What good is Spite?

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In 1830 a man by the name of John Hollensbury owned a house in Alexandria, Virginia. It was one of the two homes that bordered a 7ft wide alleyway that was used frequently by horse drawn wagons and was pestered by loiterers. Annoyed with this constant movement of people, Hollensbury built a small two story house that closed off the alleyway for good.

He built a 7ft wide, 25ft deep, 325 square-foot two story house- just to spite Wagon drivers and Loiterers.


Yes, the reason I told that story was just an excuse to use the above picture as a thumbnail. Because the picture below sure as fuck wasn’t going to do:


But it does serve the point on discussing the motive of spite. Which is a word I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. It’s a painful word, really. When I say Spite I’m reminded of the sensation of having blood circle around in your mouth, with the sharp taste of iron while you try to resist the urge to swallow it because, well, it’s blood.

The word Spite came about from the old French word “Despit” or “Despiter” which means “Contempt” or to “Show Contempt for“. English, like many other languages, basically stole and slightly adjusted words and phrases in order for the speaker to convey their thoughts and descriptions more efficiently. I assume no one really thought it through, some Norman cunt probably used the word “Despit” in an argument and some Anglo Saxon cunt probably couldn’t fucking pronounce it and then accidentally appropriated it into his people’s language.

For some reason I was wondering if Spite was part of the seven deadly sins, then I remembered that it wasn’t. The seven deadly sins of course originated from Pandora’s Box. Where Zeus gave Pandora (the first woman) a box/jar that contained all the evils of the world and she opened it, releasing all the evils and now we’re fucked.


The evils would later be categorized as the seven deadly sins by Catholicism; Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Envy, Wrath and Pride. The faults that plague man and are therefore “Why we need to ask forgiveness in a perfect sky man who invented everything even…sin? I guess so but he’s so perfect and” Yeah, it’s bullshit. Christianity portrays God like he’s some kind of fucking Tom Hanks wannabe when in fact he’s more like a culmination between the violent nature of Chris Brown and the egotism mixed and lack of self awareness of Shia LaBeouff- he’s a fucking cunt.

So God does suffer the same vices as man. He’s angry, jealous, insecure- just like anyone else. Like in Leviticus when that whole Golden Cow shite was going down, Moses had to convince God not to kill all the Jews then and there. So he settled on having Moses go down there, force them to melt down the cow, throw the molten gold into the river- and then drink from it. Then he had Moses kill one third of the camp. Which means if it were true and there were in fact 600,000 Jews then Moses slaughtered 200,000 people. All because God was mad, he had a cow-if you will.


Despite the blatant misogyny coming from Genesis and Pandora’s box (y’know, blaming all the vices of humanity on a woman- for no other reason than because she’s a woman) the seven deadly sins are real. Or at least as real as how we can understand how people work on an emotional and psychological. They’re not cardinal sins created by us or God, but rather they’re out of control emotional impulses engineered by trauma, hormones and placing individuals in certain conditions that would otherwise mean these emotions would never be as effective.

Human beings aren’t perfect. Aristotle held the belief that man is “the rational animal” which is true, to an extent. You won’t see the majority of people eating shit like a dog but you will see people getting Polio after drinking water with feces in it. We’re rational to an extent, that extent of course is limited mainly by our own vices.

Why is it that you’ll hear about stories about 3000 towns in America that don’t have access to clean drinking water? Because the people who create the pipes that pump the water wanted to save money so therefore they used lead pipes, which contaminated the water making it undrinkable. They infringed upon the human rights of millions of people all so they could save some money. It’s irrational to harm millions of people, harming them would harm the work force and would thus have a negative impact on society and the economy at large. So why would they do that? Because of greed.

Greed, like all of the Deadly Sins, plague everyone. Most people feel guilt if they commit something wrong, however some people don’t. We call those people; “Psychopaths“. Most Psychopaths are Bankers.

You, as a person, make decisions each and every day. Most of these decisions are ultimately mundane or trivial i.e. the decision not to eat a heavy breakfast in case you take too long and thus miss the bus. The more important decisions are the ones that have an impact on your livelihood and emotional well being i.e. you want to go to University abroad but you don’t want to be separated from your significant other. This decision is a high risk decision because you have the choice between getting the qualifications required to get yourself a high paying job, thus making you financially stable or maintaining a relationship that makes you happy but not rich.

Life is full of decisions like this. But decisions can be influenced by emotions. Emotions are created by the hormones in your body that helps your brain communicate effectively with the rest of the body. This is where the seven deadly sins come in, because the sins are ultimately over extensive emotions that if left unchecked can do great harm. Especially when the deadly sins have an influence on your decision making capability and thus affect your life as a whole.

The deadly sins don’t emerge out of no where. No, specific situations bring them out with such ferocity that it’s hard to control. Take Gluttony for example. Now gluttony is typically thought of as habitual greed or the excess of eating, but it can also mean different things such as drug abuse and alcoholism. Gluttony is the old fashioned word for Addiction. Now addiction is a messy and complicated subject matter that varies on lots of different things but today I’ll focus on alcoholism.

Alcoholism ultimately comes about as a coping mechanism used by people that have been guided through a difficult situation. People can become alcoholics if they’ve had a parent that suffered from alcoholism and therefore have had a negative affect on their perception of life, if they suffer from mental issues such as anxiety or depression, they use it to blow off some steam after a stressful situation and don’t keep it in check. There’s lots of reasons. If that pint at the end of the day becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity, then you’re addicted.

That nagging sensation at the back of your mind is the feeling of gluttony, wanting more and more. Because you may not be able to control what people think of you, you may not be able to control almost anything in your life- but you can control what you drink, and to some people they’ll take that relief, that feeling of control wherever they can find it. Even if it kills them.

Despite being Irish, I’m not an alcoholic. However you might be, if you want to stop I implore you to seek help by calling a Life line or talking about what’s bothering you with a friend or family member, even if you get that nagging feeling that “Oh, they’re not interested” talk anyway- get that shit out of your system and keep it in check.

These excessive emotional inhibitors for the most part are harmless if kept in check. For the average person these sins have a minimal field of harm, you could only really hurt yourself and a few people around you. However if you’re in a position of power it’s a much more difficult situation. You don’t just affect a few people, you affect everyone around you.

Take this cunt:


If you’re reading this in the year 2099 (…why?) you probably have no idea who this is. This is Harvey Weinstein, a really influential Producer in Hollywood and from my guess some kind of fucking Ogre. A few weeks ago he was exposed in this huge Sexual Harassment/Assault scandal where a number of women (I don’t know the exact number, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even count the number on my fingers and toes) for more detail I’d check out Philip Defranco.

Anyway, this guy right here? Complete fucking weirdo. Like, actresses have come forward and said that they were invited to his room on certain occasions and he started talking about weird sex stuff, sometimes he’d be naked, other times he’d be masturbating- at some point he ejaculated on a fucking plant. Yep, he came on a fucking plant.

Who the fuck does that? Jesus, these guys are fucking weirdos.

The tragedy of the story is- these allegations? They’re just the women that said no to him. There’s probably tons of women who were forced to fuck this ogre just to ensure they had a career at the end of the day. Because he was so powerful people couldn’t say shit or else their careers would be over. People have criticized celebrities for staying silent and I get it, it’s fucked up. But I ultimately understood why they kept quiet. Because if they didn’t then their lives would be over.

Imagine the thing you wanted to do most in the world. Imagine having the opportunity to do it, but it came at a horrible price. This price is vile and horrid and disgusting, but it ensures that you’ll be able to do what you want to do. It’s a culmination of greed and lust. The Lust of this fucking Ogre, and the greed of the people that kept everything under the rug.

But while these people were doing whatever necessary to keep their spot in the sun, people were getting hurt. That’s fucked up.

This Ogre situation reminds me of what used to happen in the Soviet Union, where people were arrested with no charges, given no trial and were executed. The commanders would write out lists of people to be arrested and then executed. The wives of the men arrested would do anything to make sure their husbands were released. So of course the cunts in charge took advantage of that. Forcing women to do God knows what and then killing their husbands anyway.

In the hands of the powerful these vices are dangerous. Greed can lead a Country into a War so they can steal another countries resources. Gluttony can lead to a corporation going bankrupt, triggering an economic depression in the process. Sloth can lead to people electing a demagogue because their old leaders were too incompetent. Lust can lead to a God damn rape culture. Envy can lead someone to an elected official removing people’s rights because of their own bigotry and insecurities. Wrath can lead to an impoverished nation and a cycle of violence that radicalizes it’s citizens, throwing empathy out the window and replacing it with the desire for death and destruction of the “other“.  Pride? Well, typically that’s most common in people who have nothing to be proud about, refusing to admit they were wrong after fucking up the economy and refusing to hold up their promises by ensuring the indigenous language of the area is protected under law.

Yet out of all these Sins I thought there’d be Spite. You could argue that Spite would go under the category of wrath but I think it’s something a little more special. Wrath is extreme anger that’s often accompanied by violence. It isn’t dependent on anything specific. Spite however requires someone to initiate that feeling, a person to spite. It isn’t just a feeling, you don’t just injure someone else intentionally, you also injure yourself.

As motivations go, Spite is a strong one. It’s malicious, its vengeance, its hatred, its resentment- it’s spite. But is it good for anything?


So Marvel has been making a lot of Movies lately. So much so that they even have their own Studios. Marvel has so far made up to seventeen films and up to six TV shows. Now for those of you unaware, Marvel is owned by Disney. Meaning their films are ultimately owned and funded by Disney.

The Marvel films have been divided up into Phases; Phase One contains films that were released from 2008 onto 2012, meaning that films such as Iron Man, Thor and the Avengers are defined as “Phase One films” they were essentially the building blocks of the universe and helped progress the franchise onto sequels, which would be seen in “Phase Two”.

Phase Two contains films that were released from 2014-2015. Films such as the Thor and Captain America and Avenger sequels, alongside film debuts such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man. The whole reason for phase two is to introduce new characters such as the Guardians, Ant Man and the Winter Soldier for Phase three.

Now, we are currently in the middle of Phase three and it will last up until 2019 when the final Avengers movie comes out. Phase three introduces more characters and sets up the plot for the Avengers Infinity War saga which features over sixty different characters in two films. After phase three they’re planning to carry on with Phase 4, which so far only really contains sequels for Spider Man.


In Phase three it was initially said there was going to be a Inhumans solo film but it was later dropped off and turned into a poorly made TV series. For more details on why it failed I’d recommend checking out Cut-short’s video. Basically what happened was that the person who used to be head of Marvel Studios (Ike Perlmutter) was a very petty and allegedly very bigoted cunt. He was petty because he really fucking hated the X-Men because Fox refused to sell them back to Marvel Studios and therefore Marvel Studios would get none of the profits the X-Men movies made, he even went as far as to edit out the mentions of the X-Men from their Marvel Calendars.


He’s allegedly bigoted because he kept turning down ideas for the Captain Marvel movie claiming that no one wanted to watch a movie with a female lead and refused to even talk about making a Black Panther movie, because God forbid we have a movie with a black main character. So he kept turning down all of Kevin Feige’s (Producer of almost all the Marvel Movies and the current President of Marvel Studios) movie ideas. Everyone hated Ike. So Feige decided to go directly to Disney and threatened to resign unless they remove Ike as President.

Disney loved Feige so of course they removed Ike from President of Marvel Studios and moved him to Marvel Comics and Marvel TV. That’s why the Inhumans was a TV show and not a movie, because literally the only person interested in making something with the Inhumans in it was Ike- and he only wanted to make it out of spite of the X-Men’s success.

The X-Men’s main themes revolve around a minority of people (mutants) who possess special powers due to genetics and trauma. Their main story revolves around how society won’t accept them because they’re different/ dangerous and are thus forced to stick together. The community of Mutants also have different perspectives on their relations with Humans. Some characters are self loathing and want to forfeit their powers in order to be “normal” while others want to accept who they are and live alongside the humans in peace. However some Mutants follow a belief of supremacy, feeling that in order to survive they must destroy the humans.

It’s a great allegory for minority communities, persecuted peoples and the complex social structures in society and how people are shaped through Love and Bigotry. Inhumans is like that…but they live on the moon for some reason. And they have like, a giant dog that can teleport. Its weird.

So when Ike got to Marvel TV he decided “Right, I’m going to make the Inhumans a TV show” so he got a bunch of writers and hired the show runner of Iron Fist and the last three seasons of Dexter (Scott Buck) to make it. Now those of you familiar with his work will undoubtedly be aware that any show that he works on turns to shit. This is because he keeps production under budget and makes productions quickly. Meaning that if you’re a studio that wants to rub out a six episode mini-series with little money and time-  Scott Buck’s your man.

Of course this means that the show ultimately suffers. You can’t just rush projects like these and expect that they’ll be successful critically or financially. Good projects take time, and good projects make money.

So out of his spite for the X-Men, Ike Perlmutter insisted upon making a poorly made TV show in some twisted attempt to steal their thunder- and backfired completely. If this cunt was still in charge then we’d never get a Captain Marvel or Black Panther movie. Hell, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he tried to fuck up Luke Cage while he’s at it.

The man is so Petty we’ll probably never see Daredevil or the rest of the Defenders in the MCU movies. So it may be a trivial matter, but Inhumans shows us that for some part- nothing good comes out of Spite.


Ok, Some good things can come out of spite. Some.

The closest thing that comes to mind is none other than Citizen Kane. Orson Welles’ masterpiece and what some refer to as the greatest film ever made.


Right, so basically Charles Foster Kane (Citizen Kane) was based off of the real life newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hurst. Like, Kane was freakishly similar to Hearst. He had his own giant mansion referred to as a castle, had his own private zoo, he owned a series of newspapers- he even had a girlfriend that was twenty five years younger than him.


So the reason that Welles’ made this movie was out of spite of Hurst. In the film “RKO 281” Orson Welles’ attends a dinner at Hearst’s mansion and gets into some kind of row with Hearst and is grievously insulted. So much so that when he meets screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz (who has a lot of information on Hearst) he gets him to write a screenplay that dissects the character of Hearst and insults his loved ones.

Now Hearst was a very shady character (there’s even rumors that he actually killed a man and covered it up) and he was essentially the most powerful person in Hollywood at the time, so when Welles’ was going around and trying to get someone to finance his film he had to lie when they started asking questions about the character; “We’re not doing Hearst” but eventually word got out and Hearst heard about the film’s production. It got dark pretty quick.

Hearst threatened to expose several producers and studio executives by outing them as Jews. Now that was a huge deal at the time because America was just about to go into World War II and the country was really really Anti-Semitic. Like they found a way to both hate the Nazis and hate the Jews. It’s absurd.

If these people were exposed as Jews their lives would have been over.

Hurst threatened any paper that showed an advert or made a review for the movie. He threatened any cinema that even thought about screening the movie. But despite his efforts the movie was released. It didn’t make much money at the time and was no where near as critically revered as it is today.

Hearst didn’t care about how he was portrayed. He was more concerned about how his girlfriend was portrayed. She was presented as a talentless floozy who was spoiled by Kane and was thought of as nothing more than a piece of property that he owned.

So Orson Welles made one of the most influential films in the world- all out of spite.

The sad thing of course was that at the end of his life, Welles’ felt that he had wasted it; “Y’know, I am a Romantic and I was a Romantic and I was a Romantic in the early 19th Century way. I wanted every experience…every kind of thing- So I went to Hollywood in that spirit. And I should have left in that spirit. Because I have wasted my life trying to prove…and, y’know, what I wanted to be was, y’know- the black hats and the white hats- y’know what I mean. And I’ve always wanted to be a White Hat, and I’d rather be remembered as a Good Guy- than as a Difficult Genius.

I don’t know many good things that came out of spite. But I know many bad ones. Like this vicious little cunt:


That’s Donald Trump on inauguration day. He doesn’t look too comfortable, mainly because he thinks the White House is a dump. Also because he just learned that all the civil servants that worked for the Obama Administration had to be replaced- like all 3000 of them. Also I assume his hands are sweaty, alongside his weak knees.

He’s currently the President f the USA. Will he be President next year? I don’t know, that’s up to Robert Mueller.

So anyway, this guy is a spiteful little cunt. Like all the major things he’s done is just a huge “fuck-you” to Obama. Him trying to repeal Obama Care like four times, him trying to get the US out of the Iran deal despite his advisers being against it, signing the Transgender Ban for the US military- despite the fact that there are like 150,000 Transgender soldiers that have passed both physical, mental and psychological tests to be in the Military- adding on the fact that the US spends more on Viagra than Hormone Supplements and Surgeries combined and that it would ultimately be far more expensive to replace 150,000 loyal soldiers. The list goes on.

It’d be fine if he was just another cunt shouting from his sofa but as Jon Stewart says; “I can insult, he can injure” and the well being of 300 million American citizens and, y’know, the rest of the world- lies in the balance. I’m aware that I’m not exactly breaking new ground by criticizing this vicious little cunt. Making fun of Trump at this point is about as edgy as making fun of Hitler.

I know, that’s not exactly a fair comparison. Hitler was actually good at his job.

But it is fascinating how much Spite can affect a man. Like, that’s the only reason he ran for President. That’s the only reason he is President. Spite. He just wanted to tell Obama to go fuck himself. He teamed up with the Russians, who also hated Obama, out of spite. He teamed up with a bunch of Goldman Sachs guys to loot the goddamn country, all out of spite.

People voted for him, believed in him because they were scared. But also because of spite. They hated the way the world was changing and they thought if they pushed this monster in then he’d fix it. I’m fond of saying “If you wanted to shake up the system you’d send in Bernie Sanders, if you wanted to Break it- you send in Trump” it’s the same thing with Brexit. Sure some people could give you a logical excuse for policy- but most of them want “their country back” despite the fact it hasn’t gone anywhere.

There’s not much you can really argue with these people. Because I may have a fact, I may have an expert- but they have a feeling. That’s what they’ve been sold, that’s what they want- just a feeling. You can’t argue with a feeling. You can’t negotiate, compromise or diminish a feeling. Once it’s there…it’s there for good.

I think the difference between Wrath and Spite is that Spite is ultimately as self harming as it is harmful to others. Trump has essentially carved his way into the history books as one of the worst Presidents, possibly ever. Trump, if left unchecked, has the potential to ruin millions upon millions of lives all out of his own spite.

I don’t know whether or not the man is truly Evil, because to understand a man is to forego hate. You cannot hate a man you understand. You can pity him, but you can’t bring yourself to hate him. Real Hate comes from something you can’t understand. Real Evil comes from something that refuses to be understood. I can understand him to a degree, but at the same time I can’t understand him at all.

It’s like the deadly sins, to those outside the window looking in then the actions of others who are inhibited by these emotions may seem bizarre, unrelateable or may even seem cruel. To those who have suffered through these influences they may even be still confused at the shortsightedness of the influential people with these same sins. How could they? It isn’t rational to steal all the money from millions of people. It isn’t rational to privatize water and turning it into a monopoly. It doesn’t make any goddamn sense. They’re rich for a day, then when the sun sets the torches and pitchforks come out.

Or, perhaps you can get away with convincing people that all the troubles in the world are caused by the guy who can’t speak English. That makes sense.





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