The Desolation of Mogg

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So as you can tell by the incessant political rants that I include in my reviews of James Joyce (I’ve learned that I will do literally anything to avoid talking about James fucking Joyce) you will be aware that I am not exactly a fan of the Parliamentary representative of North East Somerset; Jacob Rees-Mogg.

So I thought today I would dedicate a few thousand words to his complete and utter destruction; a desolation if you will.


Yes, I- Desmond Austin Noah Lynch- will single-handedly destroy the political career of Jacob Rees-Mogg. By revealing all the damning information of his political and financial career (all of which I totally didn’t steal from Wikipedia) that is open to the public eye. Some may say that my prospects of his complete and utter destruction are “Unrealistic” and “Naive” and “Clearly a delusion by a man who can barely write a review on Oscar Wilde” to which I say;

…Shut the Fuck up.

However for those of you who relish in my vulgarity you will be disappointed to find that I will, to my best efforts, remain completely nuanced and respectful of his character. So if you expect me to call him names such as “Le Posh Cunt” or “A molested Harry Potter” or “A love child between Margaret Thatcher and a Weasel” or “A Closet-Racist Pantomime Villain” or “A nepotistic theocratic imperialistic throw-back-thursday to the days of Oliver Twist” and/or “What would happen if Wesley Crusher had been raped by Lucius Malfoy” you’re sorely mistaken. I’m offended that you would expect such things from me.

Also, if he retires from his position sometime in the next eight and a half months I will take full responsibility. Because- you’re welcome.


Jacob Rees-Mogg really is a fascinating character. His eccentricity and extremely conservative views have lead to satirists dubbing him as “The Right Honourable Member of the 18th Century” to which he responded “I’m flattered they think I’m so modern“. He stands ou in parliament, not only because he has a habit of lying down on the seats but because of his humour, even humility with his popularity.

image (1)

So he has a sense of humour and is a genuinely charming man, so much so that Mharia Black- a vocal critic of Tory policy and Austerity and Lesbian- has joked; “There is my boyfriend- Jacob Rees-Mogg. He’s my favourite.”

So he’s managed to make friends with a self declared Socialist. Whether or not you care for his policies you can’t deny that Jacob is a breath of fresh air, a genuine person, funny and charming. With a wit and vocabulary that would allow him to fit into an episode of Yes, Minister perfectly. There’s just something about him, an aroma that enchants you. Something that makes him likeable, on both sides of the aisle. An ability to to muster up adoration- enough to create his own cult following online.

I couldn’t for the life of me put my finger on it. It felt like I was in a dark and stuffy room that was causing my head to swell and created a complete and utter sense of confusion. Staring at his face, a creature that I struggle to understand. Then one day it dawned on me;

He’s a Psychopath.

Now understand I don’t use these words lightly, I genuinely believe most members of Parliament are Psychopaths or Sociopaths. I mean for one thing, most of them are charming. An intrinsic quality to being a good psychopath is getting people to like you or having an alluding charm. You’ll see that with Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Nick Clegg- even Jeremy Corbyn. They go out of their way to present themselves as kind, warm hearted people- but they’re also power hungry, ego driven, self determined machines. Which is why Psychopathy is a valuable trait among leaders, Bankers, Secret Agents (looking at you, Bond) and Celebrities. That ability to take risks, that leap of faith- most people don’t believe in themselves enough to risk everything for a reward. Psychopaths do.

Of course there’s a difference between a Psychopath and a Sociopath, however slim. They both suffer from a lack of empathy, mainly due to the part of the brain that produces and develops empathy and sympathy not working- meaning that the individual can come off as callous and uncaring, because for the large part they are. Some people are born with the neurological inability to develop empathy while others lose that ability due to years of trauma or abuse caused by a hard upbringing.

That really establishes the difference between the two; Psychopaths are Born, Sociopaths are made.

Being a Psychopath or a Sociopath doesn’t mean you’re a criminal, a murderer or even a serial killer. Despite the fact that most serial offenders do possess psychotic traits- they weren’t born to kill. No, an upbringing of abuse and torment by peers and family caused them to develop a blood-lust and a life of crime. If they grew up in a fairly well adjusted family they’d have pursued a career as a Banker or as a Surgeon- or as a Politician.

I think that’s the best way to understand any politician really. That they’re, for the most part, empty shells of a human being masquerading as a happy and thoughtful person who makes pretty speeches. Personally I try my best to ignore what they say, I want to focus on what they do.

So that’s what I’ll get into later on, what Mogg has done. For now I’m going to explain the type of man he is- how this beast came to be. But be warned, to understand a man is to forego hatred- because it’s a simple rule of life; you can’t hate what you understand.


Jacob Rees-Mogg was born in May 1969 in Hammersmith, London but he was raised in Somerset. His father was William Rees-Mogg, the editor of The Times from 1967-1981 before Rupert Murdoch bought it. He was also a chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain and was Vice Chairman of the BBC. He has a sister, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, who also tried to run for Parliament but lost (possibly because she was a Tory in Wales) so she became a freelance Journalist with conservative ideals, like the rest of her family.

His mother was always away and his father was always working so for most of his life his sole carer was his Nanny, who he credits as being the person who “Made me the man I am today“, so he loves his Nanny- but he Hates the “Nanny-State“. So it’s pretty clear he was indoctrinated from an early age into this Tory world view. He got the best kind of education. He met Ted Heath (Prime Minister during the 70’s) when he was just five years old, he got a biscuit off him and he’s been a loyal Tory ever since.

Jacob is a smart guy, he was educated at Eton (a school that produced nineteen of Britain’s Prime Ministers, including David Cameron) and would later study History at Oxford. He’s reported to saying that “He regrets he never studied the classics“. He attended his first Shareholders meeting at the age of eleven. The company’s name was “Lonrho” a London based conglomerate which Mogg owned (at the time) 340 shares with. At the meeting he was very vocal and critical of their business management. He “quizzed” the then chairman Lord Duncan-Sandys about the mingy dividend that Lonrho shareholders were being offered.

That shareholders meeting was later reported by several Newspapers. They basically wrote a column about “What? An Eleven year old worth £3,500? Oh my!” most of these articles reported that Lord Duncan-Sandys was discomforted by the fact he was getting berated by a boy who’s balls had yet to drop. However, the Times did not disclose this information. Totally has nothing to do with the fact that Jacobs father was the editor.

Jacob was never really an athletic boy, he liked cricket but wasn’t good at playing. Possibly one of the reasons why he loved reading and was fascinated by politics; it’s show-business for ugly people. One of his teachers at Eton referred to him as “A dogmatic Thatcherite“.

In fact, he’s on the record for saying that he’d pick Thatcher over Churchill any day of the week, so long as there isn’t a World War on. That’s a man’s job, after all. He founded the Stockton society, a group of Conservatives attending Eton. He stresses it isn’t a debate club, they just get Conservative speakers in. It’s kind of like the Young Republicans in America, but somehow more elitist and a little more cuntish.

So when he was younger he was a bit of a prick. He’s kind of like a know it all, like Wesley Crusher from Star Trek. He was once interviewed when he was sixteen and when he was asked how old he was he said; “I am to the day exactly one hundred and fifty years older than Queen Victoria” …I’ll let you decide what that makes him out to me. Personally I’d go with; “Pretentious Cunt” but hey, that’s just my opinion.

Apparently he’s rumoured to have inadvertently inspired Comedian Harry Enflields character “Tory Boy” a Boy who is a staunch Tory, what an apt name.

In that same interview he discusses how much of a Catholic he is (some may go so far as to say Fundamentalist) and his favourite authors. He likes reading the financial times and used to read the Daily Mail, but he stopped because it was “Too Left-Wing!” The Daily Mail, left wing? Aye, and Donald Trump is a Socialist.

He was a big fan of Newsnight until the interviewer revealed to him that it too was “quite leftie” because when reporting on the Falklands war they reported the Argentinians as “The Argentinians” and not as “The Enemy” and they reported the British as “The British” and not as “Our Boys” and apparently that made Thatcher furious. She made her displeasure known the following day in the House of Commons, indirectly referring to it as “Certain BBC Promgrammes” because nothing says “Freedom” than the leader of the Nation being angry at a News Promgrammes nuance.

So, being the Thatcherite he is he said “Well, I used to like Newsnight. I liked it the best” perhaps that’s why he’s always on the show. Spouting his vile like a good little Ideologue. Not like the media is trying to lube him up so the public could squeeze him in there with greater ease. No, that’s preposterous. How dare you suggest such a thing.


After he finished his education Jacob would later work at a company in London his Father owned; Lloyd George Management, working as an investor. His education and previous experience with being a shareholder meant he knew how to manipulate markets, making him very qualified for the role. He worked in Hongkong and Singapore, he was reportedly very good at his job. However his heart wasn’t really in it. As a colleague of his at the time said “Jacob was a pedestrian fund manager, always more interested in politics than investment — he never outperformed the index. He was great friends with Chris Patten and was always in and out of Government House, working on his political reputation.”

Apparently he was also a bit of a greedy prick: “I saw him accost a former manager to complain his seven-figure bonus wasn’t sufficient — in the line-up at his own wedding

He’d later leave the firm to start his own company “Somerset Capital“, founded in 2007 as a specialist Global Emerging Markets investment management firm. Which has reported to have earned him at least £4 million during his seven years as an MP. This wouldn’t be too concerning, except for the fact that Mogg has a history with failing to report his capital interests with Tobacco industries, alongside Oil and Gas industries when participating in debates and votes regarding these subjects. His company of Somerset is managed via subsidiaries in the tax havens of the Cayman Islands and Singapore so it’s no surprise that he’s an apologist for offshore tax havens.

He’s ran for Parliament several times. His first attempts gave him infamy because he ran as a Conservative in Central Fife, Scotland. A constituency so Left wing they previously elected an actual Communist. There’s this story that he went canvassing with his Nanny in a Bentley. Mogg of course says this the tale was wildly inaccurate “It was actually a Mercedes“. His canvassing in Central Fife was, according to Mogg, one of the greatest learning experiences in his political career. The man spoke in Edwardian Vowels and he admitted he had difficulty understanding the Constituents accents, and when he opened his mouth the people found him too posh to bare.

That’s one of the things about Mogg- He’s unapologetically posh. When David Dimbleby tried to mock him for going to Eton on Question time he simply replied; “I was at School with your son“. That’s one of the respectable things about him, he’s genuine. He doesn’t try to be someone he isn’t (except when he claims to care about poor people) not like David “Pig Fucker” Cameron who Peter Hitchens describes as “A Trotskyite” …yeah, he’s not as well balanced as Christopher Hitchens, his brother, who I also despise.

That leads to my issue with people using his Etonian education as an insult. Like I get it, it’s a pretty elitist school that shits out Tories- but its a good school. It’s basically like saying “Look at him- he went to a Good school, the bastard!“. It’s a word class education facility. Like Cambridge and Oxford or fucking Harvard. You’re telling me if you had the money that you wouldn’t send your kid to Eton? I would. That is if some poor girl would willingly bare my children.

But as Jacob says; he would never pretend to be a man of the people. Well, except for those times he claims to be the man of the people.

Jacob married in 2007, to a very posh woman called Helena De Chair. She was a child hood friend of his sister, they started dating in the Summer of 2005. She’s also reported to be really fucking wild, a party animal which contrasts Jacobs rigid nature. They have six children, the most recent of which was born last July. His Nanny takes care of the children, he’s proclaimed that he’s never changed a nappy (diaper, for you foreigners) in his life. Some people have called him “A dead beat dad” over his callous and distant nature.

Jacob Rees-Mogg was elected MP of North East Somerset in the 2010 General Election. Since then he’s voted consistently against Gay Rights, votes like the one held on February 5th and May 21st of 2013- he voted against allowing same sex couples to marry. On March 5th 2014 he voted against allowing same sex married couples to get a Divorce or an annulment and on the same day he voted against allowing same sex marriage available to armed forces personnel outside of the UK.

On December 4th of 2012 he voted to repeal the Human Rights act of 1998. On March 10th he voted against making it unlawful for any provider of regulated social care to act in a matter incompatible with European Convention on Human Rights (He’s a staunch Brexiteer so the mention of Europe probably influenced his vote, that or he’s a psychopath) he also voted against making it illegal to discriminate on basis of caste (social class) on April 16th of 2013.

On Foreign Policy he voted against investigating the Iraq War, he voted consistently for the use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas (Like he approved bombing Syria but also says he doesn’t want to go to war with Syria?) and also voted against strengthening the UK’s Covenant with the armed forces. So he’s ok with expanding the military, but he doesn’t want to look after Soldiers.

He’s also voted against increasing benefits for disabled people that can’t work (Hates the Nanny State, despite having a Nanny) consistently voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits, almost always voted against Taxes on Bankers, taxes on large estates such as Mansions (which he owns three) and has always voted for reducing the tax on capital gains.

You can read more about his voting record here.

Jacob is known as one of the more rebellious members of the Conservative Party. He calls out his own Parties officials when he disagrees with them, he doesn’t bow down to the Tory chief whip- especially during the whole Gay Marriage thing. He’s a staunch Euroskeptic, so he’s incredibly Anti-EU which secures him the UKIP vote.

He’s also Nigel Farage’s favoured person to be the next Tory leader, Nigel Farage of course is a man who some individuals refer to as “A Frog Faced Cunt that panders to his supporters Xenophobia” they cite his attempt to blame Health Tourism (Immigrants using the Health Care services) as the main reason that the NHS is on its last leg- despite the fact that the £2billion pound spent on treating foreigners is barely 2% of the annual budget and the reason the NHS is falling apart is due to the Governments deliberate under-funding, essentially sabotaging it so patients are forced to go for Private Healthcare, like in America, all so they can hand out tax breaks to the rich.

Oh, and fun fact- Nigel Farage campaigned for Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore– a staunch homophobe and, as its been recently revealed, a Paedophile. They called him “Mr. Brexit” how adorable.


It also doesn’t help Mogg that he was once caught using one of his employees at Somerset to pretend to be a constituent that supported his policies during his election campaign in 2009. There’s also that time he plagiarized a Sun article by using almost word for word a column criticizing the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the economy and including it in his pamphlets while campaigning- though it’s worth remembering he didn’t write the pamphlet himself and the person who did was fired.

Oh, and he once attended a dinner where he gave a speech to a room filled with members of the group “Traditional Britain” a cast of far Right Wing nut jobs who believe in an Ethno State and advocate the mass deportation of all non-indigenous citizens of Britain (does that include Anglo-Saxons?). He would later distance himself from the group, saying that he “felt silly” and blamed his lack of research- despite the fact that Anti-Racism campaigners warned him about the group’s fucked up beliefs the day before the dinner, but he shrugged it off- thinking it was just Leftie dribble.

Oh, and the leader of “Traditional Britain” is a member of UKIP. A party that Jacob Rees-Mogg has advocated for the Conservatives to form a political pact with to “Unite the Right. UKIP of course is the far right party that stole some key supporters of the Tories during the 2010 election, forcing them into the coalition with the Liberal Democrats (which Mogg fucking hated cause he had to behave himself) their only real policy was to get the UK out of the European Union, which is going to happen now because of the Referendum in 2016 with most of the UK (England and Wales) voting to leave.

Now however they’re kind of irrelevant, doing their best to get attention. One of their most pathetic attempts was their policy to ban religious clothing such as Burqas and Naqibs-they attempted to defend their policy by saying they wanted to make sure Muslim Women got plenty of Vitamin D. It’s kind of like how Frankie Boyle put it; “You need strong bones to Fuck Of Back to Where you Came From“.

It’s also kind of odd that he’s a firm believer in fiscal responsibility, yet defended the Government spending £250,000 on oil paintings of Members of Parliament. He claims that “It’s chicken feed” in comparison to other expenditures. Justifying it as “sealing your place in history” …couldn’t a fucking selfie on your iPhone suffice?

Oh and his corruption doesn’t help. If you scroll back up you can see the article detailing his failure to disclose the fact he has financial connections to Tobacco producers and distributors and energy companies such working with Gas and Oil. Which is dodgy enough but its made worse that he participated in debates and votes that revolve around those topics. So he votes not on his constituents best interests but on his financial donors best interests. That’s why corruption and money in politics is so concerning in the UK, because the region is quite small. It’s tightly pact, everything is done in London. That means the people at White Hall know the Bankers in the city and all the Press- because all of them are from London.

Oh, and that investigation into Jacobs connections that he failed to disclose? It was never carried out. Who thought it was a good idea for Members of Parliament to earn money outside of Parliament? Why the fuck would they need a second job? They’ve literally legalised bribery.

It’s quite funny to see people ridicule Metropolitan Elitist Lefties “who don’t understand the plight of the working man” and yet they think Jacob Rees-Mogg should be Prime Minister.

And he well could be. You might laugh that off, thinking the country isn’t stupid enough to elect a nutter like Mogg. The Americans initially laughed off Trump, look where that got him. In many ways Mogg is even worse than Trump- because he actually believes in shit. He believes Gay Marriage is wrong, that Abortion should be illegal in all cases, that Zero Hour contracts are a good thing and not exploitative- and that benefits are for scroungers and deters people from pursuing careers, and y’know- not ensuring people don’t starve to death.

That sense of authenticity is a rarity in British Politics. That’s why he stands out like a sore thumb.

He already has a cult following online. His twitter account gained twenty thousand followers the first day he joined. There’s meme pages dedicated to him such as “Middle Class Memes for Rees Moggian Teens” on Facebook and some cunts are fanatical enough that they’ve literally tattooed the phrase “Moggmentum” onto their bodies. But it’s important to clarify that both sides of the aisle get stupid tattoos:

Would you fuck a person if they had either of these tattoos on their person? I know I wouldn’t. Let me know what you think here.

There are a lot of similarities between Jeremy Corbyn and Jacob Rees-Mogg. For the most part they dislike the EU. Corbyn because of it’s bureaucracy, corporatism and lack of accountability. While Mogg dislikes its legislation, its lack of representation of British interests (in some parts, though Nigel fucking Farage is our representative in the European Parliament in Brussels- it’s like Hitler working in a Synagogue) it’s regulations on trade and its requirements for free movement of citizens (UKIP advocated for a relationship like Denmark and Norway. Countries that are part of Europe but aren’t part of the European Union- but still get their benefits such as trade deals. Don’t tell them that the price of those benefits include freedom of movement). Their support starts out in the grass roots, they’re not career politicians- far from it. Corbyn has difficulty admitting that he doesn’t want to be Prime Minister and Mogg pretty openly refuses to stand for leader of the Conservative Party. Well, for now at least.

Mogg supports War while Corbyn supports soldiers.

They’re both against intervention in Syria. Mogg citing the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas (A christian philosopher many fundamentalists admire) stating that the conflict doesn’t meet the quotas of a “Just War“. While Corbyn sites his own morals, his pacifism, his belief to be an isolationist and the history of intervening with the middle east. That’s why Corbyn has stated on several times that he wants to put Tony Blair (Ex-Prime Minister) on trial for War Crimes due to his involvement in the Iraq War.

Tony Blair now supports Corbyn, because there’s a good fucking chance he’ll be Prime Minister some day and he really really doesn’t want to go to prison. It’s unlikely he’ll ever get on his good side.

Corbyn and Mogg are different sides of the same coin. It’s like in the old westerns where you could tell the hero and the villain apart just by the colour of their hat. Corbyn is the White Hat and Mogg is the Black Hat. It’s fascinating how similar yet diametrically opposite these two men are. They’re both honest politicians (for the most part) with genuine convictions, grass root support and represent change. Corbyn represents the future while Mogg represents the past.

Because that’s really what drives the support for Jacob Rees-Mogg; Nostalgia. America has dream, something that they can aspire to in the future. Britain does not have a dream. It’s incapable of dreaming. No, what Britain has is a Warm Memory, a past that never existed. Sure the British Empire existed, you owned three quat=rters of the world- but it didn’t benefit most people- not unless you were a wealthy business man, a ship owner or a politician. That’s why they believe in him, it’s like this YouTube comment says;

He is a proper English Gentleman. The Lefties despise him because he represents everything they want to annihilate: UK, England, Caucasians, good manners, a large family of which he is the authoritative patriarch, a solid moral base, grace, tradition, wealth, and unadulterated class. He has a strong sense of national identity; proud and willing to defend both his Englishness and his Britishness without a hint of the awkward, cringing apologetics that typifies Progressives when they are forced to role play at being patriots during national events. He is the Left-wing’s nemesis, a foe they thought they had vanquished years ago. His mere existence is an affront to them”

I think he genuinely believes it. Oh, and I’m a Leftie so I just want to clarify that I don’t want to annihilate England, White People and Good Manners. I’ll concede that I long for the destruction of the UK, like a good little Irishman.

jacob-rees-mogg (1)

So he’s got the UKIP vote, he’s got Nigel Farage’s support and his friends among the Tories refer to him as a “Mini Boris” (I’ll leave that up to you to decide if that’s a good or bad thing) but personally I think Mogg is far smarter and more genuine than Boris will ever be. The only reason Boris supported Brexit was because he wanted to secure the UKIP vote for the rest of his career- he never wanted to leave the EU, he just wanted power. Boris is rumoured to be our next Prime Minister (Or their prime minister, I sure as fuck can’t vote for him) however Boris is thinking of jumping ship because of the absolute fucking disaster Brexit is becoming- and the calamity it will cause once it actually happens.

I theorize that’s the reason Mogg doesn’t want to be leader of the Tory Party just yet. He’s smart like that, it’s like he says; “Before investing, one must gather as much knowledge as possible about what one proposes to buy and never become overexposed in any one particular area” I genuinely believe that Jacob Rees-Mogg wanted to leave the EU. He despises the prospect of being known as European and not British. He despises the thought of a foreigner telling him what to do. But he’s not stupid, he knows that Britain will be a fucking shit hole after they leave the EU. Whoever’s Prime Minister at the time will get the blame, the person who’s leader of the Tory’s will suddenly become unelectable.

Perhaps, if enough people are negatively effected, they’ll vote in Labour. Then they’ll be angry that Corbyn can’t keep any of his promises cause there’s no fucking money. He can’t increase taxes on the multi national corporations cause they’re staying solely out of pity, he’ll be bullied into repealing environmental regulations to attract investment. If all goes to plan he’ll be disgraced. Then, after a few years when things are finally getting better Jacob Rees-Mogg will take his place as Tory leader, rally the troops and storm Number Ten. Metaphorically, of course.

He’ll have managed to trick everyone into voting for him. Maybe even pull a Thatcher and stay in power for almost two decades.

Or maybe its just a matter of power being forced upon him. Maybe he doesn’t get all this coverage on TV because he wants it, maybe its just other members of his party pressuring their friends in the media to get him on the telly so he can rile up the pensioners. Maybe he genuinely doesn’t want to be leader of the Tory party because he wants to be a father to his children, which is unlikely but it’s a possibility- though if it were true he wouldn’t need a fucking Nanny. He has the policies that can unite the Right and the charisma to enchant the ignorant. He’s not a repulsive Pig Fucker like David Cameron or a bumbling idiot like Boris Johnson or a chinless cuck like Michael Gove.

The Russian trolls that had been influencing debate online and spreading fake news have moved in droves to support and follow Jacob Rees-Mogg online. I doubt Mogg has any ties to Russia but with his staunch views on social issues and politics he’s as divisive as many of the Right Wing speakers all across Europe. However it’s worth noting that there’s an unintended danger to this knowledge, I addressed it in my article about Russian Troll farms. Their purpose is to divide nations, create a toxic discussion platform and to alienate political participation leading to a suffering society. I don’t want to live in a nation in which “Everyone I disagree with is a Russian spy” is a common phrase.

He’s enchanting, he’s eccentric, he’s dangerous. One of the main reasons he thinks Jeremy Corbyn is unfit for Downing Street is his pacifism; “A Prime Minister must always be willing to go to war when necessary.” Yet he convenientally forgets that Jesus was against killing, thus against war.

Also Jesus kissed a Guy, remember that time Jesus kissed Judas? That was pretty Gay. Also prayer is pretty weird. You’re getting on your knees for another man, that sounds pretty damn Gay to me.

But then again he’s a Catholic, a religion that requires the believer to listen to and carry out exactly what the Pope says. Which he clearly doesn’t considering Pope Francis has saidThis illusion can also be seen in the sinful structures linked to a model of false development based on the idolatry of money, which leads to lack of concern for the fate of the poor on the part of wealthier individuals and societies; they close their doors, refusing even too see the poor“.

While Mogg allegedly “Destroys Socialism” by saying that Capitalism has carried millions out of poverty in China, then cites Genesis and the Garden of Eden because it symbolises man’s free will(?) and that any policies that are at all Socialist will pave the way to North Korea “Because they always do.” While its true that China’s capitalism has lifted millions out of poverty (Not exactly impressive for a nation that thought it was a good idea to force citizens to make steel in their back yards) but it’s worth noting they have an appalling Human Rights record.

Also America, the most Capitalist Nation on the Planet, spouts out shite about the “free market” but everything is privatized. All the mobile networks are owned by three companies, all the domestic airlines are owned by three companies- there’s monopolies every where and consumers are getting hurt by the brands laziness and greed. Government regulations are required to establish a fair market that protects the environment, consumers and workers. Socialism is a lap-band required to prevent Capitalism from eating everything.

Oh, and the Garden of Eden isn’t about free will. It’s about humanity’s fundamental flaws and how it’s all Womens fault. Like, Eve getting Adam to eat the forbidden fruit lead to the fall of man- and is the reason why Birthing a Child is so painful, cause God is a petty little bitch. It’s not about Capitalism or free will, if anything its an analogy for the Agricultural revolution which is theorised to have been started by women. Because women were gatherers so they dealt a lot with fruits and other plants. Maybe one day one of them dropped some seeds on the ground then they noticed over time that plants were growing where the seeds fell so they’re like “Hey, reliable food source” but then men took over the yard work cause we’re physically stronger and at the time raiding parties were the norm so it was best that women stayed inside if they didn’t want to get raped.

Also, Women invented beer. Which I’m eternally grateful for. However you should be ashamed of yourself for creating civilization. It’s been all down hill from there.

So the only thing worse than a religious fundamentalist is a religious fundamentalist that doesn’t even understand his own book and ignores his religions leader. He’s a politician first, a Christian second. Putting profit before God. Believes that Socialism is evil, that poor people are lazy, thinks an unborn child is more important than a kid fleeing a war-zone and thinks that the Earth will be fine if you keep prodding for oil- all this climate change nonsense is just Leftie Bile, like that warning about that pack of Racists.

Which means it isn’t surprising he doesn’t listen to the Vatican because a Pope that says stuff like; “The proud, rich and powerful will end up condemning themselves and plunging into the eternal abyss of solitude which is Hell” sounds like a fucking Commie.

Jeremy Paxman says that a man like Trump wouldn’t lat five minutes in the UK. Which I believe to be complete and utter bullshit. If Nigel Farage and Brexit taught us nothing, its that you can get a man to drink a Gallon of piss by just getting rid of the Smell.

The voters seem to be longing for a reaffirmation of their identity, a way back to the “good old days“. Whatever the fuck that meant. Probably the days where kids wore shorts all year round, the Germans were the bad guys, you didn’t have to worry about a Telly Tubby being a Paedophile and of course Homosexuality was illegal- it was perfectly acceptable to string up David Bowie to a fucking lamp post.

I’ll bet you a pint that this closeted homosexual will someday soon be our Prime Minister.

jacob-rees-mogg (2)

Better yet, I’ll make it two.


  1. Your writing so repulsed me that I could not finish reading it. The vulgarity and the utter childishness of the perspective makes me immediately supportive of Mr Rees-Mogg. If swine like you dislike him, he must be a pretty good fellow.

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