into detail about how miserable his life is;

“My life is not easy. There’s a lot of aggro to deal with, I can’t walk down the street in London on my own. The level of aggression and unpleasantness is constant. I’ll never be able to live a normal life in London. I have thought about the States. Life is easier over there, but I am very English. I like going to watch cricket at Lord’s. I like my walks on the North Downs [near his home in Kent]. So, we’ll just have to see. It’s quite tough.”

It’s difficult to know what exactly is going through someones head. Often times it’s difficult to tell what people mean or what they think, whether or not they’re telling the truth or if they’re lying- whether or not they’re strategic geniuses playing some version of Four Dimensional Chess that we are all incapable of understanding…or if they’re just plain fucking stupid.

So of course in politics this dilemma has a lot more stakes. It’s very difficult to figure out what a politicians motives are, or where in fact their loyalties truly lie. Are they driven by Greed? By ideology? By fame and Glory? Do they want to make a difference? Do they actually care? Or are they just looking to scratch their names down onto the pages of History?

So, what about Nigel Farage? What in God’s name drives that delusional booze-hound? I think he put’s it best himself;

“Anyone who says they don’t have an ego is talking rubbish,’ he says. ‘Ego, esteem, these things are all linked. Legacy is also important to me — very much so. I’m not bothered about being honoured. I look at the people in the House of Lords and think: “I don’t want to be judged by that bloody lot.” It’s so awful you can’t believe it. I’ve never given a damn about rank. I didn’t even bother putting leader of UKIP on my business cards. If I’m recognised for having done things, that’s much more important to me than any preferment.”

So it was all about scratching his name into the pages of history. Which he has successfully accomplished, but he might not like what they write down. In a way his sad little life is a lot like Powell. I mean at one time Powell was one of the most famous politicians in the land, now people are afraid to say his name.

He pushed all his bets on one Race Baiting speech to get the Country on his side and it backfired so hard. He lost his position in the Cabinet, spent the rest of his Career as a Back Bencher- became the Tories hatchet man by ensuring they’d get a landslide victory due to his Racist aroma. But of course he’d disavow the Tories, joined a weird little Party in the forgotten Corner of the United Kingdom and he simply vanished from relevancy. All he was good for was guaranteeing a few votes for the Tories; nothing more, noting less.

Farage emulated him. Like Powell, Farage abandoned the Tories when he believed them to have “Sold out the Country” to the Europeans. But unlike Powell he didn’t disappear into a generally useless Party, he brought that Useless Party into the Main Stream and stole the Spotlight from the Tories- driving them insane.

Farage got what he wanted, but he ultimately guaranteed a Tory Majority in 2015. UKIP is dead in the water. He’s never going to Prime Minister, he’s never going to be an MP- he’ll be remembered as the man who got Britain to shoot their dick off.

Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip

So the downward spiral that is British Politics it looks like we’re going to see a crash pretty soon. I mean no one in the Cabinet really wants to leave the EU but they have to cause “Democracy” and all that shite. It’s pretty clear at this stage in the game that the United Kingdom, particularly Northern Ireland, is going to be much worse off in the near future.

I think back to that plane crash in 2010, how prophetic it really was. How a foreign plane carrying the British people was working perfectly fine up until a banner got tangled up on its tail; “Brexit Means Brexit” it could have said. That’s what a lot of Leave Voters keep saying, George Orwell referred to these types of people as “Slogan Repeaters” as if saying it again and again means anything- as if repleting it will somehow prevent the nose of the Plane smacking into the ground at a hundred miles an hour.

Two people crashed, one persons life was ruined- the other limped away to garner a rush of success. If you’re the man who convinced Britain to shoot it’s own dick off, then you can make yourself a very rich man. That’s what the Brexiteers will become; Rich. Boris and Mogg can rally the troops when the country is down the shitter with the slogan “I could have done it better” and they charge head forth into Downing Street. Everyone who campaigned for Brexit will get any job throughout Europe for any Campaign on any Election. Farage? Well, he’ll do what he and Enoch Powell did best- he’ll make pretty speeches. That’ll be his legacy, Pretty speeches.

But of course one these people knew they were headed for disaster, he told the passenger so; “Look, you can have the plane or you can have the banner- but you can’t have both” but the passenger really wanted both- because he didn’t understand. He couldn’t understand, no matter how many times you explained it to him- he wanted both, or neither.

Now you may be feeling a little depressed right now, a little tire even. But before we end this sad little tale I want to reinforce something into you mind and you must never ever forget it; the Majority of the British People agree with Nigel Farage.

I mean they might not like how he says things, or many of his policies or his fellow party members. But when he was out campaigning three quarters of the British Public wanted to lower net migration. Just like 52% of British people voted to Leave the EU. Because they’re ignorant and don’t know the facts, because they’re Racist bastards, because they’re delusional Lefties, because they are poor and desperate people who wanted a change and no one spoke to them like Nigel Farage. Because their lives may get worse, but they may get better and the only thing they saw that gave them a hope of change was Farage…and that is truly tragic.

That’s the danger with overturning Brexit. If you overturn it you’re showing all these people that the system doesn’t matter. You’re reinforcing the view that these people that feel their voices are being ignore are in fact being ignored.Because their lives may get worse, but they may get better and the only thing they saw that gave them a hope of change was Farage…and that is truly tragic.

Once you shoot your dick off, you can’t just put it back on. So in the name of democarcy and freedom and all that other shite the British have to go through with Brexit- for the Iirsh and the Scottish and the Welsh? Only time will tell. I remain cynical.

But one thing has been made perfectly clear- Nigel Frage, whether you like him or not,  is- The Face of Britain.




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