I tell myself it’s not Blood

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I tell myself it’s not blood, because it isn’t blood. It’s actually the two bottles of wine I drank that night in Belfast, which I was currently expelling from my mouth.

I threw up right beside a lamppost by the Maghera Flyover, a bus stop on the Glenshane road from Derry to Belfast. A concrete monstrosity that carved it’s way through a mountain range. This particular bus stop had a carpark and a roundabout on the right hand side of the road heading to Belfast. It carved a place out of a small hill and settled there.

The place is hideous, unnatural. While Ireland is Beautifully Ugly this place was just ugly. It made you feel bad, like you weren’t supposed to be there, because it wasn’t supposed to be there.

If left alone it would have washed away, one day when we were all gone it may have regained it’s status as a hill. But we didn’t leave it alone, we took something Beautifully Ugly and made it just Ugly.

So I was throwing up by this lamppost and I noticed the colour of my vomit (while it was violently projecting out of my mouth) was red, which made me worry for a moment. I thought it was blood, but I had to remind myself that it was not blood. It was two bottles of red wine that I drank.

That night I was at some Heavy Metal Concert, I don’t even like the music but I went along because my friend knew the owner. My friend looks like Oscar Wilde to some degree, from this point forward I will refer to him as; “The Chinless Wonder”.

I drew that portrait myself.

He didn’t like it.

Ok, so this Venue was pretty amateurish. It was a two story building that looked a hundred years old, maybe older. The band was playing on the top floor, a room where you could barely fit a hundred people. They didn’t even have stamps for Christ sake, they literally had to draw an X on our hands so that we could get back in.

They didn’t sell alcohol so we brought our own drinks. The Chinless Wonder bought an incredibly cheap halfglass of wine (Buckfast, or “A bottle of Bucky”) which is the favourite poison of the Vulgar and Useless sect of the Working class in the British isles; Chavs.

However I, an intellectual, bought two cheap supermarket brand bottles of red wine and drained them into two empty plastic bottles of water, cause I didn’t want to walk about like a posh Cunt with a Goddamn Wine Bottle.

Oh, and the Acne Ridden Manlet was there. He was drinking Cider.

That’s just glorified apple juice.

I’m not used to drinking wine. I initially chose it because (as we had to bring our own drinks) I didn’t want to be drinking Warm beer and wine doesn’t degrade in taste if it’s room temperature so…yeah.

It’s practical. It is also a lot more alcohol units in it than beer does so I got drunk very quickly.

Got so drunk I actually started liking the music. We spent most of the time outside because the Chinless Wonder is a heavy smoker. I ended up talking to a girl for like a straight hour. I can’t mind her name. Was it Laura? Lauren? I can’t fucking mind.

Nothing much happened with me and her, mainly because I was too drunk and I imagine that’s quite the turnoff. She seemed quite sad when I told her I had to go though so that’s nice. She was a nice girl. Very pretty. I can’t remember what she looks like.

Anyway, bus home was interesting. I had to keep hitting myself in the leg to prevent myself from falling asleep. I also had to use every fiber of my body to prevent me from throwing up, which was difficult because the bus journey from Belfast to Maghera is well over an hour long.

As soon as I got off I ran straight for that lamppost, I think I tried aiming for the grass but I ended up vomiting exclusively on the concrete.

A bit of it splattered onto my jeans. The whole thing flowed down hill, a stream of blood red vomit. It was still there when I got the bus home in the morning. I don’t live in Maghera (thank Christ) but I didn’t want to head on to the next stop; Dungiven. The closest town from where I live.

I didn’t go home that night for two reasons. Firstly, it was about two o’clock in the morning and I didn’t want to wake my Dad up to get a lift home. I couldn’t deal with that shit in my current state. Secondly, I don’t even live in Dungiven. So what I’d have to do was walk four miles home, most of it on a country road with no path, with cars that go as fast as 70 mph (no speed cameras) in the Dark- while drunk.

So I stayed at the Chinless Wonder’s house, he was actually quite pleased that I threw up on the concrete monstrosity; “Better here than at home” I slept on his sofa. I slept past noon which was bad because I promised my Dad I’d be in Dungiven by noon, he was at Mass and he’d pick me up afterwards. So the day wasn’t going well.


I can’t remember if I talked to my Chinless friend that morning. I often stay at his house after a night out, it’s all quite a blur really. He’s a nice guy, its just an utter shame he doesn’t have a chin.

So I made my way down to the concrete monstrosity that is the Maghera Flyover. Now there’s two ways of getting to the flyover. When you’re leaving Maghera there’s a road that goes straight to a Magical place called Moneymore (an odd name because it’s fucking Broke) and Cookstown (why would anyone willingly go to Cookstown?) this road is called the “Tobermore Road” not to be confused with the “Toblerone Road” which I just made up.


You can’t make a road out of chocolate. Well, maybe the Swiss can.

This road is a God damn nightmare to walk down. For starters it’s about a twenty minute walk, your on the pavement and you have to walk right beside a highway. Cars are always coming up and down and there’s nothing insight for them except you and the road. It’s a real bitch to walk down, especially in the dark- which I had to do back when I was like fifteen and I had to stay behind for After School Art.

I got a C in GCSE Art, if you were wondering. Surely you couldn’t tell that by the portrait above?

I opted out and used the Craigadick (No you did not read that wrong, there is a place in Ireland called Craigadick) road, a side road that leads to an estate and the main Glenshane road. I like this road, its quiet. It was perfectly ideal for my hungover state.

My dad refused to pick me up, he’d already left mass and gone straight home and he refused t drive back into town.

I ended up walking the four miles hungover, I kept thinking of the night before. I can’t remember much. I think I said some dumb shit, like I asked a guy if he was a Protestant- I didn’t mean anything by it but he gave me a look like “…why would you even care?” and…I don’t know. I don’t really care but…I say dumb shit sometimes. Stuff I don’t even mean.

Got back home and Dad gave me shit for being late. I had to clean the house. It was a shit day to say the least.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten drunk. Nor is it the first time I got drunk on red wine in Belfast. I’ve been up there with the Chinless Wonder two or three times. One time I recall getting home from Belfast, climbing into bed and then I started feeling sick. I leaned over the bed and threw up on the floor.

It was nasty. Like, I’d been drinking red wine and I also ate KFC that night (bones and all) so I threw up this blood red half-digested chicken- meat and bones.

I spent half an hour cleaning my vomit from the carpet, scrubbing it clean with the T-shirt I wore that night (It’s not even my shirt, it my friend’s shirt. I traded it for my best turtleneck. Turtleneck’s are marvelous, it’s like having an extra layer of skin) the room stank for weeks after that.

There was a stain on the carpet that would not go away. My Dad ended up removing the entire carpet- cause I practically ruined it. We found out that the Vomit had dried into the carpet, meaning a large chunk of it was stuck to the floor.

I spent an entire morning scraping that off the floor, hungover.

The hangover really is the worst part. You’d think it’d be the vomit but you actually feel better after throwing up. On a night out I used to throw up at least three times, now I don’t. I used to drink raw vodka but now it just makes my stomach churn. I used to do a lot of dumb shit.

Now I just get drunk like any other dull cunt. One beer at a time. I don’t even like the taste.

I have lots of friends who don’t drink, who don’t see the sense of having a good time that you can’t even remember, of waking up with a throbbing head and a gut that feels more like a toilet than an internal organ.

It doesn’t make much sense, I’m liable to agree with them. Surely there’s better ways of having the craic than poisoning your liver?

So today we’re going to talk about why people drink alcohol. But to do that we first have to understand the History.

Human beings have been present on the earth for well over six million years but for modern humans (Homo sapiens) we’ve only been here for about 200,000 years. According to archaeological findings it seems that for most of our existence we lived as Hunters and Gatherers. All of this changed however during the Agricultural revolution; the stage in which Humans moved from living as Hunters and Gatherers to living in a settled agriculture society.

This process was crucial for the establishment of Human Civilization, however most people spent their time farming and drastically cultivating the landscape to create fields. Towns and cities were developed, new innovations were sought after to better the lives of everyone and some people lead the discovery of Sciences and Medicine which drastically changed the way modern humans live.

None of this would have been possible without the Agricultural revolution 12,000 years ago, but we still don’t understand why exactly it happened. Some people argue that tribes of Humans wanted a surplus of food so that they could sustain a higher population, some argued that people wanted to stay in one place (which Hunting and Gathering didn’t guarantee because you always had to keep moving to find food) however some argue that the reason for the agricultural revolution was entirely based on the production of alcohol.

You needed Barely to produce beer and you needed grapes to produce wine. So if you didn’t want to keep walking around looking for enough fruit and grains of barley to get drunk on, it was easier to grow your own.

Some people would argue that women started the agricultural revolution, since men were mostly hunters (more upper body strength than the average woman, meaning they’d be better at throwing spears) women were gatherers so they would be the first to discover that planting seeds into fertile soil would result in plants growing.

This discovery lead to women harvesting this produce, creating fields because they thought “Why should I waste my day walking about the Forrest looking for food when I can just walk down to this field I made that’s ten minutes away?” So women essentially paved the way for civilization.

Some people believe that the first few stories from Genesis was an allegory for the Agricultural revolution. Eve represented all Women, Adam represented all Men, the Apple represented the Agricultural revolution (the apple gave knowledge, the knowledge required to establish civilization) and the snake represented…I don’t fucking know. A snake I guess? There’s a lot of Anti-Snake messages in Mythology. People back then really didn’t like snakes.

It sure as Fuck doesn’t represent Satan because the Devil was not a part of the old testament, at least not how Christians think of him. There was an angel called “Ha Satan” but he was working on God’s behalf to test his followers, he wasn’t a bad guy- he was just following orders.

Also the whole origin story of the Devil is full of shit, Isaiah wasn’t talking about “Lucifer” as in the Angel “Ha Satan“. No, he was talking about “Lucifer” as a description for King Nebuchadnezzar II, the Ruler of Babylon who was occupying the region of Israel at the time.

But yeah Adam and Eve are most likely an allegory for the Agricultural revolution. A very negative allegory as well because the story of the Garden of Eden basically blames women for the apparent down fall of man (God apparently ensured that Child birth will be extremely painful because Eve ate a fucking apple) so if we were to interpret this as an allegory, which we should, men are essentially blaming women for kick-starting civilization and bringing all the bad shit it entails.

They’re basically blaming all of their human vices on one specific gender, which was deliberate because if a person thinks they did something wrong they’ll feel guilty and when people feel guilty they’re very susceptible to control.

They feel that the abuse they’re suffering is justified. That’s how you establish Patriarchal control over a human society.

So because they apparently lost the right to live in The Garden of Eden, the Jews lost the approval of God which really had a toll on their culture.

The ancient Israelites were filled with such self loathing they’d make an emo kid blush.

So yeah, women pretty much paved the way for the Agricultural revolution and they also started brewing beer. This was due to the establishment of gender roles in the aftermath of the agricultural revolution.

Having a reliable food source meant that Men no longer had to hunt for food as frequently as they used to so they spent most of their time farming and gathering wood to burn. Women were forced to stay at home because they had to look after children and make food. Also, raiding parties were a huge problem back then so it was a bad idea to wander off by yourself incase you’d get kidnapped, raped and murdered. In a house you at least had walls that could protect you.

So beer and other alcoholic beverages have been brewed for well over 10,000 years. Beer itself was made because it was the only real source of safe drinking water, wine typically had grapes that were either inedible or were very difficult to store so they turned it into a beverage and added ingredients to prevent it from going sour. Stronger spirits like Vodka, Whiskey, absinthe and various different types of moonshine were developed for some medical purposes but mainly to get drunk. People used to drink six pints of beer a day just to stay hydrated so they required something a lot stronger to compete with their built up alcohol tolerance.

As the main carers of the home, women were in charge of brewing. Even today in remote parts of Africa and the Amazon it would be very odd if a man was involved with anything more than drinking the beer.

The first real archaeological evidence of people drinking alcohol came from jars found in Jiahu, a sight of Neolithic settlement in Ancient China near the Yellow river. The jars that at one point contained alcohol date back 7000 years.

Alcohol was an important factor in Chinese culture. Whether it be used in medicine, for religious ceremonies, for eating dinner or for getting drunk with friends. Most people approved of alcohol but they didn’t approve of the drunken disorder it caused.

Legend says that Yi Di, the wife of the first dynasty’s King Yu (about 2400 BCE) invented the method to make alcohol. This is probably untrue because there was evidence of alcohol production several thousand years before she was born, so she either rediscovered it or maybe she made a better drink. Again, it’s interesting to see the involvement of female brewers, even in legends.

I’m going to talk about the History of China someday, in fact I plan on talking about the history of all the countries I talk about today.

There’s evidence of Neolithic wine brewing in Persia (Iran) which was discovered by archaeologists in the Zagros Mountains, at a site called “Hajji Firuz Tepe” where wine jars were discovered that dated back to 5000 BCE.

Wine brewing started up because fruits such as grapes were so easily perishable they had to be liquidated so they could be safely stored and transported. It’s unknown if the brewers intentionally made the wine for its intoxicating effects or if it was just a happy accident.

Brewery was huge in Ancient Egypt, it had huge cultural and religious significance to Egyptian society because Osiris was worshipped throughout the kingdom. He was the God of death but he was also the God of Wine so alcohol was undoubtedly a huge part of the culture.

Egyptian brewing started in the city of Heirakonopolis (Nekhen) located in Upper Egypt. The brewery could produce three hundred gallons of beer a day. The Egyptians liked drinking but they prohibited Taverns (as that would lead to Prostitution) and like the people from Ancient China they warned against the dangers of drunkeness.

The Indus River valley civilization is one of the oldest civilisations known to man. Dating back to the Bronze age, it’s over 8,000 years old- older than Ancient Egypt which is staggering because Ancient Egypt is old. Like, when the Egyptians were building their pyramids- woolly mammoths still existed.

Alcohol was brewed during the Chalcholithic, these beverages were usually brewed from rice, wheat,sugar canes and fruit. Again most likely due to their perishable state they would be converted into other foods (i.e bread) and drinks (wine and beer) to prevent malnutrition in the population.

Alcohol would be brewed in India, Greece, Rome, the Americas (Pre-Columbus) and Sub-Saharan Africa.

So wine was largely used to preserve fruits and it was also very significant for religious ceremonies, so much so that in Ancient Greece it became culturally significant. Those who didn’t drink wine were thought of as Barbarians, but most Hellenic Greeks disapproved of Drunkeness. The only real exception to this was the Cult of Dionysus who got shit faced because they believed that’s how you got closer to their God.

Brewing beer and ale was important as for most of human history we did not have access to clean water. Perhaps we wouldn’t have had to rely on alcohol to keep us hydrated if we were more capable of trading information. The Indus River valley civilization died out by 1,700 BCE and they had better waste distribution in their plumbing than Victorian London.

The Romans paved their streets with concrete so strong some of it is still here today. Their concrete is stronger than our concrete- and we don’t know how they made it.

We don’t know a lot of things about the past, because some fuckers think it’s a good idea to burn down Libraries.

Hard liquor or Spirits such as Whiskey, Brandy and Vodka require distillation in order to increase the concentration of alcohol. This process was mostly used for medicine but it was eventually used as a beverage, most likely due to the built up alcohol tolerance people had after drinking six pints a day.

There’s archaeological evidence to suggest that China had a distillation system for alcohol by 100 CE along with some regions of India and Roman occupied Egypt. However most of the innovations of distillation came from Medieval Arabs who lead to many innovations in science.

Trade between nations lead to the methods of distillation transferring throughout the entire sub continent of India, Africa and eventually Europe.

It’s ironic that a region that prohibits the consumption of alcohol is also the greatest benefactor to the production of alcohol.

In Europe during the middle ages witch hunts were extremely common. Most of the accused women died as a result of poor education, religious dogma and the appeal of an angry mob.

However most of the images of a witch were also depictions of female brewers. These women had cats (some of whom were black) in order to prevent rodents from eating the barley. They used a cauldron to brew the beer, boiling it for the purpose of fermentation. They wore pointed hats in order to stand out in a crowd when they were selling their produce in the market, they even used a broom to signify that they sold beer by hanging it outside their door.

This was required by law since most of the population was illiterate, visual symbols were imperative to understanding the world around them. That’s why most churches have paintings, because nobody could understand Latin so you had to have images to overwhelm the Plebs with a sense of awe.

Female brewers (often referred to as Brewster’s or Ale-Wives) were common place even as far back as the Roman occupation of continental Europe and Briton. Most of these women were Widows or were never married in the first place. I suspect some of them were Lesbians, which may explain why some of them lived together. That or they were just friends/sisters who were unmarried.

Back then women couldn’t own Property and there was little to no jobs for them. If you didn’t have a family your only real options were to become a prostitute or make beer for the rest of your life. So witch hunts often devolved into an angry mob finding an old woman that was living alone and then killing her.

Some historians speculate that these accusations came from other Brewster’s who wanted to eliminate their competition.

The Black Plague diminished the population of Europe exponentially meaning there was a short hand of labourers which resulted in less food being harvested, which lead to prices skyrocketing. Some Brewster’s made a lot of money.

However following the Hundred years war between England and France, Brewster’s could not compete with the mass demand (the average soldier drank six pints per day) to combat this demand breweries were established to supply beer for the troops, pushing women out of the market entirety as they could not own Property.

By the time of the industrial revolution the role of Brewster had gone extinct, women no longer brewed beer at home.

A lot of things have changed for women since the agricultural revolution. For starters modern women are less strong than their ancestors. Around 8,000 years ago women almost exclusively worked on farming which required a lot of upper body strength, in fact their bones had evolved in such a way that they could support more muscle mass- hence they were stronger.

A woman from 8,000 years ago would be stronger than a male rower today. However as the demand for physical labor for women declined they gradually evolved to have thinner bones that supported less muscle. The average woman from Medieval times would be as strong as the average woman today.

So for the majority of the time that Modern Humans have existed we have brewed alcohol. It may have started out as a method to preserve perishable food, it may have later evolved into some religious significance- but it stayed for its social mobility.

Alcohol is a nervous system depressant, it increases production of the hormone known as euphoria (a hormone that tells the brain to be happy) by doing so it decreases anxiety and makes people more sociable.

People have established their livelihoods around the production and distribution of alcohol. How many stories feature alcohol? How many sitcoms take place in a bar? Countless.

We live our lives with its shadow living over us. How could we not drink?

Of course there are a lot of issues with alcohol. For starters it’s incredibly harmful to the body. It’s a slow poison that causes such problems as liver failure, heart disease, brain damage and increases your likelihood of getting cancer.

It also causes a lot of social issues such as drunk driving which results in car accidents. Drunk people often cause a lot of issues like starting fights, damaging property, sexual assaults and rape.

To top that off you’re hungover afterwards and you can’t remember a goddamn thing.

So if Alcohol is so bad, why not ban it entirely?

Well it’s not so simple as that. Actually, it’s very simple- banning alcohol doesn’t work. Banning any drug doesn’t work. If people want to get drunk or high there is nothing you can do about it.

For centuries China went back and forth between banning alcohol- it didn’t work. It was completely pointless, peoples livelihoods could be ruined by some Cunt who got their hands on the mandate of Heaven, only for it to be repealed by the next guy and then it’ll be reinstalled by the next guy.

It truly is pointless and if anything, it makes the problem worse. Prohibition shuts down businesses that produce the drug, which leads to the illegal production of that product- a product that is now stronger, more harmful and more expensive.

This means desperate people are at greater risk of financial ruin and death. Prohibition literally kills people.

It also results in an increase of organised crime. Take America for example, during prohibition throughout the 1920’s Gangsters like Al Capone made their money producing and selling bootleg Alcohol. Granted prohibition wasn’t the only reason crime was rampant. The Great Depression was in effect and many people were living in severe poverty.

Poverty breeds crime, prohibition is just the excuse for the crime.

So banning alcohol (or any drug) not only doesn’t work, it makes the problem worse. So maybe criminalising a mode of recreation isn’t the way to go. What if you made it socially unacceptable? Like the Society you live in frowns upon that action so much that you feel morally obliged to forfeit your vice?

Well the funny thing with moral obligations is that people seem to find a way around them.

Take Ireland for example. Now Ireland has never had prohibition of Alcohol (to enforce it would be suicide) but we have had some moral busybodies trying to shame people into sobriety. The Catholic church founded an organisation called “The Pioneers” in which it’s members swore off Alcohol for their entire lives.

By the end of the 19th century over half of the adult population were Pioneers. However many of these people found a way around it by consuming a liquid that technically wasn’t an alcohol but gave the same effect. It’s called “Ether“, I talked briefly about it in one of my reviews for the Dubliners.

It has a much lower boiling point than Alcohol so once you drink some it’ll evaporate due to your internal body heat, it goes through the bloodstream and gets you drunk quickly. It also doesn’t result in a hangover. It sounds amazing, however it’s worth remembering that this beverage is incredibly strong and very flammable. There were many cases of people getting caught on fire while smoking after having a drink.

Eventually the nation wised up and started drinking again. In a few years we fought off the British, told Churchill to go fuck himself and (almost) got our independence. It’s been a ride ever since.

Oooh, speaking of Whinston Churchill- did you know he was an alcoholic? Yeah, he drank a lot.

He drank so much so often that the British government had to get an actor to do his Radio broadcasted speeches for him. That actor, and I swear to fuck this is true, was also the voice of Winnie the Pooh.

That’s fucking wild.

Ok, so if you can’t criminalise it and you can’t shame people into stopping it- what exactly can you do?


Not a God damn thing.

Prohibition of any kind is simply the illusion of progress. The illusion of care. The illusion of control. The problem isn’t solved, you haven’t fixed the reason why people want to drink or smoke in the first place. You just hide the problem under a rug and pretend everything is going to be fine- when it’s not.

The reason why I should drink, why anyone should drink, is freedom.

God I sound like an American. But yes, despite being a Hypocritical Oligarchy, America is right about the virtues of freedom.

So long as you’re not hurting anyone you should be left in peace. You should be able to do whatever you want. If you want to poison your body in the pursuit of happiness, you should do that.

I myself understand that sense of bliss you get when you get completely shitfaced. You sit down, lean your head back, close your eyes and feel all that blood rushing to your head. It’s like you’re being beamed up to space. You feel and see everything. You can’t think, but you’re at peace.

It’s your very own rainbow road.

I get the appeal of being drunk. For starters your brain is slowed down so you have the attention span of a Goldfish, you can’t carry a train of thought so you just have to focus on one thought at a time.

I like not being able to think for a while. As you can tell from the blog, I think a lot. For the most part it’s fine, occasionally even fun- like a train of thought dedicated to exploring the lives of Medieval Lesbians who brew beer for a living.

Other times it’s not so fun. Sometimes that train of thought takes you places you don’t want to go. Makes you see things you don’t want to see. Asking questions that should never be asked and answers something you wish you didn’t hear.

It’s nice not to think for a while. I guess that’s why I hear about people in places like Iran who attend these underground raves. They dress like Westerners. They drink, smoke, fuck, dance- whatever. I’ve heard that these raves are some of the best parties in the world, because for one night only people are free.

Free to be who they are and free to do what they want.

So I’m not gonna lie, drinking is fun. I mean I understand the argument that you don’t need Alcohol to have fun, but it certainly fucking helps.

And there’s nothing funnier than a drunk girl. Cause they say and do the funniest things. They’re hilarious.

Drunk people usually are quite funny. It reminds me of a story from the Bible, where Noah (post-flood) was at a vineyard and he got super drunk off of wine. Like, he was so drunk he tore off all his clothes and ran around naked.

His adult sons eventually calmed him down and put him to bed. One of his sons went to check on him and when he entered the room his Dad was asleep on the bed, completely naked- so he saw his Dad’s dick and he was immediately grossed out.

So Noah wakes up to see his son staring in disgust at his shriveled, 600 year old penis. So what does he do? He says; “What the- are you fucking Gay?! Get the fuck out of here!” And then he banished him because he seen his dick.

It’s a funny story. Probably bullshit. The Ancient Israelites talked a lot of shite about other tribes, even if they were Jews. They’d make up fucked up stories about the other tribe to dehumanise them. Like they made up a story about Lott being date raped by his daughters in order to insinuate his tribe is descended from incest.

It’s just anti-Semitic propaganda made by other Semitic people.

Ha, your Great Grandfather saw my Great Great Grandfather’s dick! What a Gay! … Let’s Fight!”

I’m glad I haven’t thrown up in a while. I rarely get drunk, but when I do I get really drunk. I almost broke my hand one night after I punched the ground- thrice.

I have yet to get as drunk as these people though:

I love this photo- there’s so much going on.

The woman in red who’s sick of her husband’s shit- so she demands the car keys; “Fuck sake Kevin- I want to go to bed!

This mad bastard looks like he was from a renaissance painting, leaning out to his drink which is just out of reach. It represents the American dream.

He wears blue to contrast the woman in red. He’s also staring into the camera, he’s self aware- he knows that the pursuit of the American dream is fruitless- yet he carries on regardless, because he needs the dream.

The woman in White is obviously Death. Ever present, always watching, looming over All of Us.

These two guys went out on the town, hoping to get laid- but to no avail. Fuck, they didn’t even get drunk.

Last but not least, the women eating takeout. They got drunk (but not too much) and had fun. Felt a little peckish, got a kebab, engaged in a little banter and watched the chaos ensue on the street.

Good night out”

Yeah, it was alright”

Fancy coming back to mine for a cup of tea?”

…Oh go on then”


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