A guide to ALL of the Batman Villains in The Lego Batman Movie

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I know this trope has been done at least fifty odd times by people who are much better than me but I’m just going to pretend they don’t exist for the moment for the sake of some remnants of originality.

Also this post is basically a glorified advertisement for the free screening of the Lego Batman movie at the Nerve Centre at 2pm this Saturday, so if you are in the Derry City area or you’re bored or like Batman or know someone with kids that want a day out please come along. It’ll be fun.


But anyway, lets get on with it. I’m going to go start off with the most well known to the most obscure. Starting off with;

The Joker

The Joker is one of Batman’s most notorious villains and has been there from the very start in the first issue of Batman on April 25 1940. He’s been included in countless comic books, video games, several TV series’ and four live action movies.

The villain takes on many different roles throughout the comics; from bank robber to mobster, from serial killer to criminal mastermind. He even tries to sell a cruise missile to Middle Eastern governments and Terrorists, in the same series that he kills Robin (Jason Todd aka The Second Robin) he would later on become the UN Ambassador for Iran.

joker iran

Despite his popularity the character has never had a set in stone origin story- or an origin story in general. The character’s real identity remains a mystery to both Batman and readers alike. The only real motivation behind the character is to cause chaos and to test the will and strength of his arch nemesis, Batman. The character has nihilistic and psychotic tendencies and some believe he’s even a masochist.

The character has no super powers but he does posses a genius level intellect alongside extremely strong willpower and he isn’t too bad in a fight either.

In the Lego Batman film he’s voiced by Zach Galifinakis, whose most known for his roles in films such as the Hangover trilogy and Birdman. He does an excellent job, though fans still prefer the voice actor who voiced the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series; Mark Hamill- the man who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn first appeared in Batman:the Animated Series that aired in the early 90’s. The character was so popular she would later be canonized into the main DC comics continuity. She’s usually seen as the sidekick/girlfriend of the Joker but has also been known to work by herself and in teams such as the Gotham Sirens and the Suicide Squad- where she made her live action screen debut in 2016. In the Injustice Games and Comics she’s on the side of the Insurgency, aka Batman’s team.


The villain’s real name is Harleen Quinzell and she was originally the psychiatrist for the Joker but soon fell in love with him and became his partner in crime. The relationship was incredibly toxic and abusive, despite outside forces trying to separate the pair they would always wind up back together.

The character would occasionally be independent from the Joker and would become more of an anti-hero. The character would also work in teams such as the Gotham Sirens, an all female team of Anti-Heroes/Villains and would also be “recruited” for the Suicide Squad where she’d perform missions for the US government/Argus agency.

The character would also develop a close friendship with another Villain called Poison Ivy, which would later on become a romantic relationship.

In the Lego Batman movie, Harley Quinn is voiced by American Comedian Jenny Slate.

The Riddler

The Riddler first appeared in Detective Comics #140 in October of 1948. The villain, as the name suggests, creates crimes around the motif of Riddles and puzzles that Batman and/or Robin must solve. The character has appeared in countless comic books, animated TV series and has appeared in the live action batman film; Batman Forever- where he was played by Jim Carrey. The character is also played by Corey Michael Smith in the TV series “Gotham” which is currently on its fourth season.

The villains real name is Edward Nigma (E.Nigma) and has various origin stories. The main consistencies of which revolve around the characters insistence to prove his intellectual superiority over others, which leads him to create convoluted crimes that he then tests Batman with in order to prove that he is smarter and therefore better. The character has taken on many roles as a villain; he’s been both a petty criminal and a criminal mastermind, a serial killer and a domestic terrorist. At one point he even uncovers Batman’s secret identity but by that point he became a good guy and worked as a private detective.


The character does not posses any supernatural abilities or a drug enhanced intelligence. The character is a natural genius but is also extremely physically feeble.

In the Lego Batman Movie he is voiced by American Comedian and Late Nate host Conan O’Brien.

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow originally appeared in Worlds Finest Comics #4 in the fall of 1949. The villain uses a gas that triggers people’s fear receptors and causes them to go into a panicked state; that’s why it’s called “Fear Gas”. The character has appeared in countless stories, video games, TV shows and has been seen in Live action films such as the Dark Knight trilogy where he was played by Cillian Murphy. He’s even made an appearance on the TV series Gotham.

The villains real name is Dr. Jonathan Crane, a psychology professor who’s obsessed with the topic of fear. The character has many different origin stories but his obsession with fear is contingent to the character. In some interpretations he’s driven mad by using hs own fear gas, in others he uses it to commit crimes or to torture people for fun and in some he sees himself as a liberator- freeing people from the feeling of fear and unlocking their true potential. The character faces off against Batman many times where he uses fear gas to trigger some f Batman’s fears and traumatic memories, which can vary between the death of his parents, a death of a partner or even a friend.


The character posses no supernatural abilities though at one point he did work for the Yellow Lantern/Sinestro Corps because he inspired great fear. The character has a genius level intellect but is also physically feeble.

In the Lego Batman Movie he’s played by American comedic actor Jason Mantzoukas whose most notable for his role in the FX comedy series the League and as Nadal in the Dictator.


Bane made his debut in Vengeance of Bane#1 in January of 1993. The character is most notable for the Knightfall series in which he takes over the Gotham city criminal underworld and brutally defeats Batman, breaking his back over his knee.


The character has appeared in many story lines, video games, animated series and two live action films. Most notably in The Dark Knight Rises, which made the character a household name. He was played by Tom Hardy.

The villain’s real name is a mystery. The character was the son of a political revolutionary/mercenary who had escaped Santa Prisca’s court system. However the corrupt government decided to give the sentence to his wife, where she would then be imprisoned in a hellish prison and her son would be born and raised in.

Bane was taught how to fight and was given a classical education by a Jesuit priest, where he learned multiple different languages and became a scholarly and tactical genius. He would later be the victim of illegal experimentation where the Santa Priscan government tested a steroid substance called “Venom” which enhanced his strength but severely damaged his health, meaning he was dependent on the substance to survive.

The villain has been an adversary but also an occasional ally to Batman, he’s also worked with the League of Shadows/League of Assassins and the Legion of Doom.

In the Lego Batman movie he’s voiced by American Comedian Doug Benson.


Two Face made his first appearance in Detective Comics #66 in August of 1942. The character is most notable for making every decision or the more important decisions on a flip of his coin. The character has appeared in many story lines in the comic books, appearances in video games and animated series. He’s even made two debuts onto the big screen in three Batman films, though it’s important to remember Two Face makes an appearance in only two of those films while Harvey Dent appears in all three. Harvey Dent has also made a brief appearance on Gotham.

Harvey Dent was the Gotham City District attorney and worked alongside Batman and Police Commissioner Jim Gordon to tackle organised crime. However in his lawful pursuits he was attacked by a mobster during a trial, where he had acid thrown on his face that scarred him severely. With the amounting pressure of his life and the trauma he’d endured at the hands of an abusive father Harvey Dent snapped and became Two Face.


Two Face has a multiple personality disorder, in which one personality is Harvey Dent- the law abiding district attorney. The other personality is Two Face- criminal mastermind and convicted murderer. He also suffered from bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. His criminal roles have varied between; a bank robber whose obsessed with duality, a serial killer that decides who he kills with a coin flip, a mobster and criminal mastermind. The villain has made several attempts to atone for his crimes and achieve some remnants of civility and sanity, even venturing so far as becoming a temporary good guy. But he always relapses into his role as a villain.

In the Lego Batman movie Two Face is voiced by Billy Dee Williams, who’s best known for his role as Lando in star wars. Mr. Williams also played Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman movie directed by Tim Burton.


Catwoman made her first appearance in Batman #1 in June 1940. Like the Joker she ws there from the very beginning. The character was initially a villain but would later on become an anti-hero. She even got several of her own solo runs in the comics. She’s appeared in countless story lines, video games, TV shows and three movies.


The villains real name is Selina Kyle, she grew up extremely poor and in an abusive household. Most interpretations present her as just a thief that would steal high value artifacts such as diamonds, paintings and other treasures. She’s had various origin stories varying from being raised by thieves to living as a prostitute. The character over the years has worked with many villains, with teams such as the Gotham City Sirens. She’s even been the head of a notorious Gotham Crime family for s short period of time. She’s also an occasional love interest of Batman. Currently in the comics they’re engaged to be married.


The character has no supernatural abilities, she’s tactically smart and is incredibly agile though she’s incredibly greedy and self interested. Meaning her heroic phases never last to long.

In the Lego Batman movie she’s voiced by American actress Zoë Kravitz whose most notable for her roles in Mad Max Fury Road and Divergent.

The Penguin

The Penguin made his first appearance Detective Comics #58 and is one of Batman’s most notorious villains. The character has made appearances in many story lines, video games, TV shows and two live action movies. He’s currently being depicted on the TV series Gotham by Robin Lord Taylor.


The villains real name is Oswald Cobblepot. Being short, stout and ugly Oswald was bullied as a child. His over protective mother didn’t exactly help with his ego and he came to adopt sociopathic traits. Oswald would later on become a criminal mastermind and face off against Batman and Robin. He’s known for his love of birds, calling himself the Penguin due to his short stature, large nose and wobble in his walk resembled the flightless bird. Many of his crimes revolved around a bird theme however he quickly progressed into being a bank robber, mobster, criminal master mind and gun runner.

He’s a business owner, running the restaurant and club “The Iceberg Lounge” and on several occasions he’s even become Mayor of Gotham city. He has no supernatural abilities however he’s known to have trained birds of prey to steal things, attack people and deliver secret messages. He’s usually seen with a monocle and top hat and umbrella, the umbrella is often a secret weapon such as a sword, flamethrower or machine gun but it’s also been used as a propeller device that can lift him up to the sky like a helicopter.

The Penguin doesn’t have a speaking role in the film and therefore requires no voice actor.

Kabuki Twins

The Kabuki Twins first appeared in the 2004 animated series; “The Batman” but unlike Harley Quinn they were never canonized into the main DC Comics universe. They’re most notable for being the Penguins bodyguards, thieves and assassins.

It’s a real shame they were never canonized because they’re very creepy. The twins are mute so of course they have no speaking roles in the film, they act as background villains.


There have been various people who have taken on the persona of Clayface. The earliest being Baisl Karlo who first appeared in Detective Comic #40 in June 1940. The second is Matthew Hagen who appeared in Detective Comics #298. The third is Preston Plane in Detective Comics #478 in June 1978- there are several more but we won’t waste time with them. The most notable version of Clayface is Basil Karlo so that’s who we’ll be talking about.

Now Basil Karlo was a moderately successful movie star until he gradually became less and less popular. When he heard that his most popular film was going to get a remake he snapped and adopted the identity of clayface, trying to sabotage the film set by targeting the actors and crew of the remake. Batman thwarted his plans and later on he was experimented on and received the abilities of a shape shiftier. Where his physical mass could be forged into different shapes, like clay.

However in his madness he’s killed a lot of people and committed many crimes. He’s worked alongside the secret society of super-villains on several occasions along with many other Gotham rogues. In the comics he’s attempted to reform himself seval times but like Two Face he alsways relapses. Currently he’s a good guy and works alongside Batman’s new team in Detective Comics.


The character has appeared in various story lines in the comics and video games. He’s made several appearances in the animated TV series’ and has made his first live action debut in the TV series Gotham.

In the Lego Batman movie Clayface was played by American actress Kate Micucci whose most notable for her roles in The Big Bang Theory and Raising Hope.

Mr Freeze

Victor Fries first appeared as Mr.Zero in Batman #121 in February 1959. He’d later be renamed Mr. Freeze in Detective Comics #373 in March 1963. He’s been in countless story lines in the comics, several video games, animated series’ and has made two live action appearances in the 1966 Batman TV series and the 2014 Gotham TV series. He’s also was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the live action movie Batman & Robin.

The origin of Mr. Freeze is quite tragic. Victor was once a revolutionary neuro-biologist and engineer. But once his wife became terminally ill she was put in a cryogenic chamber and frozen until he could find a cure. But due to corporate greed the CEO of the company he worked for wanted to shut down the cryogenic labs and in a fight their was a lab accident that affected Victor’s genetic makeup and body temperature. After the accident victors body temperature was so high that he couldn’t live in conditions above sub zero in fear of suffering a heat stroke.

So he built himself a suit to sustain his sub zero environment and also created a freeze ray so he could get his revenge. However Batman stopped him and Victor then went on to become a thief and a criminal, doing what ever it took to get the money to continue his research in curing his terminally ill wife.


In the Lego Batman Movie, Mr. Freeze is voiced by David Burrows. A film editor and guest voice actor for all of the Lego Movies.

Killer Croc

Killer Croc made his first appearance in Detective Comics #523 in February 1983. The character isn’t very intelligent and is just commonly used as muscle for more imposing villains. The character has appeared in many story lines in the comics and various video games. He’s made several appearances in the animated TV series’ and made his first Live action debut in the 2016 film Suicide Squad, where he was portrayed by English actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

The Villains real name is Waylon Jones. Jones was born with an incredibly rare skin condition that gave him rock hard skin that was almost bullet proof and resembled crocodile skin. He grew up in the rural south in the US and was heavily abused by his Grandmother who raised him. Croc killed and ate his grandmother and then lived in the swamp fro several years, where he learned to hunt and swim efficiently- like a crocodile.

At some point he roamed about with a circus as a freak show. He would later go to Gotham where he would get involved in crime such has robbery and vandalism. He’d occasionally work for mobsters and other super villains as a henchman but for the most part he liked to keep to himself in the sewers and became known as a cannibal. He’s been recruited by the Suicide Squad on several occasions.

The characters original creators are disappointed at how he had turned out in the comics. Initially they wanted a street smart henchman with a bad skin condition but as time went on he became a mindless beast that ate people.


Killer Croc has enhanced strength and incredibly strong skin. He has razor sharp teeth and enhanced senses he gained through hunting in the wilderness for survival. Croc can also hold his breath for extremely long periods of time.

In the Lego Batman Movie, Killer Croc doesn’t have a speaking role.

Poison Ivy

I know its not a good quality image but it’s the best I could find.

So Poison Ivy made her first appearance in Batman #181 in June 1966 where she pitted Batman and Robin against each other via her mind controlling pheromones. She’s appeared in countless story lines, video games, TV series’ and was portrayed by Uma Thurman in the live action film Batman & Robin.

The villains real name is Dr. Pamela Isley, a biologist. She was an adamant environmental activist until she suffered an accident that allowed her to control plants, create pheromones that helped her mind control men and she could create deadly poisons that could kill people, which she usually implanted via a kiss.


The character has made some alliances with other Gotham rogues and was even part of the Gotham Sirens, however she usually prefers to be by herself. Her crimes usually revolve around robbery, murder and domestic terrorism that she commits due to her environmental activism. She’s close friends with another villain, Harley Quinn and has even engaged in a romantic relationship with her.

In the Lego Batman Movie she’s voiced by American actress Riki Lindhome, whose most notable for her roles in Garfunkel and Oates and Gilmore Girls.

Man Bat

Yeah, I couldn’t find a good picture of him in the movie. He’s really just a background character if anything else.

So Man Bat made his first appearance in Detective Comics #400 in June 1970. The character has been in various story lines and video games. Making appearances in animated TV series’ and making his first live action Debut in season 3 of Gotham as a cameo.


The characters real name is Dr. Kirk Langstrom. Dr. Langstrum used a mixture of Bat DNA and other concoctions to create a serum that would cure his coming deafness. The serum cured his deafness however it turned him into Man Bat, a giant bat-werewolf-creature that ate human flesh. In his animal state the doctor retains no memory or control over his actions. Occasionally he’s been able to use his powers for good but like other characters he lapses back into his role as a villain.


Tarantula (John Law) is an Anti Hero that first appeared in Star-Spangled Comics #1 in October 1941 and his successor would be Catalina Flores who made her first appearance in Nightwing #71 in September 2002. The character has appeared in various storylines with characters such as Batman, Nightwing and Green Arrow.

Catalina Flores was born and raised in Blüdhaven, the sister city of Gotham and the city in which Nightwing (Dick Grayson, first robin) would later on become it’s protector. Catalina grew up surrounded by crime, disgusted she decided to become an FBI agent and worked with Quantico for many years. Eventually she quit and met John Law who taught her all that he knew from his time as Tarantula. She became his successor and would become a violent vigilante, killing various criminals and even controlling various gangs to keep violence at bay.

She doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

Hugo Strange

Again, bad photo. I know. He’s a background character.

Professor Hugo Strange first appeared in Detective Comics #36 in February 1940. He was Batman’s first recurring villain and was even in the 75th Anniversary animated Batman Special. He’s been in various story lines in the comic books, in several video games and has appeared in several animated series’. He’s made his live action debut in season two of Gotham.


The origin story of Hugo Strange has changed throughout the years. He’s your typical mad scientist and criminal mastermind. With a genius level intellect and an expertise in psychology he’s gotten into Batman’s head several times, even being the first person to uncover his secret identity. The character also has an expertise in the fields of chemistry and biology and is known for creating “Monster Men” that terrorize Gotham.

Strange also developed an obsession with Batman, rivaling him in strategy and intellect but being physically feeble he couldn’t compete with Batman’s physical strength. Like the Joker, Hugo wants to test Batman and like Scarecrow he wants to explore his fears, traumas and weaknesses.


He has no speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

Dr Phosphorous

Yep, another background character.

So Doctor Phosphorous first appeared in Detective Comics #469 in May 1977. He’s had various encounters in the comic books and has made few appearances in some of the animated series’.

His real name is Dr. Alex Sartorius, a nuclear physicist who was present during a nuclear reactor leak that attached five million slivers of ed hot radioactive sand that mutated his cells and caused him to turn into a flaming monster. He’s able to influence radiation and is poisonous to touch. He seeks revenge on the people that caused the radiation leak but Batman intervenes. He becomes a throwaway criminal and is a member of the secret society of supervillains.

He’s basically a discount Atomic Skull (Superman Villain) and even he kind of sucked. He got his head caved in by Wildcat, a sixty year old man.

Obviously he doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

Mutant Leader

No, this isn’t a cannibalistic Cyclops. This is the mutant leader, who made his first and only appearance in the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. He was seen in the animated film based on The Dark Knight Returns alongside an episode of the Batman The new adventures animated series.

The villain is the leader of this viscous gang that has grown to innumerable numbers in Gotham with Batman’s absence. At the age of fifty five Bruce Wayne buts back on the cape and cowl to battle the criminals rampaging his city. In a brutal fight the Mutant Leader almost kills Batman, however in a rematch Batman mutilates him to the extent of humiliation- thus dismantling the gang.


The Mutant Leader doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie, just making a fun little cameo.

Gentleman Ghost

The Gentleman Ghost made his first appearance in Flash Comics #88 in October 1947. He’s faced off against the flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Hawkman and Hawkgirl. The character has appeared in countless story lines and has made cameos in various animated series’.

The villains name is really Jim Craddock, an English Highwaymen that emigrates to America to pursue a life of crime in the 1800’s. He’s falsely accused of rape and then lynched, becoming a ghost and never entering the spirit realm until his killers themselves die. Unfortunately for him the people who killed him were two gunslingers Nighthawk and Cinnamon, who are the 19th Century reincarnation of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Seeing as their souls never find their way to the spirit world neither does Craddock- so he’s doomed to live as a ghost, forever.


Gentlemen Ghost is a thief and works alongside groups such as the injustice society and the legion of doom. As a ghost hes very difficult to hurt and injure, his only weaknesses being magic and Nth metal (the same metal Hawkgirl’s mace is made out of) he can walk through walls and can turn completely invisible whenever he likes.

He doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

Killer Moth

Killer Moth made his first appearance in Batman #63 in February 1951 and has been part of many story lines and animated series’. He’s been in various story lines and made appearances in several animated series’.

The Villain’s real name is Cameron van Cleer who is essentially the anti-batman, his parents were killed by a police officer and not a mugger so he dedicates his life to protecting criminals from law enforcement. He even has his own moth cave and moth mobile. Cameron would late be killed off and in he 60’s would be replaced by Drury Walker, an unsuccessful criminal nobody takes seriously. He’s most notable for his role in Batgirl Year One where he teams up with Firefly to work as hired muscle for a gang and also rob banks.


The Character doesn’t possess any supernatural abilities although some incarnations of the character depict him as some kind of giant moth creature. Thanks to the wings on his suit he can fly and he has a gun that shoots a goo like substance that creates a cocoon affect around its victim.

The character doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.


She’s another background character so she’s more of an Easter egg than an actual villain, really. She’s in various story lines and makes an appearance in the 2014 animated show Beware the Batman.

The characters real name is Margret Pie (very original) and she became obsessed with shiny objects from a young age. She’d later on become a thief and even went as far to form her own gang. She was eventually killed off by an assassin called Tally Man in the “One Year Later” story line. She’d later come back to life in the “Blackest Day” storyline where the Black Lantern Corps recruits her, the black lanterns of course are basically like Zombie Green Lanterns that want to take over the universe.

She’s a D-list super villain, a rip off Catwoman and is basically only notable in a conversation between Batman and Superman.


Magpie is a background villain in the Lego Batman Movie and doesn’t have a speaking role.


Catman made his first appearance in Detective Comics #311 in January 1963. The character has starred in various story line and has appeared on several animated series’. The most notable which is on the Fairly Odd Parents where Catman is really just a parody of the 1966 Batman TV series and is even voiced by Adam West himself.


Like Catwoman, Catman is a thief or basically just like an anti-batman like Killer Moth. His real name is Thomas Blake and he’s a world famous trapper for jungle cats, magnificent hunter and tracker with Olympic level athletic abilities alongside proficiency with knife fighting. He got bored of his job as a hunter and became a thief, where he stole items that had some kind of cat theme.

Catwoman soon discovered his existence and wasn’t too pleased about it, her and Batman took him down and the character from then on was seen nothing more than as a joke. However later on he would join the anti-hero team “The Secret Six” where he would venture on deadly missions with a strange cast of characters. He even got a new costume in the New 52:


The character doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie

Kite Man

Kite Man made his first appearance in Batman (vol.1) #133 in August 1960. He’s been part of various story lines in the comics and has appeared in several episodes of the animated TV shows.

The villain’s real name is Charlie Brown, he’s fought against both Batman & Robin and Hawkman & Hawkgirl. He uses a giant kite-glider-contraption to fly long distances and uses kite themed weapons to fight. Kite man has worked as both a thief and helped other super villains escape from prison. He’s a D-list super villain, meaning he’s not exactly the most notable character in the comics. However he has re-emerged in DC Rebirth in the War of Jokes and Riddles story arc.


In the story the character suffers a series of tragic events, with the murder of his son and he his later goaded into betraying the trust of his boss- The Joker. It doesn’t help either with the fact most people consider him to be nothing more than a joke. Lets just say if anyone needs a drink, its this guy.

BATMAN-27.2Kiteman doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

Calendar Man

Calendar man made his first appearance in Detective Comics #259 in September 1958. He’s appeared in various story lines, animated series’ and video games.

The villains real name is Julian Day and he’s fascinated by calendars. So much so that he commits his crimes on specific holidays such as April fools day, Halloween and Christmas. He often wears different costumes that correspond to the different dates he commits his crimes. On some occasions he will commit crimes that are based on the various days of the week.

Calander Man appeared in the very popular story line “The Long Halloween” which influenced Christopher Nolan’s the Dark Knight. In this story Julian Day is less of a colourful, light hearted villain but rather a sadistic Hannibal Lecter-esque serial killer.


In the story line, there is a serial killer that is going after Gotham Mobsters- specifically the members of the Falcone Crime family. Each killing occurs on a special holiday such as April fools or St. Patrick’s day- leading to people dubbing him “The Holiday Killer”. Calendar man claims to know the identity of the Killer and throughout the year long killing spree Batman interrogates Calendar Man several time but to no avail.

In DC Rebirth, calendar man has this weird power that allows him to shed his skin with the seasons.


…Yeah, that’s pretty gross.

Calendar Man doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

March Harriet

March Harriet made her first appearance in Detective Comics #841 in February 2008.The character has appeared in only a handful of story lines in the comics and is literally just a throwaway character.

Her real name is Harriett Pratt, she’s an escort and a grifter that works for the “Wonderland Gang” which is lead by the Mad Hatter. The Gang gains dominance in Gotham and all the members are dressed like Alice In Wonderland Characters and…I dunno, it’s just weird and forgettable.

March Harriet does not have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie, its honestly surprising they even included her in the first place.

Clock King

Clock King made his first appearance in Worlds Finest Comics #111 in August 1960. The character has been in various roles in many different story lines, appearing in several episodes of the animated TV series’ and made his live action debut in the Batman 1966 tv Series where he was played by Walter Slezak and would later appear in Arrow where he was played by Robert Knepper.

The villain’s real name is William Tockman (Dick Tock) and he has a humble start out to crime. After taking care of his terminally ill sister he’s desperate for money so he robs a bank, but with extreme precision he’s able to time his actions perfectly in order to make a successful robbery and not get caught. He’s eventually foiled by Batman.


The character would later evolve into a more dapper persona. The Clock King is a world renowned strategist and many super villains hire him to manage over their heists and the bureaucratic efficiency of their organisations.

The Clock King does not have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.


Mime made her first appearance in Batman #412 in October 1987 and she’s basically another throwaway character.

Her real name is Camilla Ortin and she grew up fairly wealthy but she hated loud sounds due to her fathers constant use of fireworks. So when her parents died she inherited the fortune and bought a circus and performed with many other mimes…yeah, unsurprisingly she went broke.

Her distaste of loud sound grew worse and she would later on vandalize several properties that played loud music and sabotaged several concerts. When Batman tried to stop her he initially pitied her but she shocked him with her shock gloves.


So, ladies and gentle man that’s a new lesson for you: don’t let your kids learn to mime otherwise they’ll fall into a life of crime.

I’m honestly surprised Batman even had to deal with her. I mean she’s a little below his pay grade. A goddamn beat cop could have beat her.

To no surprise to anyone, Mime does not have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.


Orca made her first appearance (yes, that’s a her) in Batman #579 in July 2000- she’s basically yet another throwaway character.

Grace Baline is a marine biologist who is paralyzed from the result of a car accident. She goes through experimental surgery where surgeons insert the spinal tissue from a Orca/Killer Whale into her spine and now she can transform into an Orca-Were-Wolf creature anytime she wants. She then goes on a crime spree and steals things, is eventually defeted by Batman. She’s later killed off in the “One Year Later” story line and where she’s been killed by the Great White Shark (no shark powers, just a pale ass man) and is partially eaten by Killer Croc.

She’s deemed one of the dumbest characters to come out of Btaman comics, well, ever. And that’s saying something.

For the record there is an actual cool character called Orca in DC Rebirth’s Aquaman.


This Orca is part of a US black ops team called; “The Aqua Marines” where all the members have been genetically enhanced with fish/whale DNA so that they can breath and swim faster underwater. They’re basically the guys you’d call if you want to assassinate Aquaman. The reason the US wants to do that is because Atlantis is considered an enemy state, seeing as how in the New 52 they even flooded several cities in the East Coast and killed hundreds of people due to a false flag attack.

If you’re confused think of Atlantis as like an underwater North Korea.


Aquaman is a pretty cool read as well, so I recommend checking that out.

Orca doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

Zodiac Master

Zodiac Master made his first appearance in Detective Comics #323 in January 1964 and…yeah, he’s another throwaway character.

He’d commit crimes that hat something to do the the zodiac correlations or something. He also gave advice to lower criminals on how to commit their crimes using his superior knowledge of the Zodiac astrology and…yeah,m he wasn’t very good at it. He was a goddamn fraud.

The best thing about the character however was his suit. His costume had all the Zodiac symbols on it and he could remove one of the symbols, turning it into a 3D object and then proceed to use it as a weapon. Here’s him using the Aries symbol (Ram’s head) as a battering ram.


The Zodiac Master doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

Zebra Man

The Zebra Man made his first appearance in Detective Comics #275 in 1960 and has made a handful of appearances in the comics and has cameod in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated TV show.

The villain’s real name is Jacob Baker, an engineer whose body was irradiated by machinery. He doesn’t have any Zebra powers but those back and white stripes allow him to attract and repel anything outside of metal. So he could push organic material (i.e. a human person) across the room. He went on a crime spree and was lately thwarted by Batman who found the solution to beating him;


Yep, that happened.

Zebra-Man doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

The Calculator

The Calculator made his first appearance in Detective Comics #463 in September 1976, he’s appeared in various comic story lines. Making cameos in several animated series’ and made his live action debut in Arrow, where he was played by Tom Amandes. If you’re a fan of Arrow you’ll know that Noah Kutter (the calculator) is the father of Felicity Smoak, Green Arrow’s tech guru or as Spider-Man Homecoming puts it; “the guy in the chair”.

Originally the Calculator wore a suit that resembled a calculator. The suit could produce hard light that would change into any form depending on the users imagination, kind of like how Green Lanterns power ring worked. He fought Batman and various other superheoes throughout the years.


Eventually the character was changed to give him a more grounded persona. He’s now a hacker or “the guy in the chair” for various other super villains and anti heroes who wish to hire him. He deals in the underworld and the dark web, he’s operating in Gotham and has a fail safe in check that shuts down the electricity in Gotham if he’s ever arrested.

The character is super intelligent and suffers from OCD, meaning like the Clock King he’s a perfectionist. Some interpretations of the character present him to have physical control over machinery, even being able to make himself into a mech-suit and fight super heroes.

The Calculator does not have a speaking role in the Lego batman Movie.

King Tut

King Tut made his first appearance in the 1960’s Batman TV series and was played by Victor Buono, he’s also appeared on some episode of the animated TV series; “Batman:The Brave and the Bold” as a cameo.

The villain’s real name is William Omaha McElroy, an Egyptologist and Archaeology professor that suffered a bump on the head that caused such brain damage that he now genuinely believes he’s the reincarnation of the Egyptian Pharaoh King Tut. He dressed up like a pharaoh, hired some goons, made a pretty cool Ancient Egyptian inspired lair and committed crimes that revealed around the theme of Ancient Egypt.

You want to know the really sad part? He’s not even an original Batman Villain. There’s another guy called Maximilian “Maxie” Zeus who believes he is the literal God of the Heavens receiving some head trauma.


In the DC Universe the Olympic Gods are real so there is an actual Zeus (who’s also the father of Wonder Woman) and at some point Maxie Zeus met the actual Zeus and…well, let’s just say it didn’t end well.

However it’s important to remember King Tut came before Maxie Zeus, so points for being the original I guess. King Tut doesn’t have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt made his first appearance in the Boy Commandos #15 in May 1946, he’s appeared in various different comic story lines and has cameod on several animated TV series’. Most specifically Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

The villain’s real name is Paul Dekker, originally he was a talented painter and part time crime lord but during an accident when he was arrested Crazy Quilt’s eyesight was damaged and now he can only see via bright coloured lights. This drove him insane and made him commit several crime sprees revolving around Art and theft.His abilities are, and I quote; “Superhuman levels of bitterness, stick wielding expert” he’s a goddamn salt mine, right there.

In the New 52 Scott Snyder reintroduced him as a mad scientist who also likes to paint during one of the most original and polarizing Batman storylines to ever come out in the past few years; “Batman: Endgame”. The character went on a expositional monologue dressed in a colourful quilt, wearing nothing else.


The character does not have a speaking role in the Lego Batman Movie.

Polka Dot Man

Polka Dot Man made his first appearance in Detective Comics #300 in February 1962, he’s appeared in several story lines and cammeod in the animated series; “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” alongside Zebra-Man and the Zodiac Master.

His real name is Abner Krill, a petty thief who wanted to gain the attention of Batman so that he could test his wits against him. This is like the main motivation behind most Gotham rogues. So the Polka Dot Man commits several robberies, most of which revolve around the theme of art. He wears this ludicrous polka-dot outfit and the best part is it’s exactly like Zodiac Mater.

He can remove a polka dot from his suit, transform it into a 3D object and then use it as a weapon or a tool.


…The Polka Dot Man does not have a speaking role (thank god) in the Lego Batman Movie.


Egghead made his first appearance in the 1960’s Batman TV series, he was played by Vincent Price whose most notable for his roles in Horror movies such as House on a Haunted Hill, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, the original House of Wax and Edward Scissorhands.


You’ll find that when it comes to the old Batman TV show the villains were guest star celebrities who were like “Yeah, sure- I’ll play whatever. For the kids, right?” so you’d have three different people playing the Riddler and Catwoman throughout all three seasons of the show.

Anyway, his real name is Edger Heed and as the name would suggest Egghead is a super genius that commits crimes that revolve around the theme of eggs. He even wrote a book to help people commit crimes called; “How to be a better criminal”. The obvious answer is to become a banker. He uses egg like weapons, he dresses in egg like colours, his lair resembles an egg and he speaks in egg puns; “That is Egg-cellent”

He’s…a very interesting character, to say the least. Unfortunately he’s more of a background villain in the Lego Batman Movie and thus would not have a speaking role.


The Eraser

The Eraser made his first appearance in Batman #188 in December 1966, another throwaway character.

The villain’s real name is Lenny Fiasco, an old classmate of Bruce Wayne who was often made fun of for making so many mistakes in both his personal life and his school work. He would later on make a career for servicing petty criminals by saying; “Don’t take chances! Let the ‘Eraser’ erase every clue from your crimes! Only 20% of job–before taxes! Write to Box 19611…General Delivery!” and his helmet, the rubber/eraser head, allowed him to “erase” evidence.


That’s…that’s not how you get rid of evidence.

I mean you could maybe mess up some finger prints but finger prints aren’t even considered a valid form of evidence anymore because it depends on the pressure and smudge of n individual thump print. DNA on the other hadn is much more effective as a form of evidence. You can’t “erase” DNA by rubbing your head against it.

God damn, no wonder he went out of business. The Eraser doesn’t have any speaking roles in the Lego Batman Movie, you could say any opportunities he had were Erased…yeah, I know. I hate me too.

and Last, but not least…

The Condiment King

The Condiment King made his first appearance in Batman: The Animated series in the episode titled; “Make ’em laugh” and was basically a throwback to the Adam West puns he made in the 1966 Batman TV series. The character was the victim of mind control that caused hi to think he was a dangerous super villain. The character was always thought of as just a punch line to a comical episode.

That’s it. All twenty odd real and genuine Batman villains that appeared in the Lego Batman movie. I just want to say thank you for reading this, if you are in the Derry City area this Saturday please come to the free screening of the Lego Batman Movie at 2pm. There will be a work shop with comic book artists and a chance to win a special prize.


It’s kind of surprising to see how silly Batman can be. Heh, it’s almost like these comic books were made for children.


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