Bees Aren’t Scary

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I know, it’s a weird title but hear me out.

For the past week and a half these three words have pestered me relentlessly. So much so that I thought in order to relinquish myself of it that I’d pass it on to others. At first I considered it to be an experiment in marketing, giving people I know a vague/mysterious sentence without any context would give them a “…What the fuck?” reaction that would lie dormant and almost forgotten as they carried on with their day. Only when I post an article (article? I don’t know) explaining what I meant by it, then the sentence would reactivate the persons curiosity. Making them want an explanation.

So yeah, it started out as a marketing ploy to get people to read the blog. I don’t imagine it will be very successful, nobody gives a fuck about Joyce. Hell, even I don’t give a fuck about Joyce. Also it stopped being a marketing ploy on the first day and evolved into some kind of torture device for a certain acne ridden manlet. Who’s blood pressure is undoubtedly rising as he finishes this sentence.

The origins of the phrase came to me after watching the recent series of Black Mirror. For those of you that are unaware of Black Mirror, it’s basically like the Twilight Zone but it revolves around the dangers of technology and how it could affect an individual or society. There’s no overbearing story arc through the season and no recurring characters.  They’re all self contained stories- most of which are tragedies. For a better understanding I recommend watching the video Nerdwriter1 did on the show (though be warned it contains spoilers to all three seasons, and Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad) but yeah, the show is really dark and focuses on the perils that can be caused by technology. The tile itself is ironic since it describes the reflected surfaces of devices that we take for granted i.e. computer screens, tablet screens, phone screens. A Black Mirror, revealing that these nightmarish scenarios aren’t pure fiction or far off into the future- they’re right here already.

Series three started out great, the best episode undoubtedly was “Shut Up and Dance” which fucked me over completely. Later on in the series each episode came off a little bit weaker, until the finale which was…well, for a lack of a better word- shit.

I’m going to spoil the final episode of series three for you, trust me you’re not missing much.

So the episode starts out at some kind of inquiry where a detective (Played by Kelly Macdonald- the teenage girl from Trainspotting) is giving a testimony and then it cuts back to several months earlier where we get this news program explaining how there’s a lot of controversy around this complete and utter cunt who wrote a shitty article about a disabled activists suicide (think of Katie Hopkins, but ginger and less vile) and because all of the bees have died off the government have teamed up with a private company to set up colonies of robotic bees that pollinate flowers and reproduce by themselves which is really impressive for robots.

So basically in the episode a disgruntled former employee of the bee company hacks all the bees and has them kill people that other people on social media vehemently dislike. They decide this by using the “DeathTo” hashtag. Then at the end of the episode it’s revealed that the guy has collected all the names of everyone who’s used the hashtag and orders the robot bees to kill them. So the guy essentially commits a genocide (killing over 100,000 people) because they talked shit about someone online and he did this because this girl he liked almost killed herself because she got harassed online because she did something stupid and…I don’t know. He’s crazy.

I mean, it’s interesting that someone would come up with the prospect of creating artificial bees to help pollinate the flowers- though I’d say it’d be easier just to clone the bees. It’s what we’d do with fish and livestock if they started dying out at an exponential rate. It’s also an interesting look into the online outrage culture that’s taken afoot in the past few years, how media outlets have delegitmized themselves by taking advantage of this in order to create click-bait articles with delusional authors. It’s also an interesting point at how people can use something that’s intended to do good but they use it to do evil.

I’ts kind of like how in the Old Testament you’ll often see the phrase “Don’t boil a kid goat in it’s mothers milk” which some people have interpreted to mean “don’t use something intended for good and use it for evil” though others just say it’s just reflecting the prohibition around what the Jews shouldn’t eat or cook with. Personally I think people were (are?) so dumb that they thought it was ok to boil a baby goat in it’s mothers milk.

It’s not unfeasible that someone would hack into something that was intended to do good but instead used it to do evil, that’s why you see all these stories about people hacking into hospitals and blackmailing governments by threatening to release certain files or destroying certain operating systems integral to the well being of many peoples lives. The idea that someone could hack into something that was intended to benefit society, but instead used it to kill over 100,00 people is an interesting premise to explore.

There’s only one problem; Bees aren’t scary.

I mean…they’re just not. This is the same thing Supernatural did when they had that episode in season one about a curse that made bugs kill people- bugs aren’t scary either, they’re just gross.

I mean Spiders? Fucking terrifying. Bugs? They’re just gross. Flies? They’re irritating but they don’t make you shit yourself. Wasps? They’re just cunts- not exactly axe murderers. Bees? Bees aren’t fucking scary. Does a fucking bumble bee shake you to your core?

Jesus Christ. I feel like Limmy in that “Steel is heavier than feathers” skit.

limmy confused

Like I understand in the Black Mirror episode that they explain how a robot bee can borough its way into your brain and cause all your pain receptors to light up, causing you to experience excruciating pain. I understand that they killed over a 100,000 people. I understand that they’re very very dangerous…but bees aren’t scary.

Even when the main characters are trying to hide a potential victim in a safe house and the bees swarm around the house and claw their way in it’s…it’s not scary. Bees are incapable of making people afraid. Like you could just kill them easily. Spiders can be killed easily but they’re scary looking and many of them are venomous so they’re actually fucking dangerous. But bees? I mean maybe if they were the size of a dog they’d be scary, seeing as how a stinger could then impale you. But at the moment they’re not, I could kill a fuck ton of bees. In fact they’re already dying off because of disease and radio and phone network waves have fucked up their sense of direction so they can’t find their way around.

Bees aren’t scary. They just aren’t.

But it is weird how I reacted to this episode. How even though people suffered extremely violent deaths and an actual genocide took place that I just kind of…shrugged it off, because I didn’t find it scary enough. I mean the episode was remarkably boring for Black Mirror, but it inadvertently made me realise that there are topics and events that poses innumerable threats to the future of humanity but we don’t really give a shit about it cause…it’s not scary.

So lets talk about stuff that’s going to really fuck us up but nobody gives a shit because its super boring and therefore it’s not at all terrifying.


The reason you’re sitting here reading this right now is that thousands of years ago our ancestors created innovative tools that helped them survive. They turned from a hunter-gatherer society to an agrarian society in which 90% of the population were farmers. It’s important to remember that in those days the lifespan was incredibly low because of poor medical understanding and malnutrition.

However when the industrial revolution came it changed everything, it made farming easier by creating machinery that helped take care of the land and processed food. Meaning that less people had to be farmers and therefore they could pursue other careers like industrial work. Soon coal and oil would be discovered and after that electricity, then radio waves allowed for long distance communication and then cars and airplanes were made making long distance travel. Before long we created computers and then came the internet, ushering in the information age.

My point being that innovation is an integral part of our 12,000 year long history. At this stage we’re in the information age and that’s bringing along its own problems like the effect of echo chambers and the spread of fake news. But one of the biggest dangers that is coming for us is automation, the process in which machinery is innovated to such a degree that they replace humans in skilled and non skilled labor- making large portions of the population unemployable and ushering in a humanitarian crisis.

For more detail about this I’d recommend checking out CGP Grey’s video on the matter alongside Kurzgesagt’s.

Basically in fifty years we could be living in a world in which over 70% of people are unemployable. Your dad’s a driver? Well all the vehicles will be automated- making him redundant. Your uncle’s a builder? Well we’ll have a machine that can build a house in less than a day. Your brother’s a software designer? Well we’ll have bots that can program themselves, learn by themselves and reproduce by themselves. Your mother works in a call center? Well we’ll have a bot so advanced we don’t need a human to answer the phone. Your sister’s a cook? Well we have a robot that can cook better. Your friend is a writer? We have a bot that can write articles, make up stories- even create music.

I’m not exaggerating by saying this is a humanitarian crisis- we are on the precipice of the greatest economic depression to ever be seen in history. Some people are hopeful, believing that humanity will change their economic normalities and ultimate way of life in order to live in a world without labor. Where every human being can live in a world in which they can pursue their own interests, spend all day with their friends and families- a life of leisure where they don’t have to worry about income.

I’m more pessimistic. Do you think banks and multi national corporations would give up the very commodity that gives them power; money? No. What we’re going to see is the collapse of social services because the demand will be too high. People will be homeless because they can’t afford to live anywhere, people will be starving because they can’t afford food. The jobs that are available will pay little to nothing because people will be so desperate for work. They’ll be so desperate not to replaced by a machine that they’ll sacrifice their £100,000 salary to work for £8 an hour. Of course this world would fall eventually, if the economy is dependent on people paying for services then it will collapse if no one can afford these services.

The greed of the rich will blind them from their own common sense. The reason we have the weekend was because Henry Ford was smart enough to realise that people wouldn’t buy his cars if they didn’t have the time or money to buy them. This common sense can be extended to almost anything. If you want to ensure you have a healthy workforce then you make a free healthcare service that works efficiently, keeping the population healthy. If you want people to move around easier then don’t privatize the roads, people can’t move around if they can’t afford to travel. Don’t privatize the internet, don’t privatize the railways, don’t privatize the airwaves- don’t privatize water.

But in the future those that aren’t suffering will be deluded to the point in which they have no idea what’s happening. They won’t see the homeless on the street because sleeping on the street will be illegal, they don’t see the abject poverty because the people that own everything don’t want them to see. That may sound far fetched to you, but that’s exactly what they do in Singapore. Granted it’s going to be a hell of a lot more difficult to convince people that there is no poverty when 70% of the people live in poverty- but I imagine someone will come up with something. Perhaps they’ll initiate a genocide or an ethic cleansing? Could you dehumanize 70% of the human race? I’ve heard some people attempt at justifying their opinions about how we should go to war with Islam- killing well over a billion people. Is it really a stretch if they replace the word “Muslim” with “Poor Person”?

I’m actually quite glad Jeremy Corbyn has been talking about automation, although he has been criticized because his solution would ultimately prevent the innovation of technology. But at least he’s offered a solution, at least he’s brought the topic into the mainstream. For how long it’s going to stay there I’m not too certain. I mean as terrifying as this topic is, it doesn’t rile as many people up as with trivial shit. People will be complaining about the foreigner taking their job but not the robot- because they can see the foreigner. The robot is a fear for tomorrow, one which many people don’t seem too fussed about.

I haven’t even gotten into artificial intelligence yet. If bots and machines have the capabilities of learning by themselves, how long before they develop a consciousness of their own? Could they wipe us out? Would they enslave us? Probably. In the ideal future the robots would use us for fuel. Keeping us in pens where we would spend our days fighting and having sex- or both. We’d be mating with people from different races in order for our children to have better skin in order for them to be protected from the sun and have a diverse gene pool to avoid incest. When we die our bodies are collected and broken down into fuel, like oil.

You’re probably thinking to yourself “Why would your ideal dystopian future be a violent race-mixing erotic thunder dome?” the answer of course is that the only intelligence we know is our own. So the only intelligence a robot knows is us. And we’re a perverted and vulgar lot. Like if a machine were to base it’s impulses and thoughts off of search engines like google then we’re going to be creating some dirty fucking bastards. Do you know how much shit is on the internet? I mean take the example of Tay, Microsofts AI Chat bot that they let roam twitter last year. It spent like a day on twitter and it started tweeting out racist bile. What do you think the AI of the future would do if it got all its information from the internet? Would it understand irony or sarcasm? Would our automated overlords have the unironic opinions of a twelve year old shit-poster?

Food for thought, to say the very least.

Climate Change

Most of you probably learnt this kind of shit in schools but in case you’re unaware then I’d recommend checking out National Geographic’s video or Adam Ruin’s Everything’s video, or if you’re really really interested I’d recommend you check out this channel called Potholer54.

Basically a vast increase of green house gasses in our atmosphere has created a protective shield that keeps in solar rays and thus warms up the planet. It’s warming up by a few degrees which doesn’t sound too bad to the uneducated but it has dire consequences to ecosystems, weather and sea levels.

Climate science is a really complicated subject and it’s kind of difficult to understand with all that delusional Right Wing horse shit out there, muddying the waters. But yeah it seems that due to climate change we’ll be getting rising sea levels. That means places on the coast will be flooded heavily- which you might think isn’t too bad because people would “just move” in land, and that’s true. People can just move inland, do you know what can’t move inland?

Nuclear Power plants.

Most of them are stationed around the coast or near rivers so they’ll have access to water to cool down their machinery. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that a flooded nuclear power station would result in catastrophic environmental and financial disaster. Take Japan for example, a few years ago one of their nuclear power plants in Furkushima was damaged by an earthquake that caused a tsunami in 2011. Killing over 180,000 people and sending three nuclear reactors into meltdown. This resulted in extensive environmental damage and it’s costing billions upon billions of dollars in order to manage repairs and prevent leakage of toxic materials. This is just what happened in Japan, imagine what it’s going to be like for America or Europe or Turkey when their nuclear power stations are flooded.

There’s also the fact that the oceans are warming up, meaning that most ocean life will die out. Fish may go extinct and that may trigger a famine in less developed countries. Though I believe that people will find a way to clone fish and therefore fishing companies will still be in business, however they’ll probably create a monopoly or as close to a monopoly as you can get. Meaning that fish in the near future will either be extremely expensive or really poorly made due to lack of competition. Let’s not forget that 50% of the worlds oxygen comes from plant life in the oceans, so we’re going to be in real trouble there.

There’s also the fact that extreme weather conditions will get even worse. Warmer oceans mean there will be more rain meaning more flooding and stronger storms or hurricanes. Increased temperatures mean there will also be more droughts, which is bad for areas like Australia, Africa, South America and the West Coast of the USA because drier lands will result in more forest fires. Extreme heat will ensure that the middle east will be uninhabitable by 2100. That means we’ll be seeing an influx of climate refugees that make the Migrant Crisis look like a que for a cash machine.

There are things we can do but it’s looking pretty bleak. To combat this humanitarian crisis we’d have to change everything about how we live our everyday lives. The UK government has been talking about banning diesel and petrol cars by 2040 but that’s not going to solve much. Especially with Brexit the government will be forced to scrap all environmental regulations in order to look appealing to major businesses who will continue avoiding paying their taxes.

We could be planting more trees in the rain forests but the land that has been eradicated of trees has been made barren by the excessive rain that washes away the soil. We could theoretically solve all our energy needs by building enough solar panels in the Middle East and Northern Africa to allow for multiple countries to to sustain themselves without using Fossil fuels but…do I even have to explain to you how we can’t just put up Solar Panels in Libya?

Of course the solutions available are impressive but ultimately not efficient enough. We can build as many solar panels and windmills as possible but they won’t be able to be as powerful on a large scale as Fossil fuels. We’re not even thinking about the difficulty of ensuring that these renewable energy structures aren’t damaged by extreme weather conditions. Most hurricanes occur out in the sea so therefore it poses a risk to windmills built along the ocean. Rising sea levels will cause damage to hydroelectric dams. Building solar panels varies on the location. Some places have weather that is suitable for these solar plants and others aren’t. Sunny areas like the middle east will get so hot that people will refuse to live or work there so there will be no one to repair and maintain these panels. Automation may solve this problem but how hot can it get before a machine breaks down?

The best solution to this energy crisis is Fusion Power. Basically we’d create power stations that harness the energy given off during a fusion reaction. This kind of energy largely takes place in the sun where Hydrogen reactions take place. On earth we can replicate this, solving our energy needs for thousands of years while there’s very little environmental impact. The only reason we’re not doing this is because it’s not commercially viable, it’s a ten trillion dollar gamble on something that might not even work. It’s sad but we might never get to see this happen, our great grand children will be forced to live very simple lives in a world where there’s not any substantial energy resources anymore.

That’s why we have to get off of Fossil Fuels. Even if you don’t believe in Climate change (which you should) you sshould have enough common sense to believe that we need renewable energy because fossil fuels are finite- they’ll run out. Oil will run out in 53 years, Gas in 54- Coal in 110. That’s a major problem and unfortunately for the west our hope lies in America.

I know, I’m saddened by that too. Mainly because, like the British, almost everything wrong in the world has been influenced in some way or another by America. They’re the most corrupt Liberal Democracy in the western world. Their representatives are essentially puppets of their donors. Many of which are large oil companies. Their House of Representatives committee on science is…well, a joke. It doesn’t help that Trump has decided to leave the Paris Climate agreement (though many states and cities have stated they will still uphold to the agreement) especially since that over 70% of Americans believe that Climate Change is happening. Yeah, that surprised me too.

And while we’re at it you probably heard the talking point that there’s some kind of climate industry that is trying to spread it’s propaganda in order to damage the economy and turn us all into communists or something and that’s…well, it’s bullshit. I mean even if there was an industry dedicated to spreading information about renewable energy it doesn’t even come close to the Oil industry- who has actually started wars. It’s just American lobbyists paid by oil companies to muddy the waters with their bullshit science and logic. The funniest I found was their talking point that “because China is like the biggest polluter ever that means we might as well not bother cause China is bad and would cancel us out” …which is just stupid. It’s the kind of logic being “Oh, my neighbor shits on his lawn so I might as well not even bother cleaning the house- ever.” and to top it all off it’s not even fucking true. China is already investing in renewable energy so the west has no excuse.

I’m very pessimistic about this topic. Nothing will change until America elects officials that believe in science, believe that we are having a negative contribution to the planet and believe we must come up with solutions. But even then we may be too late. Without innovation we might run out of energy resources in a century. The climate refugees will undoubtedly affect our resources and will usher in a rise of xenophobia and violence. There’s going to be wars over water, a human right. Can we innovate fast enough to solve this problem?

I don’t think so. I may be pessimistic but I think greed will prevail. I think with financial collapse governments will scrap all their environmental legislation in order to attract these fossil fuel industries. I find is sadly humorous that Capitalism has found a way to profit off of its own destruction. How can you turn a profit if there’s no one to profit from?

Like bees this isn’t very scary, because people can’t see it. They see a storm, they see a flood- they think its just bad weather. They have no idea that due to the way we live these events will become more common and more dangerous. People don’t like thinking about threats that are coming in the future, they focus on the simple things. The things they see like Immigration or Crime or some culture war bullshit.

The people are too dumb to see the storm on the horizon.


If you had been born hundred odd years ago and you got a bacterial infection you were almost certainly destined to die. But through the innovation of medicine we managed to find a way to combat bacterial infection and in doing so have saved millions upon millions of lives. Through the discovery of penicillin it quickly ushered in the creation of antibiotics.

I’ve been hearing stories about how by 2020 we’ll have something called “Super Bugs” which is basically infections or diseases that have grown an immunity to antibiotics which could bring about the end of modern medicine. This is caused largely by the excessive use of antibiotics in our society.

I mean we feed it to our livestock, people take antibiotics when they don’t have to (i.e. when they have a cold) and easy travel around the world has allowed for foreign bacteria to spread and therefore has caused some bacteria to mutate and develop an immunity or create a new disease all together.

The abuse of antibiotics could end up creating a new plague, killing millions or even billions of people. This will be much worse with the influx of economic migrants and climate refugees that will cause overpopulation. Meaning that cities will become more packed, allowing for bacteria to spread with greater ease and making more and more people infected as a result.

Unless scientists and pharmaceutical companies can innovate and discover solutions fast enough to combat with the bacteria’s evolution and buildup of immunity then we’re going to see more epidemics sooner or later. The worst thing is that because the subject is dull and gross and complicated that means most people won’t notice it until its already here. By that stage it will already be too late.

We could live in a world in which a Child mortality rate drops by fifty percent, worse than it was in the 17th century.

To fight back against this looming epidemic we’d have to change everything about how we consume food. If we want meat then we have to pay more for it to ensure that the animals aren’t kept in tight, closed off and overcrowded environments that allow for bacteria to breed in. Agriculture is also a huge benefactor to climate change because of the amount of greenhouse gasses livestock create i.e. Cows give off methane in their farts, while also contributing to deforestation in order to create more fields for the livestock and of course the carbon emissions given off with the transport of livestock and food in general has a negative contribution to the climate.

Could humans develop an immunity to these super bugs? I don’t know. I don’t think we’ll be fast enough. Unless we live in an automated world by then the epidemic would kill millions of workers, causing the economy to go into chaos. But like the bees we don’t really think about this, because we have that naive little voice in the back of our heads that tells us “we’ll find a way, we’ll live” and for the most of human history they were right. We have survived. We. But not many other civilizations were so lucky. The Native Americans were almost wiped out by the disease the Western settlers brought with them. The civilization that lived in the Amazon rain-forest was killed off by the bacteria carried by the Spanish. An accidental ethnic cleansing.

I’m reminded about what George Carlin used to refer to as “The Arrogance of Man” and how we as a species are arrogant to think that we have any real control over nature or the planet. He states that “the planet is fine, the people are fucked” and I think that’s the crux of the argument. By planet we mean us. Everything effects us and we effect everything.

Unlike the bee we’re not exactly useful. The bees pollinate the flowers, allowing for plants to be fertilized meaning that the soil is rich in nutrients. Allowing for more plants to grow, more plants mean more animals and before long we have a thriving ecosystem. Humans? We cut through a mountain range to build a road of asphalt that will erode away. We’re not exactly helping anyone but ourselves.

Are we so arrogant that we think we can live on forever? The Romans were arrogant, they’re gone now. The Ancient Greeks were so arrogant they didn’t even have their own version of an apocalypse in their Mythological beliefs.

I guess that depended on where they lived. They lived on the Mediterranean where it was always warm and prosperous. So they thought it’d never end. In Scandinavia a volcano went off that ushered in a year of Winter. Before the long winter fell the people of Scandinavia seemed to be just a regular agrarian tribe. But he people that emerged from the eternal winter were war loving, violent savages. They knew the curtains would fall for them, but they believed their time would come again. The planet would heal and life would reemerge.

Perhaps if there is a super bug epidemic our descendants will be stronger for it. Or perhaps the Apes will evolve to fill the gap we left behind. I say good luck to them, its a pretty big gap.


There’s a chapter in George R.R. Martin’s “A Dance of Dragons” in which Danaerys after drinking water from a dirty river gets chronic diarrhea. I’m not making that up, that actually happened.

It actually happens in the real world as well. Though mostly in undeveloped countries the lack of clean drinking water means that a lot of people are drinking water with deadly bacteria in it. Like Cholera, an infection that literally makes you shit yourself to death. People say there’s no such thing as “Dying with dignity” well if I had the choice of getting a lethal injection or shitting myself to death…I’d take the dignifying route.

It’s not exactly nice to think about, is it? How our water could be used against us? It’s not exactly a comfortable topic, especially in the west. We think this kind of epidemic only affects third world nations in Africa or South America or Asia. But in America, the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, there are well over three thousand town don’t have access to clean drinking water. Thirty three cities used water testing cheats to ignore the fact that their lead lined pipes had contaminated their tap water. In these towns you can’t drink the tap water, you can’t shower or take a bath because the steam from the hot water is toxic. You can’t do anything with this water- but you’re still required to pay for it. This affects millions of people.

In the UK the water at the moment is safe to drink. Though its worth noting that 30% of water bottles sold contain recycled urine (which is safe to drink) and in cities like London the tap water is 80% recycled urine as it comes out of the river Thames. Britain had a major issue with water purification during the 1800s because the river Thames was mostly full of shit but thanks to innovation they made sure the water had been purified and safe to consume.

In the Republic of Ireland there was a lot of issues revolving around the purity of the water. Especially considering that water bills down south are incredibly expensive and in some places the water is so toxic that people can’t even brush their teeth with it. Alongside the fact that many pipes that transport drinking water are damaged to such a degree that it’s costing thousands of euros in damage.

The water in central Europe at the moment is safe to drink but unfortunately in poorer areas such as eastern Europe it’s not recommended to drink the tap water. Speaking anecdotally for a second here, I’ve been to Spain during a school trip and we were told not to drink the tap water in case we got sick. When I went to Australia the tap water tasted like it came from a swimming pool, though I met a man from Dungiven living over there and he believed the water in Australia tasted better there than in Ireland. I think the water and climate effected me negatively in Australia, especially how I ate. I was always hungry. I’d have dinners of four beef burgers and a steak but in two or three hours I’d feel hungry again. In Ireland I don’t need to eat that much in order to sustain my hunger.

Like I said earlier due to excruciating droughts there will be wars for access of clean drinking water. In Israel and Palestine there’s major controversy and debate about “Water Rights” which is a big deal in the Middle east. I don’t know if they’re aware that access to clean drinking water isn’t just altruism, it’s a human right. A right that should be as guarded as close to the heart as freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

But nobody gives a shit about water in the west, because its in huge abundance. You won’t miss the water until the well dries up.

That’s the four horsemen of the apocalypse right there. Automation causes mass unemployment and a huge wealth gap and the dehumanization of humanity. Climate change causes mass extinction and an influx of refugees causing overpopulation and the issues that follow such as crime, violence and xenophobia. The breakdown of antibiotics means that super bugs will wipe out large portions of the human race, overpopulated cities and towns will cause bacteria to spread faster than ever before. Finally, water. Huge droughts mean that there will be wars thought to obtain gallons of water, certain places will become uninhabitable. Water will be privatized because everything will become private property, and human rights don’t apply to private property. The water we do have will be contaminated and clean drinking water will become a luxury. We could live in a country where a homeless child dies of thirst.

But it’s difficult to be afraid of that, at least for long anyway. We live in a world where each day there’s something new to be outraged about, perhaps Trumps race baiting will cause a civil war. Meaning that Americans won’t have to die of thirst if they get shot first. Then again perhaps Trump will cause a nuclear holocaust by being dumb enough to hit North Korea first. To paraphrase Stephen Colbert ; “All this time we thought Artificial Intelligence would wipe us out, but it was actually Natural Stupidity.”

Ultimately these fears will fade away. Because as a collective species we’re incapable of looking too far into the future, as a mob we like to focus on the moment or debate the significance of the past. The world will go on and before we know it these threats will submerge us. But we didn’t do anything because we didn’t care about it, we didn’t think about the negative impact we gave on this planet. We weren’t afraid, because bees aren’t scary.

I am quite pessimistic of the future, I’m pessimistic abut ourselves. It seems the battles we fight whether it be racism or knowledge or anything…these battles never seem to end, they’re only kept at bay. Never to be won. I recall reading online a screenshot of some paragraph out of an article published by an American newspaper well over a century ago. I can’t recall what exactly the newspaper was called or where exactly it was from but I know it’s American. I’m reminded of the optimism and naivety of the journalist writing the article just after the first world war:

And it may well be that our grandchildren will live out their lives without seeing a war at all. Let us hope so. All we can do while we are here is to try to make the world a little better for those who are to come after us.”




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